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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Answer the King 2: Of leche flan and poo

INSTRUCTIONS: Just share your own thoughts on the featured statement of question. It's as easy as that. Feel free to share your wisdom and elaborate on your answers. I'll edit this post as you share your comments to show them off. And yeah, don't forget to include your links, para free plugging na rin, as always! =p

If you had to choose some thing to eat, which one would you go for?

"Taeng lasang leche flan o leche flan na lasang tae?"

A childhood playmate of min posed this question to me back when we were kids. The original version featured ube and shit. Pero syempre, dahil mahilig ako sa leche flan, palitan natin. So what do you guys think? Syempre, dapat may explanation mga sagot niyo.

PS: By the way guys, I am nominated at the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards for the Bloggers' Choice Award. Along with 60 other blogs, hahaha! Ano naman chance ko sa Inside PCIJ, diba?! Wala eh, hindi ako nakapasok sa Top 5 ng Personal category.
Huwag niyo na ako iboto, ehe, wala rin akong chance. Mag-comment na lang kayo dito.

1. Mas katanggap tanggap ang leche flan na lasang tae, kasi may assurance na edible siya, unlike yung tae na lasang leche flan na tae talaga. Basta, mas matetake ko yung leche flan na lasang tae. Iisipin ko na lang na exotic dish siya from Mozambique, hehe...
~ Felipe

2. Sa tingin ko madali lang sagutin 'to. Malamang yung leche flan na lasang tae! Hehehe. Sino ba kasing kakain ng tae? Eh kung lagyan mo ng sugar yung tae? Di pa rin! Hahahaha. Lasa lang naman yan e.. (Eh sino ba kasi nakakaalam kung ano ang lasa ng tae?)
~ Scion

3. Totoong mas katanggap-tanggap ang leche flan na lasang tae. Siguro mas masisikmura ko yun. At take note, leche flan talaga naglasang tae nga lang. Kesa naman sa tae, panigurado isusubo mo pa lang yun para tikman amoy pa lang tataob ka na eh! Baka di lang maglasang tae yun, kasi mapapa-puke ka din! Lol!
~ Mats

4. Yung leche flan na lang ng lasang tae. Kunware mali yung pagkakaluto. Lol. Lasa lang naman diba? Hindi AMOY.
~ Redg

5. Leche flan na lasang jebs na lang, para at least alam ko na lasa ng jerbaks. Sino na nga ba nakatikim na ng ebs?
~ billycoy

6. Just to be the devils advocate: I'll pick taeng lasang leche flan. In the first place, I don't know what shit tastes like, but I do know what it smells like. So, I would have to assume, the leche flan that tastes like shit, will also smell like shit. Think fear factor -- only more extreme. Tthink Austin Powers 2 (Basil, this coffee tastes like shit!)
~ da poggie

7. Noong una naisip ko na taeng lasang leche flan na lang para maiba. Kaso naisip ko ung phrase na 'we are what we eat'. So ayun, nagbago na isip ko. Mas ok kung leche flan na lang no! Bwahahaha!
~ kebs

8. Definitely leche flan na lasang tae. Kasi as long our vision isn't being manipulated diba? hehe.
~ juice

9. Yung leche flan na lasang tae. Kasi we are accustomed na pwede nating kainin ang leche flan. Mag
ugulat na lang tayo sa lasa niyan. Well, kung ikaw ay accustomed naman na kumain ng tae. Ewan ko na lang. Kasi yung tae, kahit sabihin sayong lasang leche flan di mo pa rin kakainin. Kasi instilled sa mind mo na hindi kinakain ang tae. Madali lang yan eh. May tao na hindi parin kakain ng palakang bukid kahit sabihin ng iba na lasa siyang chicken.
~ jod

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Homey Sundays

Sundays are never my favorite day of the week. I know that in our calendars, it's supposed to be the first day of the week, since it falls on the first column before Monday, Tuesday and all other days of the week. But the truth is, Sundays for me bring an aura of sadness or gloom, like something good is about to end.

Although, Sunday per se isn't so bad. It's the perfect rest day -- the way it was intended to be anyway. My usual Sunday routine would mean waking up late, watching ASAP and The Buzz and going to Mass. And of course, doing the usual lazy stuff like surfing the Internet and watching more TV in between. Pretty bum, right?

But still, I kinda hate the feeling of dread. At the back of my mind, I know that the weekend is about to end. I know that by tomorrow, I would have to go back to Quezon City. I know that after today, it would take five days for me to see my noisy nephews again. Five days before I get to eat home-cooked meals instead of the usual stuff that our friendly 'silugan at Krus Na Ligas has to offer. Five days before I get to relax and forget about my academic woes.

On a deeper and more personal level, Sundays for me have come to signal that the time to 'face the world' is near. It's time to come out of my safety shell, and face what's outside -- its wonders and its cruelty altogether. It's time to stop stalling and do something. Something that more often than not is anything that would really matter -- probably even life changing. The time for downtime, for rest, for licking one's wounds is over. Life's everyday battle is to begin the next day all over again.

"I'm going to the place where love And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.." - Home by Daughtry

Sundays (or the entire weekend for that matter) are indeed, by tradition, for the family -- a day that should be spent at home. There's just no other place I'd want to be right now.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Anger Management

Someone dear to me did something to upset me this week. It's nothing serious really. It just so happened that he snapped back at me (which is kind of normal really, because we have this thing where we are almost always sarcastic to each other) at a not-so-good time. His retort was like a wick that fired up the devil in me. I never snapped back though. I told him in private that I was hurt so as not to create a scene.

I am not angered easily. It takes a lot before I am seriously pissed off by anything or anyone. Some consider it dangerous because holding up most of my negative emotions makes me a volcanic eruption waiting to happen. But for me, it's called patience. At least my own version of patience. Haha.

Like most people, I am pissed off with the usual stuff -- people who won't fall in line, heavy traffic, tardy colleagues, failed exams, jerks, etc. But unlike most people, one will seldom hear me whine about them. Because I hate whining. Whining is for the weak. It's crying over spilled milk. It is not going to make the situation any better, so why bother spreading the negativity verbally, right? In contrast, I'd rather laugh about it, come up with a witty or sarcastic (and hopefully funny) punchline or observation in order to circumvent the annoyance. But, just like ordinary people, I am only human and there's only so much I can handle.

So when I do get angry, it only means that I've reached my saturation point for that matter. Hell hath no fury than the king of chocolates scorned, hehe! The bad thing though is that usually, the things or people that get to affect me in such an immense manner are the very same things or people that are immensely dear to my heart as well. It's my waterloo. And during these times, instead of loud curses or public confrontations, I prefer to deal with it quietly because I don't want to say or do something that I will regret later on.

In one TV teaser for Maging Sino Ka Man, I heard these words from John Lloyd's character Eli: "Kung sino pa ang taong mahal mo, sila pa yung mahirap patawarin." I guess it's the computer engineer in me. There's a Tagalog term for it: nangungwenta. (Ewwww, ang corny ng connection, haha!)

I've had my fair share of anger mismanagements -- stupid things that I did out of fury, resentment and rage. Of course, I am not proud of them. If there's anything that I am admittedly guilty of, it's the fact that it's just because I cared. For if I didn't, I wouldn't deem it worthy of my time to risk doing or saying the stupidest things.

So, what happened between me and this friend who upset me recently? Well, nag-sorry naman siya, so I didn't have to be such a baby about it. It really wasn't a big deal, I just needed time to let the ash fall of my eruption subside. After that, I should be okay (and I was). Besides, hindi ko rin naman siya matitiis. It's another waterloo of mine. (",)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Status Quo

Change, as they always say, is inevitable. It is the only thing that's constant in this world -- so we might as well live with it. But what if the things that change are the things that we don't want to change?

'Forever' is a word we often attach to the many good things in our life. Take for example those who are in good romantic relationships. Those 'fools' who are deeply in love and are convinced that they've found 'the one' can relate to this. But alas, I for one know that some things that seem to be forever are, well, not that forever after all.

Sometimes changes happen for the better, sometimes for the worst. But don't you just hate it when change catches you off guard, when you realize that you were out of control? You never saw it coming, so naturally, you were never prepared. And there comes the pain attach to an unwelcome change. More often than not, it's an enormous pain at that.

What sucks more is that we can never really prepare ourselves for it. It's a whole lot like an earthquake, huh? It's natural, it's inevitable. But it has to happen, at least geologically speaking, despite the damage it may bring. But it's not like we can choose not to be attached to things, if only to save us the pain whenever we have to detach.

Many good things in life are indeed forever. It just sucks big time that we're never sure which one is among the many things we hold very dear.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Everyone's attitude problem

"We choose how we see people. When we want to like someone, we can be so tolerant. When we want to be irritated by people, we focus on their faults. It's not other people's behavior that determines how we feel about them -- it's our attitude.."
~ Anonymous

When I first received this forwarded text message, I can't help but agree. And feel guilty.

I felt a tinge of guilt because I realized that indeed, unconsciously but effectively, I can be very judgmental at times.

Barbara is running for USC Councilor at UP Diliman. I don't know her personally, but from what I have heard, she is a, erm, slutty. She supposedly jumps from one boyfriend to another. But then, surprises of surprises, as I was checking out the poster of her party, I read that she is the chairperson of a certain organization that advocates women's rights. I thought to myself, how can a supposedly slutty girl be a leader of a women's group? Such an irony, huh? And then it hit me. There I was, judging a girl that I never even talked to. My attitude towards her is completely based from what I have heard from other people. Which by the way, I’m not sure if not-so-flattering anecdotes of her are even 100% accurate. Anyway, enough about her.

When our emotions that spring from our attitude get the best of us, our judgment becomes clouded. It prevents us to see the bigger picture – the real picture.

It is a double-edged sword. When we love someone or are fond of someone, we tend to be more accommodating or more forgiving or more patient or nicer than necessary. Similarly, when you we're not so fond of someone, we tend to be the opposite of accommodating, forgiving, patient and nice.

More often than not, our attitude towards people is loosely based on our first impression of them. Our impression only changes once there is an opportunity to do so -- once we are given the chance to get to know the person better. Unfortunately, more often than not as well, because of our negative attitude towards certain people, we already shut out any possibility of knowing beyond our first impression. To think that many times as well, our first impression of these people is largely influenced by other people as well.

Going back to Barbara, sa palagay ko slut talaga siya. Kasi naman, sinong matinong babae ang nagpapatumbling ng isang manliligaw sa Megamall para ito’y sagutin niya? Tapos dahil hindi nagtumbling si manliligaw, iparirinig sa tambayan ng manliligaw na may bago na itong boyfriend. Oha? =p

UPDATE: Barbara lost. Bwahaha! Haay naku, ansama ko, hehe!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Longest hiatus

It's been two weeks now since my last post and now I have realized that I have just set a record for my longest period of time without a new post ever since I have been actively blogging though the truth is I still have no concrete post until now but out of fear of losing my friends in the bloggosphere I thought I should at least post anything to let my friends here know that I am still alive and kicking and that this blog has not yet died a natural death and I actually have a lot of topics to blog about because so much has been happened the past 2 weeks but alas I can't find the right inspiration to write a decent post about these things because the topics are either so yesterday, uninteresting for those who can't relate or are too personal to announce for the whole bloggosphere to see therefore I won't post about them anyway for it might stir a controversy among my dear friends.

Don't worry guys, tomorrow, bagong post na talaga! =p
(By the way, thanks to Elma for this idea of a 1-sentence paragraph)

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