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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why I don't blog about my everyday life..

.. Ewan. I just don't feel like it. My life is pretty interesting (at least for me), but I don't think it is interesting enough for other bloggers.

Something interesting does happen to me every now and then. In fact, as they happen, I somehow wish for a fleeting moment that I had a digital camera to capture the moment and blog about it when I get home. But alas, once I am in front of the laptop, I lose the drive to do so.

I have this sort of blogging principle to not blog about what I wouldn't want to read on other people's blogs. So does this mean I don't like reading personal sharing from other bloggers? On the contrary, actually. I actually enjoy reading everyday stories from my links. But I only read those personal accounts whose lives are actually interesting for me, haha!

Blogs of the people whom I personally know are a different case. Most of them just blog about everyday events in their lives but I don't get bored because these are people I actually know in real life. Reading their diary-type posts is even more convenient for me for it allows me to catch up with their lives, especially for those whom I've lost touch with.

I scanned my 200+ posts some weeks ago, and I realized I did have a few personal posts. Re-reading them gave me a harrowing realization, they're such a bore, haha! Which is precisely what I am worried about -- the shelf life of a personal post is quite short. The posts which I excitedly publish thinking it would entice the blogging community will be quite outdated in a few months time.
Unless of course, if I write really really well, in which case my writing skills will save the day. Once, I tried to putting a funny spin on my personal posts to make my uninteresting life events more amusing and entertaining that they actually are. But alas, I can't make them amusing enough without sounding gay, haha! (Why do gays, and baklang girls seem to have the monopoly on comic punchlines?!).

I know I am not supposed to think about what other people will think about my blog, but the problem is, I don't even feel like sharing any minute and irrelevant detail at all. Anyway, the truth is, I don't feel like blogging as often as I used to. Maybe it's just a phase. Wala na rin naman halos nag-cocomment at bumibisita. Well, kamusta naman, tinatamad na rin ako mag-blog-hopping. Grabe! Ewan talaga.

PS. Actually, I wrote this, just to update this blog. Naiinip na ang aking mga natitirang fans, hahaha!... Clearly, I am delusional. (^^,)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

23 Philosophical Questions

This tag by a friend is long overdue, haha! Anyway, I just chose 23 questions to answer. (Why 23? Nothing really... 23 ang edad ko, paki mo?) I tried to be witty but I think I failed, hehe! You be the judge. But I did answer some questions seriously.

What is the meaning of life?
Life is what you make it. Yaak! What a cliché. Hmm, but seriously… Ano nga ba? Err… Life is the hell we have to go through in order to be able to savor the experience of heaven in the end.

If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear, does it make a sound?
Of course it does. Duh! It is the sound of silence. Haha!

What is the fundamental flaw in human nature? Pride or greed?
Neither – it’s stupidity. It’s not knowing or realizing the more important things in life.

Would you kill one person to save a thousand? However, that one person is the most important human being in your life. Would you still do it?
Nathan Petrelli, is that you? Haha! If in that ‘thousand’ PGMA, Erap and their respective partners-in-crime are included, then I wouldn’t save them at all!

Are men naturally polygamous?
This I haven’t tested myself. Wish ko lang.. haha! Monogamy nga, olats na, poly pa kaya?

Are women naturally competitive with other women?
I think everyone is naturally competitive with everyone else.

"If all the world's a stage and we are merely players..." what game are we playing?
The SIM City 4! Haha! In fairness, 2 simoleons ang bahay namin, hehe!

Have you been accused of being a genius?
All the time. If only they could see the frequency of 5.0s on my class cards, then they would think twice.

In a society where everyone is "entitled to their opinion", what place is there for Right and Wrong?
Edi pag-botohan na lang. Mga Kapamilya, ang gusto ni Big Brother, kayo ang mag-desisyon!

If it was never illegal, would you have killed someone by now?
Oh yes! Quite a number of them actually. Mga salot sa lipunan. As is seriously, the world will be a better place without them.

Does everything in the world have an opposite? If no, give an example.
“Yes” na lang, para wala nang sample sample.

How do you define personal honor?
Personal honor is… erm… ah! It is your set of principled values and being true to them with minimal compromises. ABS-CBN, on a current ad, called it integrity. Whether the station itself indeed has one, is another story, hehe! Go Kapamilya!

How would you describe the color blue to a blind person?
Haven’t I heard this from a beauty pageant just recently? Anyway… Blue is the color of your energy. Ay wait, amber pala yun! Uhm.. Ah! Blue is the kind of light that has a wavelength of 400nm. Oha, oha! Haha!

How will you prove that genuine love exists?
I mean, human have survived on earth for this long, right? So there.

What is the greatest unsolved mystery on earth?
Bakit ang mga bakla, hindi naman nanganganak, pero dumadami. No offense to gay people out there, because I have gay friends. Pero yun nga, bakit nga kaya? Is it hereditary? Hehe!

Given infinity, will all that is possible eventually happen?
Why not, chocnut? Who among the living right now can verify it when it actually happens anyway?

Is it better to be uncertain about something forever, or know the truth and be very hurt through all your life?
Hurt is a relative word. Hurt can be controlled to a negligible magnitude with the right amount of healing and the right kind of attitude. But questions due to uncertainty will forever be, well, questions.

If you saw a yellow ball but everyone told you it was purple, who would you believe? If no, what would you do to prove your side?
Who says I want to? I don’t have an obsessive fondness of either color, anyway. Buti pa sana kung blue.

Is education the filling of a pail, or the lighting of a fire?
Education is the labeling of the pail or the fire. Learning is what fill the pail or what lights the fire.

Is a lie a lie, if everybody knows it is?
A lie is a lie, regardless of who knows it. Malay ko ba kung in denial lang ang lahat! Bahala sila.

Imagine yourself experiencing a car accident. What happens and how does everything look like after the accident?
I will live, but I will be in a coma for months. My family and friends will visit me everyday. They would always tell me stories about what I am missing, wishing I was conscious to put a funny spin on things. And then there will come a time when they would really need my badly for an advice. They would cry at my bedside and their tears will miraculously wake me up. Tapos paggising ko, babatukin ko sila, “Natulog lang ako nang matagal, anu-ano na pinang-gagawa mo! Ayan kasi ayaw mong makinig sa akin, yada, yada, yada..” Oh diba, kahit naka-coma, updated sa chika! Haha!

Do you ever wonder if you're already dead and this is just your life flashing before your eyes?
Not really. But if ever, my gard! What a life I had pala! No wonder I am already dead, hehe!

Should the conservative Christian husband of an atheist woman allow her to have an abortion if there's a chance the kid might grow up and turn into a gay Mormon?
Teka, san ba nakatira ang pamilyang ito?! Haha! Love one another na lang, para walang problema.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Just Quoting Out Loud

I first had a cellphone when I graduated high school. Back then, having one was still some sort of a status symbol. But since I will be away from home for college (and since it was uso, haha!), I was finally able to convince my parents to buy me one after two years of prodding. Funny how I remember the main reason I had in mind when I first tried to ask for a cellphone back in sophomore year -- I wanted to play Snake and Memory during my free time, haha!

I wouldn't exactly say that I was a heavy texter. When I first had a cellphone, my monthly budget was P250 -- the smallest prepaid card denomination back then. Then the P250-card was phased out so adjusted my monthly texting budget to P300. Even when the AutoLoad Max service was introduced, I still opted for prepaid cards because I figured, the cumulative total I would get to spend would still be the same. So prepaid cards were the wiser choice for me -- may free texts pa. If ever I would consume all the amount before the month ends (which rarely happens), I wouldn't load up til the 1st day of the next month. It was a self-imposed regulation so as to not overspend on texting. My text-life was going along fine until they introduced unlimited texting.. Wushu, haha!

I have been a Globe Unlitxter since the promo was introduced way back in 2005. Aside from the convenience it affords me when trying to communicate with friends, orgmates or classmates, I also have fun receiving and forwarding quotes of all kinds. But I am not the annoying type who would forward like 5-10 messages within 30 minutes. I choose what I forward -- only the really funny jokes and really sensible quotes on life and/or love.

Normally, my sources for the stuff that I forward are my fellow Unlitxters. But ever since they canceled the 5-Day Unlitxt service last December 14, forwarded texts of good quality have been scarce.

So during my free time (read: before I go to sleep, lying in my bed at 3 in the morning, haha!)I try to compose my own forwarded texts. The texting circle's reception of my quotes was quite amusing and overwhelming, not to mention unexpected, haha! Each time I would forward these texts, more than the usual number of people would react for different reasons -- kesyo natatamaan, nakaka-relate, or may kakilala sila na pwedeng tamaan or makaka-relate. What's even more flattering is when some of my friends would forward it back to me after a few days, probably forgetting that it was I who sent the same forwarded text to them.

"The One That Got Away"

Such an 'aww'-inducing label we refer to people who once meant everythng to us.

But did they really mean as much?
For if so, why did we lose them without a fight? Why did we let them walk away, just like that?

Whose fault is it anyway? That one who got away, or us who let them let go of us?

Surely, we don't wanna bump into each other 19 years after and realize, it's them we've been really missing..

all along..
"Rekindling old flames"

If it didn't work out the first time, do we really think it might just this time around? Well, after all, we don't know for sure what we've got til it's gone.

The challenge is to pick up from where we left off. But how do we re-ignite the sparks that were lost?
As the old saying goes, 'where there's smoke, there's fire'.

But I say, 'play with fire, you get burned'.

"Timing is everything"
Or is it?
When the universe moves heaven and earth to conspire against you and your 'the one' to meet at the right place at an exact time, can you do anything to stop it?
But in the times that you can, will you 'just do it' or take your time?
Take note, when you rethink your moves too much too long, blaming it on wrong timing or the universe is just an excuse.
For no man with balls lets his woman wait too long..
"Thank You"

We can mean it, but we can also blurt it out by default.

It can be hurtful when not said too often. But when heard unexpectedly, truthfully and humbly, it can make a whole lot of difference.

It's weird really, how we yearn to hear it from other people, when we don't say it as often as we sincerely should ourselves.

Remember, a little genuine appreciation every now and then can touch other lives in more ways than you can imagine.
"Wrong decisions"

Mistakes, that's what they are. Some are rectifiable, some are not.
Either way, we must accept and admit it's not one of our best moments and move on, whilst learning the lesson it brings with it.
But what if our unwise decision proves to be painful? Or worse, seems to be irretractable?

Can we still make it right? How?

The best option remains to be, above all, to do what is right..
And not just what will make us happy..

If and when you receive these forwarded texts, tell them you know who made them.. Feeling sikat! Haha!
Tell them I do accept orders for quotes for different emotions and situations, haha!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Starting Over...

..Doing so can be quite hard sometimes. Vestiges of the past, whether good or bad, can bog us down. How do we move on? How do we start?

Actually, I don’t know myself.

STARTING OVER. What I do know though is that a new year has started and what it brings with it is a chance to start over. It’s that time of the year that is perfect for different kinds of New Year’s Resolutions. When people start behaving differently, other would automatically think, “It’s a new year after all”. It’s a little unfair, if you ask me. I mean, what if that person actually thought that it’s about for him or her to be a better person. Can we not give him or her the merit for wanting to be a better person just because he or she want to be so, and not just it’s the New Year and making resolutions is the “in” thing to do.

And speaking of resolutions, I don’t have any for I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Of course, it’s not because I am a perfect person already and I can live without any positive change in my life. I just don’t feel like having one just because it’s a New Year.

What I do though during New Year’s is to look back on the year that was, which is pretty much customary for TV shows (year-end specials) and radio stations (year-end countdowns).

LOOKING BACK. The year 2007 for me was not exactly kind to me. But I am not about to point blame to anyone but myself. While there are factors that was beyond my control, still, everything I did was a result of my decision, no matter how big or small.

Having said that, I am not losing hope, and it’s not just because the last month of 2007 was easier on me (it was my birthday and the holiday season after all). I just choose to see beyond the bad things that happened, like I always do each year.

Tragedies, of all sorts, happened to me and my friends. Dreams shattered. Plans failed. Relationships scarred. There were many nights that were quite emotionally hard for me. But I survived it all.

So to end my first post for 2008, I came up with some fun awards to highlights the best times of the year. NOTE: These don’t sufficely sum the best of the year, but it’s fun to give these awards anyway, haha!

Song of the Year – Umbrella by Rihanna
This isn't necessarily my favorite song of the year, for that awards would go to, err, gosh, I can’t choose! Just choose from these 19 other songs I listed in my Multiply. I chose this song to represent the year 2007 for me. For if there’s one year that I really felt how valuable my friends are, it is this year. If 2006 was about betrayals, then 2007 is about sticking together, through thick and thin.

When the sun shines we’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath I'mma stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella

Hobbies of the Year – Tennis & videoke
I can't choose between the two, haha! Both hobbies have been the constant activity of choice when it comes to unwinding for most part of the year.

Movies of the Year – Transformers & One More Chance
Two very related movies, huh? Haha! I watched Transformers in the cinemas twice for obvious reasons – I’ve been quite a fan when I was a child and it was a great action movie. Meanwhile, I watched One More Chance thrice. I only meant to watch it twice, but I gave in to my orgmates prodding for the third time in the condition that they will subsidize my ticket. But of course, it’s also because the movie was painfully entertaining, hehe!

TV Series of the Year – Brothers & Sisters
What can I say, sarcastically witty family drama is my thing. Runner-ups would be Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty.

Chocolate of the Year – Truffles! Specifically the new Hershey’s Truffles and Lindt Lindor! My gard! The heavenly chocolatey goodness just explodes in my mouth! Haha!

Overall, 2007 wasn’t a good year for me, but I have many reasons to hope that things will get better this 2008. It’s the Year of the Rat after all! Hehe! In this light, let me end this last one award..

Lesson of the Year
– If there's a will, there's a way. Coming up with excuses all the time betrays the truth behind our actions, or lack thereof. (And this is my friendly, unsolicited advice to you, Albania Panama Canada and Jordan Venezuela Croatia (^^,)).

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