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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Top 10 Lessons Learned for 2006

2006 is the best and worst year of my life. Worst -- because really, the worst things happened to me in all aspects of my life. Betrayals, failures, failures and more failures. But, having said that, best -- because indeed, there's the calm after each storm.

Each year in our lives is rich in all kinds of experiences that will always teach us a lesson or two. For the year that is about to end, here's what I feel are the most valuable lessons I have learned. Some lessons I learned from what people around me went through. Some I had to learn myself for the first time. While some, I guess I had to re-learn them time and time again. =p

*The list is in alphabetical order. Half are positively-worded, half are not. The phrasing isn't entirely mine -- some I derived from websites, some I received from forwarded text messages.

1. On betrayal..
Even best friends are capable of duplicity (Smallville). Sadly, it's human nature they say. And as a corollary, not everyone on your set of so-called friends are true. Believe me, some people are that good at feigning, pretending and lying -- until you see their true colors.

2. On chances..
Everyone deserves a second chance. (And in my case, even a third, hehe!) But it will always be a case-to-case basis. Some things just won't never, ever change for the better.

3. On faith..
Pray and pray until you die. Literally. Why? Well, don't you feel in times of extreme desperation that you just want to die, to just disappear off the face of the earth because you feel you can't handle it all anymore? Well, just pray. In times of extreme desperations, in times when you don't know what to do anymore, all you can do is have faith -- pray. Pray for strength, for hope, for answers, for wisdom, for patience, for His grace.

4. On forgiveness..
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, for the weak can never forgive (Mahatma Gandhi). To do so takes a lot, especially for wrongs that cause pain that's deeply ingrained. The whole lot harder it is when you didn't deserve the wrong that has been done to you, right? But again, it takes a strong sense of what is right. To forgive is what is right. To make it a little easier, forgive others for the sake of yourself. You don't need to carry the heavy burden of anger and resentment for the rest of your life.

5. On losing..
We always knew what we had, we just never thought we would lose it. It's "we don't know what we have until we lose it" in a different and better light. Cherish the things that truly matter.

6. On love..
Love is supposed to make you happy, not stupid. Jennifer Love Hewitt knew better when she sang that 'love will show you everything'. But Dr. Cristina Yang hit the home run when she retorted to a disillusioned patient that 'love has its limits'.

7. On resentment..
Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die (Cindy Clabough). The quote says it all. =)

8. On revenge..
The only people to get even with are those who have helped you. The world would be a much much better place if this kind of revenge is what happens all the time. It's comforting to know that while SOME of your so-called friends aren't true, the rest of them are. For the the support system they provide, I am deeply grateful.

9. On time..
Time is all that anyone needs (Grey's Anatomy). Time flies. Time waits for no man. Time heals all wounds. All any of us wants is more time. Time to stand up. Time to grow up. Time to let go. And lastly, the time to do what must be done.

10. On truth..
The worst about being lied to is knowing you weren’t worth the truth. Sometimes the straightforward truth can save you the pain brought about by a coward lie.

Make the most of the rest of your 2006, everyone! ^-^

And all the things that break you
All the things that make you strong
You can't change the past because it's gone
And you just gotta move on
Because it's all lessons learned.
From every tear that had to fall from my eyes
From everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night
From every change life has thrown me
I'm thankful, for every break in my heart
I'm grateful, for every scar
Some pages turned, some bridges burned
But there were lessons learned.
-- Carrie Underwood - Lessons Learned

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Top 10 Thingies for 2006

I am sure that you're initial reaction to my title is, "Huh? Ano daw?" Haha! So to help you out:

thingy (plural thingies) (synonym thingamajig) noun: a word used when the proper word for something is not known

For this post, the thingies I will be referring to are all hobbies, events or trends (not necessarily new) that if encountered years from now, will automatically remind me of 2006.

10. Watching movies -- alone. I really don't mind. It can be an advantage really, I can watch movies that I am ashamed to invite my friends to because I don't want to be branded jologs, haha! Kidding! But seriously, I usually do this when I am bored, and often it is a spur of the moment. The movies I watched alone in 2006 are: Close To You, Hostel (so not worth it!), Ice Aga 2 (so worth it!), American Dreamz (not worth it), The Devil Wears Prada, You're The One, The Guardian and Inang Yaya (the best one!).

9. An upsurged interest in cooking. I am a Kapampangan, and yet at 22, I still don't know how to cook that many dishes. Although, I tried and succeeded in cooking spaghetti for my org, remember? Hehe! I haven't duplicated that success so far though, but I really want to try the creamy mushroom rice recipe on the December spread of our Kusina-bilidad Calendar, hehe! When I have enough time already, maybe after I graduate, I will learn how to cook one basic dish at a time!

8. US TV Series marathons! (For a related previous post, read here). Grey's Anatomy. Desperate Housewives. Heroes. House, MD. Prison Break. Lost. Smallville. I actually feel I am close friends with these people, hehe!

7. Trends in forwarded jokes. 2006 saw at least 3 different waves of breeds of forwarded jokes, all made possible by Globe Unlimitxt. First, there was the knock-knock-sort-of jokes where everyday words or phrases morph into people's names or lyrics of songs. Second, there was the quotes from inanimate objects or weird characters. Lastly, months before February, pick-up lines or romantic punchlines seem to be the latest trend in SMS forwarding.

6. American Idol / Philippine Idol / Pinoy Dream Academy. These are the reality TV singing competitions that I religiously followed. I even refused to attend social gathering all for the sake of major episodes of these shows, hehe! Only my American Idol bet Katharine McPhee didn't win it all. =p

5. Jogging! (For a related previous post, read here). Since November, I've been jogging around the UP Diliman oval at least once a week to jog and try to shave off my tummy! Hehe!

4. Rifts with people. This was the worst year of my life, when it comes to relationships with my friends. Wait! Correction -- with my so-called friends. But, gladly, it's over now. It was definitely painful, but nevertheless, now I am armed with lots of lessons learned. And I'll stop at that, hehe.

3. Renewed faith. Personal and academic supertyphoons lead me back to my Creator. In terms of numerous miracles, I guess 2006 is the best year of my life. =p

2. Starbucks. I am officially addicted. I just had one before dinner, hehe! Haay, damn attractive planners! Hehe! (For a related previous post, read here).

1. Blogging! Bloghopping! Because of my blog and my blogging, I am Times' Person of the Year! I have met quite a number of decent online buddies (I am even textmate with some!). I received a $30 check. I was forced to informally learn HTML and CSS (who knows, someday this may be professionally useful to me). And most important of all, I was able to express myself freely, through a free and hassle-free medium at that (well, not counting the electricity and internet bills, hehe), something we should all do, don't you think?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Top 10 Songs of 2006

Five days to go, before we welcome 2007. And it's that time of the year again wherein we reminisce the best (and sometimes even the worst) of all sorts of things. So from now until the end of the year, I will be making a list of things. For my first year-end countdown, here's my Top 10 songs from 2006. Please note that this is based on my personal taste. Whenever I hear these songs, I will almost always stop what I'm doing and sing along with them, hehe!

10. Carrie Underwood - Jesus Take The Wheel
It's Season 4 American Idol Carrie Underwood's first single which gained popularity here in the Philippines around March 2006. I have a personal attachment to this song as it surfaced on the airwaves at a time when I was going through a rough time myself. At first, I thought a Christian country song which screams 'Jesus' with its title alone won't gain enough acceptance in the Philippine market, but I was glad that it decently charted on the music channels like MYX.

9. Natalie ft Justin Roman - Where Are You
Having discovered the song back in Valentine month of this year, this song couldn't be any more fitting! Powered with a soothing romantic melody and easy-to-sing-along-with lyrics, I think it's the singledom's perfect national anthem, hehe!

8. Katharine McPhee - Think
On the last season of American Idol, I was absolutely inflicted with the McPheever! I rarely place bets with my friends. But when it was between Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks for the Finale, I had one with a very good friend who was on the Soul Patrol. The prize? A large bar of a Cadbury chocolate of any variant upon the discretion of the winner. Kamusta naman na hindi ko pa nabibigay yung chocolate, hehe! Anhirap kasi hanapin nung gusto niya -- White chocolate with almonds. =p

7. Sam Milby - Close To You
6. Rocksteddy - Smile At me
These two songs might as well be fused into a single entry and be called the Close-Up songs, hehe! These songs and their commercials are so catchy, right? (Well at least for me!) They actually made me choose Close-Up over the #1 world's dentists-approved Colgate, just because of the romantic angle attached to the toothpaste. Only a true-blue love grinch won't say 'Awww' to the "I love the rain" scene, right?

5. Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
Seems like all songs entitled Because Of You turn out to be hits. When I first chanced upon the title more than a year ago, I actually thought Kelly Clarkson revived the staple Keith Martin song. But no, it was an entirely and much much better emo-song. I really love the 'I never strayed too far from the sidewalk' part because it's so, uhm, weird but nevertheless meaningful? Hehe!

4. Stacie Orrico - I'm Not Missing You
I also award this song the Most Difficult Song To-Sing-Along-To Award, hehe! I just looove the rhythm. It took me more than two weeks to be able to decently sing along with the song, hehe!

3. Nina - Someday
Now this is a sorry love song that I could totally relate to, but it's not to say I remain bitter after too (read: two) many heartaches, hehe! I think this song is friends with 'I Will Survive'. =p

2. Jojo - Too Little Too Late
In terms of melody alone, this is my #1, but it lost on the personal attachment criteria. I am a huge fan of Jojo, who for me is one of the most under-rated but extremely talented singers today. But alas, it's a song I can't relate to, hehe. But dang! She's so pretty in this video. Woh!

1. Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away
The artist, the beat, the music video, the lyrics, the attitude -- this song is the overall best for me this year. I will never get tired to listening and singing along to it -- very much like the fans as shown on its video. I really love part where she shouts 'Hey! Hey! Hey!' then softly whispers, 'just walk away'. Hehe!

Runner-ups: Kamikazee - Narda, Bamboo - Truth, Itchyworms - Seasons Of Smiles, Yeng Constantino - Hawak Kamay, Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most

Ngayon ko lang napansin, sans for Rocksteddy and Sam Milby, puro divas and divettes ang Top 10 ko, hehe!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Have a Merry and Meaningful Christmas!

Shining shimmering decors.

Delicious food feasts.

Super saccharine desserts.

Well-thought-of gifts.
Sige na nga, even the not so well-thought-of ones, hehe!

3-digit or 4-digit aginaldos.

Fun parties with friends and family.

Soothing and soulful carols.

Having these can make an extremely merry Christmas, right?

BUT, don't forget to cherish the blessings that truly matter this season.

Alam niyo na kung ano ang mga iyon. =p

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Whatch your Chrishmash wirsh?

This phrase is so famous these days, isn't it? And for some reason, all the cute kids I see all seem to named Andres, hehe!

So Wekshie, whatch your Chrishmash wirsh?

For myself: Focus -- on the right things, on the right magnitude. It's just that when I am all ready to devote my time on some important matter at hand, fate has a funny way of messing everything up, hehe, distracting me with, uhm, let's just say 'trivial' stuff.

For my Ate Joi: that she find what she's looking for. Naks! (She reads my blog so I know she'll see this). I know she has dreams that's been on hold when she started her family about 8 years ago. I pray that she gets the chance, that it's not too late to chase these dreams. Ganoon na rin kay Kuya Dennis, hehe.

For my parents: that they enjoy their vacation here in the Philippines, hehe. With my 3 little nephews' antics, I have no doubt they won't enjoy themselves.

For my country (and its people na rin siguro): (Naks! May ganito talaga? Wuy, seryoso to guys, hehe) that incompetent leadership, misguided principles, poverty and natural disasters stop raping and tearing her into pieces. (Aaaaa, nalulunod ako sa lalim, haha!)

For my friends: Hmm, hindi ko an siguro ilalagay dito. Kasi hindi niyo naman sila kilala, hindi niyo rin mage-gets ang mga hirit ko sa kanila. Wirsh ko na lang in general for them, is that we would all still be friends when we're way way older.

Two days to go before Christmas, I am lucky to so blessed. I have a Mommy, a Daddy and a whole lot more, what more could I wish for?! Hehe! But seriously -- I DON'T HAVE EVERYTHING, but with what I have, I can't complain at all. How I wish I did had everything, just so I can give the excess to everyone else. And mind you, I know a lot of people who are in need.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Top 10 signs that my folks are home indeed

FYI, it's just me and my sister's family here in the Philippines for most of the year. Papa works in Bahrain and Mama lives there with him. And it's been like this for the past 8 years. There are advantages and disadvantages, of course, but I'll save that for another post.

Anyway, so last December 13, my folks finally arrived home for the Christmas holidays, the 3rd consecutive time in 20 years that our whole family is complete! Yipee, right? Well yes. But the thing is, I have grown used to them being not around so during their vacation, the changes that their existence around the house can be quite amusing and sometimes, annoying, hehe! Home is very different when they're around. Here's 10 reasons why:

(In order, based on my own criteria, hehe!)

10 Our Mazda 323 becomes too small for us. We have 2 vehicles -- the said Mazda car and an old (and I mean 1.5-decade-old, but well-maintained) owner jeep. But of course, in times of travel, who would want to use the owner, right? It's like we're participants in a car-stuffing contest! We're 5 adults and 3 kids all in all. Kamusta naman kung sasama pa ang kasambahay namin diba? Haha!

9 I can't just leave the house. Without parents that constantly monitors my whereabouts, I am almost completely independent. All I have to do is just inform my sister whether I will go hoome or not. The time is never an issue, hehe! But not when my folks are here. Not that they're strict. But now, I have to at least, by default, 'ask for permission'. Unless they have planned for us to go somewhere, I am always given the go signal.

8 We visit my grandma more often. Apung Mila (father's side) is my only surviving grandparent. Apung Berang, Ingkung Val and Ingkung Pinong have all beaten her to St Peter's gates. Understably, Papa visits her quite often at Sta Rita, his hometown, given that he's not 100% sure that on their next vacation, our lola would still be around. My visiting rate for Sta Rita of less than 2/year accelerates to 1/week when Papa's around.

7 We get to have seafood for ulam more often. Apparently, heart complications runs in my father's bloodline. And he was no exception. That's why he's been on a healthy less-meaty diet for years now. And since he's the boss, hehe, he gets to dictate what food we eat. And so I am re-acquainted to Mr Hito, Mr Bulig and Mr Insert-Native-Fish-Name-Here in mind you, a lot of ways, not just the prito-style.

6 I don't have complete control of the TV remote and the newspapers. Like I said, Papa is the boss of all of us, hehe. His turn on anything always come first. On the newspaper, I don't mind, he wakes up way earlier than my anyway. But the TV, aaargh, at times it can be frustrating. Take for example last December 16. It was the Grand Dream Night of Pinoy Dream Academy, an event that me and my nephews (and our maid) have been waiting for all week. But alas, Papa chanced upon the live coverage of the local Ligligan Parol (Giant Lantern Festival) at a local cable channel. So he took control of the larger TV. So the rest of us had to settle for the smaller screen at the master's bedroom. It turned out, only Papa watched the lantern festival screening at the large sala, while the rest of us cramped on the master's bed to watch Yeng become the Grand Star Dreamer, hehe!

5 I am being nagged. Aah, the bittersweet voice of Mama, haha! "Linisin mo ang kwarto." "Ayusin mo yang kama mo." "Baluktot na naman ang mga balikat mo." "Kumakain ka na naman ng chocolates, kaya hindi na naubos mga pimples mo." "Anong oras ka na naman matutulog niyan?!" "Iligpit mo nga nang maayos yang mga gamit mo!" "Oh Reeeeex! (insert trivial pag-uutos here) " And the list goes on. Need I explain? Haha!

4 Over the table discussions are way way louder. And often I would hear the phrase, "Ang mga Pilipino talaga, (insert a hasty generalization here)..." I think I got my being opinionated from Papa. Gawd, sometimes, he knows more arguments on local politics and local news more than me, when he is thousand miles away! Haha! But you know how fathers are, sometimes they can be close-minded. If you have a different say than then, yous is usually is the wrong one, hehe. Often, Papa can be downright unfair, with his fierce bashing of the Filipino race. Well, unfortunately, he is not without a valid point, hehe.

3 There is abundance of food! -- from the stuff and goodies that they brought from Bahrain to the stuff that they buy here. Our ref is never bare when they're around, hehe! There is always fresh milk, there is always bread, there are always snack items! And of course, there's the seemingly never ending supply of chocolates. So yes, Mama's
"Kumakain ka na naman ng chocolates, kaya hindi na naubos mga pimples mo" line is not completely unreasonable, hehe!

2 My nephews are in bilmoko mode. It's that time of the year that my nephews are spoiled to max. I think my folks have heard of the joke that grandchildren are a parent's best revenge to their children. Haha! Toys here, there and everywhere! Samantalang ako, *sob sob*, ako na anak nila, *sob sob*, kung anu-ano lang ang ibinili nila.. Joke lang! Haha! N90 lang naman at isang bagong Swatch watch, hehe! =p

1 I sleep on the floor. Yes, poor me, hehe! You see, our house only has 3 rooms - the master's bedroom and 2 smaller bedrooms for me and my sister. But since both my parents are away, I occupied the master's bedroom while my bedroom was assigned the maid's quarters, hehe. But when the real masters of the house are around, I cannot simply re-occupy my own room. So I am forced to contend with a matress on the floor for almost a month, hehe. This I don't mind. What I do mind is that sometimes, I can't have a personal space in the house anymore, you know, for the times when you want some quiet time.

So there! I sure hope you won't think that I hate that my folks are around, hehe, because I don't. Life is way better when they're around, figuratively and literally, hehe. Besides, during the times that I am annoyed (come on, it's normal right?), I just think of the fact that in a few weeks time, I am the boss of the house again, hehe!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yeng won!

Well, if you've been a PDA fan, it really isn't that suprising, hehe! The signs were everywhere.

A massive hit song way months before the Grand Dream Night courtesy of Hawak Kamay.

A face that is a cross between Sheryn Regis and Maja Salvador, with shades of Jackie Aquino (Jackie who? Haha) on the side every now and then.

An early prediction/comment from the headmaster himself that Yeng has a good chance of winning this.

Her own personal debut party, all expense paid, I can only assume, by the PDA management. Geesh, this is practically the announcement of the Grand Star Dreamer, hehe!

Don't get me wrong, I am rooting for Yeng, together with Jay-R. So it's absolutely great that my top bets won the top prizes. But like people say, Pinoy Dream Academy is Yeng's contest to lose, hehe! Her win is too obvious months before the finale.

Yeng may not be the most original (style is so Avril Lavigne with a shade of Hillary Duff, face, like I said by Maja and Sheryn, and songs as appealing to the masa as Lito Camo's). But for me, Yeng is the total package -- when you weigh in the talent and personality together.

At kamusta naman, napakaliteral ng 'tuktok ng mga bituin' sa theme song ng PDA, haha! Feeling ko tuloy, may fear of heights si Yeng kaya siya lumuhod habang siya ay naka-taas. =p

Geesh, Saturdays will never be the same again. This is one school I will definitely miss.

Friday, December 15, 2006

21 + 1 = 22

As of yesterday, my header image is officially expired, hehe! To everyone who remembered, thank you so much. To those who didn't, thank you na rin, you've made me stronger. Wushu! May ganon? Haha! Joke lang.

So was it a happy birthday indeed? It depends on how I look at it.

In terms of gifts, this year definitely pales in comparison to last year. Not suprising really, because last year was my 21st, considered as a man's version of a debut, whereas the 22nd is nowhere numerically significant. Besides, last year's bash was a major one in terms of guest, so obviously, gifts were abundant, hehe! Besides again, my gifts this year are not that bad. I finally inherited my Dad's N90 (Dang! Haha!) and I finally got my Starbucks 2007 Planner. But at the end of the day, the gifts are a non-issue for me. Why? Next paragraph please.

On my birthday, I was with the best possible set of friends. (I would've added 'family', but then again, I only have one family, there's no 'best possible set of family', hehe). Nothing could top that. EVER! Hehe!

So what was my birthday wish? There's only one thing majorly important right now -- college graduation. In terms of material things, I have everything I think I NEED. Like they always say, if you don't have it, then you don't need it. In terms of friends and relationships, I think it's safe to say I'm in a good situation right now. No more immature drama on the side, no more bothering oneself with other people's problems. Hehe! So I could only hope that it will be smooth sailing towards that day I could finally wear the sablay.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Anyone but Jan Nieto!

Thanks to Jove Francisco for the Finale pic.

EDIT: Mau won! Woohoo! There is justice left in this world. =p

I voted for MAU as my Philippine Idol thru landline for 10 minutes nonstop, and I wasn't able to keep track how many votes I was able to give her. By the way, my sister (who pays the bills) has no idea, hehe!

I admit, on Loves Takes Time, Mau's timing was a bit off in many parts, especially during the chorus. But I think it was due to her effort to deliver a different version. But her Balul wasn't that bad, it was typical Mau -- amusingly trying to put soul on a weird song. But on On My Own, whoa! It was a fighting performance perfectly fit for the last performance for the night. It is the kind that will reverberate in your ears even after the show.

My runner-up is Gian. I do agree with Mr C, he is a world class act. But still, I think Mau deserves the Idol title better. His version of Westlife's Flying Without Wings had a weird arrangement, but one can still feel his signature passion in his rendition.

Aaargh, too bad Jan had to be in the Finale picture. I wouldn't comment on his own version of another Westlife song, because honestly, I switched channels during his turn, hehe. I really don't see what Mamita sees in him. He is not even that good-looking. But in fairness to him, he is indeed the most improved, because after all, like Mr C said, he started from 0. Whereas Gian and Mau started with a higher score and had less range to improve on for a perfect score. =p

In conclusion, I still believe that in the end, the good and talented will prevail in Philippine Idol. Yes, it was disastrous and disappointing on the way to the Finale with the early exits of equally class acts like Suey, Ira, Drae, Reymond, Arms, Apple and Pow. Jan, for his sake, must pray that he won't win. Because, come Asian Idol (yes, they say there will be one), he will be eaten alive by other national idols.

Please God, Mama Mary, even all the angels and saints in heaven, pati na rin ang Greek god of music na si Apollo -- anyone but Jan Nieto.

But personally, MAU for the win!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Top 10 stupid things that Friendster users do

First time I heard of Friendster, I thought it was a porn site because a male friend of mine was raving about the abundance of picture of 'girls' in the website. Ang sabi ko pa nga noon, "I am not into things like Friendster." Yeah right! Now, my account is 3 years old, hehe!

So now, I have listed the 10 things that for me, are the stupidest things that people do on Friendster. This is inspired by a friends' bulletin post once, titled "10 things idiots do on Friendster."

1. Using testimonials as greeting cards
Last time I checked the dictionary, a testimonial is a favorable report on the qualities and virtues of someone. In Friendster, it has even served as a medium of tribute and gratitude. Therefore, send your greetings for all occasions using the ‘Send a Friendster Message’ feature, okay? It makes better sense, doesn’t it? No offense for whoever will remember to greet me, but I don’t accept that kind of testimonial. Thank God, nobody has dared to write me a testimonial that is actually a greeting. Hehe! =p

2. Embed large picture, graphics or thingamajigs on their profiles
Okay fine, it’s nice and cute, it reflects your personality, yada yada. But do you know how much hassle your profile brings about to your friends who only use dial-up? It takes forever to load! Not to mention that some users even embed images that aren’t suitable background images for text. Really now, it’s more of an eye sore than a visual treat.

3. tYpE iN tXt LiNgO.,,
I really wonder why people still intentionally resort to typing in AlTeRnAtE caps or in tXt LiNg0 when they have all the letters at their disposal. We do resort to improperly capitalized letter in order to type faster, right? But when all the keys are easily within your fingers reach, why bother? It’s so irritating to read texts like these! Ano yun, added design?

4. Uploading ‘ugly’ photos
Ever since they introduced the photo captions, Friendster photos have become more interesting and amusing. But again, it can be downright irksome when you read captions like, “Hay naku, I hate this picture, I’m so ugly here!” It actually screams conceitedness, hehe! Come on, you wouldn’t upload that picture of yours if you looked ugly in it, right? Get real.

5. Answering stupid surveys with uninspired answers
When surveys were the hot thing, it was fun for quite a while. But then again, the idiots had to destroy the fad by introducing boring and stupid survey questions like, “Ano ginagawa mo ngayon?” (Duh! Surfing the net!) or “Are you thinking right now?” (Isa pang duh with a capital H! Haha!) These days, funny and witty survey posts are rare as virgin butt-holes in prison.

6. Secretly and regularly viewing your ex’s or your ex’s current beau
You know, just in case, they change their status to ‘single’ again, right? Haha! Congratulations, you have the makings of a stalker. Wait, you already are! Haha! Our ex-lovers aren’t just on the receiving end of our masochistic tendencies. I bet many are those who also view the profiles of their ultimate loves who unfortunately, cannot or would not reciprocate the feeling. Awwww. =p

7. Add strangers as a ‘friend’ and not even bother introducing yourself
Or in another light, ‘paramihan ng friends’. Last time I checked, Friendster in far from being a contest. That’s why it’s foolish to think that the more friends on your list, the friendlier you are or the better you are as a person. Sometimes, strangers simply add people up for the sake of having more people on their lists. While it is true that some people do meet new friends through Friendster, others do not even have the courtesy of introducing themselves first with a simple message. You’re left wondering your butt off where you met that person when in fact he’s a complete stranger after all.

8. Picking fights through bulletin posts or shout-outs
It’s an oxymoron really when we ‘make parinig’ or release taunting statements because we know that only the so-called ‘friends’ on our list will get to read it. This is so high school, don’t you agree? It betrays our lack of courage and maturity. If you have issues with certain people, deal with them privately.

9. Reposting cursed bulletin posts / forwarding evil Friendster messages
Here’s a clarification. There. Is. No. Friendster. Tracker. As if forwarding cursed emails isn’t enough, people had to bring that not-so-sensible practice at Friendster. Believe me, your Mom will not die if you know better and ignore the damn pseudo curses. Not a single ghost, monster or soul visited or scared me in my own bedroom.

10. Posting multiple copies of the same thing on the bulletin board
In relation to the previous entry, aargh! Flooding is so annoying especially when the posted things are trivial ones. On a serious note, sometimes, the more important announcements are buried because of these insignificant rants. Twice posted broadcasts are manageable. But 5 copies? 10 copies? I believe there is an acronym for that. It has the letters P, S and K, hehe!

So there, naka-ilan kayo? Hehe! No offense to anyone who was hit head on with my entries, hehe! Batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, sapul! Haha!

I am not going to be high and mighty by saying I am not guilty of some of these stupid practices. I used to be guilty of # 6 and #8. Like you, I am also human. But for some of us, we’re just smarter than the rest, for we’ve learned our lessons already, hehe!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bring yer hankies, you'll need it

I watched this movie yesterday afternoon, and oh boy, it did not disappoint. Ang oras, nahahati. Ang puso, hindi. I really love this catchphrase.

I've read somewhere that this movie is for anyone who is a yaya, who has a yaya, once a yaya, once had a yaya, or one who knows or is related to someone who is a yaya. So that's practically everyone of the Filipino population, right? Haha!

It's rated A by the CEB -- the same institution that gave Mulawin the same top rating. But believe me, CEB got it this time.

Yep, it's a tearjerker alright, but it's not the usual Pinoy drama movie where the protagonists are struck with one tragedy after another. In fact, in this movie the dilemma is pretty straightforward and simple. It even has a tinge of comedy every now and then, courtesy of the two amateur but superb kids. And it's not the slapstick kind.

Basta, watch this. Completely, absolutely and definitely worth your money.

Top 10 material things I would love to receive for Christmas!

Yes, I really had to specify the 'material' qualifier. Because come on, who wouldn't want to receive a fabulous gift, right? Haha! Even if it really isn't our birthday, come Christmas, it's like all of a sudden, whether we've been naughty or nice, we earned the right to a wonderful gift. =p

And since it's 23 days til Christmas (and 12 days til my 22nd birthday, hehe!), here's my material wishlist, just in case one of my friends would snoop around for an idea on what to give me, hehe!

In no particular order (and mind you, this is on-the-spot):

1 Starbucks Christmas coffee cannister (P385) - Well, yes, I already have one which I received on my last birthday. But, it brings back a lot of ugly memories, so I don't want to use it anymore. I literally get upset everytime I drink from it. Anyways, I want the red one with the white characters that line the bottom! Haha! Para astig, all year round, it's Christmas whenever I drink my coffee. I still can't decide between the venti size (P450) and the grande size (P385). Because usually when I drink coffee, maramihan talaga. Hindi uso sa akin yung pa-tasa-tasa.

2 Starbucks 2007 Planner (21 stickers) - Well, 5 down, 16 to go! Haha! Each sticker is equivalent to one Starbucks drink, regardless of size. The only reason I can afford this is because sinasabay ko siya kapag nanlilibre ako for my birthday. Nakapag-libre na ako, may planner pa ako! =p

3 Nokia N93 (approx P35,000) - Of course, who wouldn't want such a high-end phone, if only everyone can afford it, right? Haha! Hihingin ko na lang yun N90 ng tatay ko! Hindi naman niya naappreciate yung functions nito eh! Hehe! He doesn't even know how to type a text message! =p

4 Friends DVDs, All seasons (P???)
- I've been wanting to buy these for ages. Problem is, I don't know where I can buy one! Kahit pirated, pwede na, hehe, basta clear copy. =p

5 Clothes (P400/top)
- Bench or Penshoppe -- they're the only decent clothesline that I can afford. Again, it's been ages since I last window-shopped. Because I am afraid that if I see a really good top, I would be able to convince myself that it's okay to buy one, even if I already have loads of shirts. Honestly, luho na lang talaga kung bibili pa ako.

6 A box of Ritter Sport Praline chocolate (P63/bar )
- Or any other brand, basta praline! The new Kit Kat Temptations Hazelnut Praline would do, at P32/bar. Oh god! I'm so salivating right now. Buti na lang kabinili ko lang nung Kit Kat kanina! Haha! I wanted to taste one, so I bought one for a midnight snack.

7 Ice Cream - Brazo de Mercedes or Caramel Banana flavor (P300)
- EDIT: Ayoko na ng scented candles, haha! Comfort food alert! Haha! Wala lang, gusto ko lang matikman ang umubos ng 1 gallon in one sitting.

8 Jogging pants (P200?)
- it doesn't have to be branded, for as long as it's comfortable. I'm into jogging these days, and it helps to have the right and cool gear.

9 Sony DVD-Rs (P20/piece)
- Sony, kasi namimili tong DVD-writer ko eh, kainis! Anyway, I need these to burn the TV series on my laptop - Grey's Anatomy Season 3, Desperate Housewives Season 3, Ghost Whisperer Season 1 and Smallville Season 6. And I want to have a copies of House Seasons 2 & 3, Heroes Season 1, Prison Break Season 2 and Lost Seasons 2 & 3. Phew! It's as if I have no thesis project for this semester! Haha!

10 Lots of money (PPPPPPP!)
- So that I can buy gifts for my family and friends. Naks! Honestly, I get the blues these days because I wasn't able to save enough money for some Christmas shopping (partly because I know I don't really need to). But more so because I have no budget for gifts for people dear to me. I really want to give them even just a little something (eg, a chocolate or candy bar). Problema pa naman, kung mag-reregalo ako, andami nila! Haha! Tuwing Pasko talaga, sometimes I wish I didn't have too many friends, haha! Anhirap i-trim down ng mga taong bibigyan ng regalo eh!

Finally, natapos din! So how about you guys, what do you want for Christmas? Huwag masyado demanding ha. Remember, it isn't your birthday. Think first what gift you can give Him, before you ask anything from Him. It's His day, nakiki-epal lang tayo sa saya! =p

EDIT: Oo nga naman, I told you guys to not be too demanding. Look who came up with an expensive list, ahaha! Actually, I don't really crave for these things. Just so you know, if I don't get them, my Christmas wouldn't exactly feel less happier. Dahil kung totoong Christmas wish lang ang apg-uusapan, hindi mga ito ang talagang gusto ko. =p

Friday, December 01, 2006

When you're in love...

Setting: the Aguman tambayan at AS
Time: lunchtime

AguGirl: Eh kasi naman, are you sure that he likes you? Has he told you?
Girl-friend: Uhm, yeah, he likes me, he told his friends.
AguBoy: Sigurado ka ba? Baka naman nagbibiro lang siya..

I was seated beside them, solving a Level 5 Sudoku puzzle. In frustration at the puzzle I can't seem to solve, I couldn't help but make a comment about the love problem they were talking about. Besides, love ang topic! Everyone has a comment on love, whether good or bad. It's the best-selling topic ever! Haha!
Mind you, AguGirl's girl-friend and I aren't even that close, we're mere acquaintances, tapos bigla akong nakialam sa love dilemma niya, haha! Basically, they were talking about this boylet of hers for 17 months already. Meaning, this boylet has not done anything at all to bring their 'thing' to the next level. But apparently, Girl-friend has high hopes that eventually, her boylet does love her and will deliver in the end.

Rex: Oo nga naman. Because you know what, (English-speaking kasi si Girl-friend, she grew up in Switzerland), when we're in love, we tend to believe on things that aren't even there. More often than not, we give meanings to little gestures that the people we love do. Simply because we love them, and we want to believe that they want us too. So we give extra meaning to their probably just friendly gestures.
AguBoy: Oo, paniwalaan mo si Rex. He's speaking from experience.
Everyone but me: Hahaha!
AguBoy: Yes! Naka-1 point din ako sayo! Haha!
Rex: Hehe, sige na nga.. =p

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