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Monday, November 26, 2007

Early Christmas Cheer! (Year 2)

It's that season once again - a season of love, peace and all things mushy and good, hehe! And for the second year in a row, Christmas cheer took over me early on and much like last year, I have no idea why! I mean, there's is really nothing different on the coming Christmas, nothing that would set it apart from previous Christmases.

Again, for the second year in a row, I decorated our humble apartment at Quezon City. From hanging garlands with Christmas balls and flowers, we now have snowflakes! I chanced upon a site where you can design snowflake patterns and see with just one click how your design would look like. I also downloaded snowflake patterns by other users which I used in producing the snowflakes for our living room wall, with the help of an orgmate (a frequent apartment visitor) and a housemate.

LEFT: Our apartment sala, with the partially finished decors
RIGHT: View from below of the hanging Christmas garlands

Two weekends ago, my sister and I shopped for new Christmas decors for our home at Pampanga. And my, was it a very happy feeling! Haha! It was fun rummaging around the whole National Book Store for the best decorations that our budget could afford (the budget was generous enough to allow for lots of creativity!). We had a target budget and I forgot to bring a calculator, but fortunately, my Math wizard of a nephew came with us. So I dictated to him the rounded off prices for him to sum up, haha! I must admit, it was one of the best shopping experience I've had in my entire life. You're probably laughing at my kababawan, haha, but really, I immensely enjoyed looking for the best buys for Christmas decors. Hmmm, was it because I was not shopping for myself but for my family? Wushuuu.. haha! Mushy much!

LEFT: I formed a Christmas Tree 'landscape' out of snowflakes at the wall of our sort-of hallway.
RIGHT: The Christmas garland at our dining room. Identical garlands are placed at our living room windows.

For close-ups of the snowflakes and more shots, click here

So! Will the coming Christmas be as cheerful as it's supposed to be? Hmmm... No special someone (not that I mind), so no romantic happiness for me, haha! No definite budget for Christmas shopping, so no material happiness for me! As far as I am concerned, I have no bitter enemies recently, so no happiness-brought-about-by-forgiving-someone-this-Christmas for me, hehe! Hmmm... sana na lang, madami akong pasalubong sa parents ko, haha!

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