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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Answer the King! 1: You want what you cannot have

INSTRUCTIONS: Just share your own thoughts on the featured statement of question. It's as easy as that. Feel free to share your wisdom and elaborate on your answers. I'll edit this post as you share your comments to show them off. And yeah, don't forget to include your links, para free plugging na rin, as always! =p

"You want what you cannot have."

I want chocolates, does that mean it's because I can't have some? Haha! Mamilosopo ba?! Well, of course, we all know it's not as easy and logical as that. I think this will only hold true when we're not contented with what we have. It's normal to want more in life (in any aspect of it), but there's a thin line between ambition and obsession. More so, I think it's where our curiosity comes into play.

(My comments in parenthesis are italicized).
Your answers:
1. If you're sick and bawal sayo isang bagay, yun lagi ang masarap. Sa love, yung bawal at hindi pwede ang laging may spark.. It's because WE CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING that we want
(Best sentence of your answer! =p). No matter how much we want that special something or special someone, most of the times, we can't simply have it. Maybe that's how it really works. Yes you can have some, but anything in excess is bad.

2. We can't have the world. Why? Because it's too big, we can't carry it, we can't put it in our bag; it's not handy. Even if we want the world, we can't have it. Having the world is not also fashionable to carry, but we want it. Why do we want the world? I don't know with those bunch of fools. (Haha! Yun lang! =p)

Simple lang naman yung para sa akin. Yep, tama yung statement na yan, gugustuhin naman talaga natin yung bagay na wala tayo, diba? At mas lalo pa tayo magkaka-desire sa isang bagay na alam natin na kailanman hindi magiging atin, unless na lang kung sumuko na tayo at hindi na natin aasamin ang bagay na hindi natin makakamit. Mahirap naman din kasi umasa.

4. You want what you cannot have because you stop wanting to want the things you have. Di ba?

5. Elma's reply could be the be-all and end-all explanation for this statement, if it were phrased as "You want what you DON'T have". Since it says "...what you CANNOT have", the statement has a very different meaning. Not everybody wants what they cannot have. Thus, this statement cannot be considered as an accepted fact among the entire population. (Yeah, it only holds true in certain situations.) I cannot have the world, and neither would I want it.

6. You want clear skin, you want to be a little whiter with manageable hair, you want a kick-ass set of beard and moustache, you want a muscular body, you want six-pack abs, you want to have a great singing voice -- but you CANNOT have that. You were born the way you were. (I disagree in parts with the last sentence. Yes, we were born the way we were. There are things that we can improve on, but not everything. A tanned complexion or a baritone voice, we cannot change, but a healthier or buffed up body, we can work on -- if want to. In short, you're right, the things we cannot change, we must accept. I just want to add that for the things we can change or improve on, then we should. Besides, libre ang mangarap, sabi nga ng Kamikazee, (",)
You want a beautiful girlfriend, you want higher grades, you want a car, you want a laptop -- because you DO NOT have any of this. (Until you have them, hehe!)

7. Dati, sa lovelife ganyan ako. Now, sa career. But it's okay. I just leave everything to God. 'Cause sa lovelife, when I don't get who I want, after a while I become thankful. Parang hirap pag naging kami pala.

8. The want of something makes one move. Wanting what one cannot have makes everything move forever. Wanting of that something is the reason why we still live. (Naks, pinaka-profound na sagot so far, hehe!)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh siya, shine naaaaa!

My hair has been a perennial problem for me ever since it dawned on my young mind how the world puts a huge premium on appearance.

I was born with a left-sided wavy hair. But my dream hair has always been a centered, flowing straight one. Great bangs would’ve been a great plus.

You know how they project it on TV shows and movies – wherein whenever the lead guy actors (assuming they're handsome) push their bangs back and it would fall off again, covering their dreamy eyes, the lead girl actresses would helplessly drool over them. Haha! Yeah, I know it sounds so, erm, baduy or whatever but that’s really the way I perceived ‘handsome’.

If you still can't imagine the look I am describing think Ben of A1 (he never changed hairstyle in his whole boyband career), Bryan of Westlife (his hairstyle on their first album) or Diether Ocampo (during his pa-innocent Gimik days, not these days where he poses as a rocker).

Of course, I know I will NEVER achieve my dream hair. But it has not stopped me from tyring, haha!

Would you believe that back in fourth year high school, I had my hair relaxed. Gawd, reminiscing back, urgh, it makes me cringe, hehe! Well in fairness to me, the curly tips of my hair were gone indeed (I’ve always believed that these curly ends makes my hair unmanageable). But of course, the straight effect was not forever, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

As for shampoos and conditioners, another ‘gawd’! I've tried almost everything, simply because I am hopeful enough to believe on their commercials. Pantene, Sunsilk, Head & Shoulders, Palmolive, Vaseline, Rejoice, Clairol Herbal Essences, Gard, etc. I'm sure you know that these products don’t actually deliver the effect their fancy ads promise. For if they do, then what did the gays invented the hair spa for, right? But I guess, you have to admit, the rich variety of aroma is consolation enough.

*COMMERCIAL* Piece of advice, don't use shampoos with Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate because it does make your hair dry. Instead, use the brands that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. I got this from Ate Maan, who researched these when she herself had curly locks months ago.

For most of my elementary and high school years, I was unable to experiment on my hair, because since I am in a private school, there are too many rules on one's hair. And since, I am one of the obedient ones, I never risked it. But college was a different matter. No more Fr Rectors who would threaten to cut our hair himself if it wouldn't meet his standards. Unfortunately though, our ROTC officer took over the hair-bullying task. 3x4 white side wall -- erm, I am not even sure if I used the right words, basta, it sounded like white side wall! After our first sem, I was forced to sport a semi-kalbo in order to 'correct' my hair. But these days, whenever I visit my favorite hairstylist, I am contented in having a 'trim lang sa side at likod'. Depending on which gay barber is assigned to me, sometimes it still becomes a disaster when they cut it too short.

So what is this fuss on keratin all about, huh? Nothing major, really. It's just because I recently fell for another hair ad -- *cue in Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten - feel the rain on your skin!* After a dandruff disaster on using Gard (yeah, how ironic huh?), I tried Pantene's new Glossy Shine variant -- even if Gretchen Barretto (hailed most bitchy, haha!) uses it. Why? Wala lang. Sa totoo lang, kung ginagamit ko ang Pantene because of their models, it would because Bianca Gonzales says so. Although kung tutuusin, conditioner nga pala ang ineendorse niya.

So does my hair shine? *Looks at the huge bedroom mirror beside me* Far from it, hehe! But in fairness, after 4 hours, amoy na amoy ko pa rin yung Vitacreme, thanks to Palmolive Naturals! Haha! Hang-gandaaah! =p

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ask The King! Again

INSTRUCTIONS: Ask anything! And I will summon all the power that I have to answer your question. Anything goes. You can ask for my opinion on something. You can ask a hypothetical question. You can ask a beauty pagaent question! Or one of those controversial forbidden questions that Mo Twister asks, hehe! You can even ask for a completely objective advice, haha! =p Or maybe ask anything about me. I will edit this post to write my answers to the questions as I read them.

Here's the first installment of this thingamajiggymanicad.

21. Naniniwala ka ba na UP student daw ang lumikha kay Ederlyn (Geog daw ang course, hehe)? Justify - Gee
Now that you've mentioned it, a certain 'Reese' commented on this post, kilala niya daw ang totoong Ederlyn. Matter of factly, nung sinearch ko si Ederlyn sa Friendster, isa sa mga profiles na tiningnan ko, UP student nga siya. Not sure though if Geog ang course niya. [January 25, 3.07pm]

Ano naging reaction mo nung makita mo na look-a-like mo si Diego? - mats
Uhm, "Hah? ganoon ba ako kapangit?!" Haha! Pero honestly, I think it's the wavy hair. [January 25, 3.06pm]

If you were in a relationship but suddenly felt something for someone else (strong man o hindi), would you go for it and leave your gf or stay with her and live a life of what if's? bakit? - maan
Hmm, pwede bang 'stay with her and live a life of happiness'? It all comes down to whether or not I am happy with my current. Kung hindi, edi tapusin na namin to save ourselves time. Kung oo, edi I stick it out with her. Wait, scratch my meter of happiness. It's all about commitment pala. I can be happy with anyone, even the flings (yeeees, as if meron ako, hehe!), but there is only one person I can be committed and devoted to. Wushu. =p [January 25, 3.05pm]

Have you ever fallen in love? - bea
Milagro at ngayon lang nagka-lurve question. Anyway, the answer is yes. How many times? Twice (yun talagang dinibdib ko nang husto ah). Ay, hindi na pala kasali sa tanong ang part na ito! Haha! =p [January 21, 11.25pm]

Kung merong dalawang huklubang nagaaway, kung saan para sa isa, lahat ng bagay ay may dahilan at para sa isa nama'y di lahat ng bagay nangangailangan ng dahilan, kanino ka papanig at bakit? - kebs
(Hay nako, as expected, pati tanong mo ang nosebleed, hehe!) Lahat ng bagay ay may dahilan, gaano man ito kababaw. Bakit kamo? You just have to take it all on faith (Weeh, biglang nag-Englishing? Haha!). Lahat ng bagay may dahilan, pero hindi lahat ng dahilan, kailangan nating maintindihan. Some things or rather reasons, are too big for us to comprehend. [January 21, 11.21pm]

Anu-ano ang mga tukso ng mga kaklase mo sayo dati - nung elementary / high school? - utakGago
Sa Elementary, halus lahat ng klase ng tukso -- lampa, gatas, kulot, Xerex, bakla, T-Rex. Ano pa ba? Hmm.. Pero pagdating ng High School, wala na masyado, hindi ako masyado tinutukso sa school. Not because siga ako or what, pero hindi talaga ako tinutukso. Pero alam ko na ang tingin ng mga schoolmates ko (except for my friends, because they got to know me better) sa akin ay snob (which is true, but not because I snap at people intentionally, hindi lang talaga ako namamansin ng mga hindi ko ka-close), mukhang pera (siguro, nag-typing job kasi ako dati), teacher's pet (admittedly, close talaga ako sa mga teachers, yun ang turo ng nanay ko eh) at Mr. Goody Two-Shoes (dahil hindi ako mahilig magpakopya kapag quizzes, at never akong naging promotor ng bad behavior, etc). In short, I am far from being Mr. Congeniality. [January 21, 12.18pm]

15. Do you believe that there are just some problems that need not be confronted or solved? - theWhore
Yes, there are problems that are never worth our time. BUT, usually, the problems that bother us that much, they're the ones we need to confront. Pero syempre, depende pa rin sa specs ng problema (Naks, ano to, machine problem? Haha!). Sometimes, timing is of the essence -- some people need the time to heal, to be alone, to think, etc. [January 20, 11.55pm]

14. Which is worse: to leave or be left behind?
- jae
To be left behind -- because you had no choice or say in the matter, the 'leaving' part depended entirely on the person who left. Whereas the one who leaves has an active role on what happens. BUT -- in the long run, it's the one who was left behind who survives a better person. Tsaka syempre, yung naiwanan, he or she has his or her support system (family or friends) to help him or her through. It helps a lot in the aftermath part, right? =) Naku ha Jae, andami mo nang tanong! Hehe! =p [January 20, 7.45pm]

13. Bakit masarap ang bawal? - jae
Because it is supposed to be that way, hehe! =p "It’s a constant battle that rages within all of us, between the better angels of our nature and the temptations of our inner demons" -- Mary Alice says on Desperate Housewives. If bawal wasn't so masarap, it wouldn't be the test of character that it was made to be. Besides, where's the fun in being bad (or doing things that are 'bawal'), if these things didn't feel good, right? Nakagawa ka na nga ng kasalanan, di ka pa nag-enjoy, ano kaya yun?! Haha! [January 20, 1.45pm]

12. How do you know what you need to know until you know it?
- jae
Naks, Dawson's Creek (I didn't watch it back in my high school days, though, hehe!). Here's my answer: I don't. I won't know whether I need to know something or not until I know it. Diba? Problem is, it's not like we are in a word processor where we can easily UNDO the things we typed. I think that's where faith comes in sometimes. An Arki professor who could talk to angels (yeah, he really can, I even have a previous post about it last August 2006) said, "If you don't have it right now, you don't need it." Period. [January 19]

Bakit ba napaka importante sa mga tao na nag co-comment at maging na rin sa iyo ang P? - sozeena
Nyaks, it's the P-word again, hehe! If I'm not mistaken, there's a saying that P is a virtue, right? While there is a thin borderline between an exceptionally long P and martyrdom, hehe, the world would be a much better place if we all had decent P's. Besides, we are all but human, mistakes are inevitable, and if you're on the receiving side of the hassle or offense incurred due to mistakes, a lot of P will help. [January 17, 4.55pm]

When you're a kid and you have imaginary friends, it's cute, but when you're an adult, it's schizophrenia. Why is that? - donya quixote
Because I learned from an ACLE last sem, that the imaginary friends we had back when we were kids were actually angels playing with us. But as we grow older, when we lose our innocence, we stop playing with them. Seryoso to, pramis! Yun ang sabi nung speaker (he can talk to angels). Besides, having imaginary friends is a kid's way of coping up with problems too big for him to handle. But when we grow older, we must deal with our problems the adult way -- we face them. =p Naks. 'Kala mo kung sinog matapang, hehe! =p [January 15, 1.52pm]

Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected? - edgar
Logic question to ah! Of course it does. BUT, it's not like you can expect ALL the things that can be unexpected. The set of all things unexpected is too big for one man to do, hehe. So therefore, the better you expect the unexpected, the more the unexpected becomes expected! Shit! Nosebleed! Haha! [January 14, 1.38pm]

Would you risk your life for a cause? And for what cause would you die for? -dindin
If the cause is worth risking my life, of cause! Este, of course pala, hehe! As for the second question, hmm, my automatic but sincere answer would be -- family. Family is family, period. Good thing God assigned me to a great family, loving and treasuring my family isn't that hard. =p But for other causes, well, let's just say I haven't figured that part of my life just yet, hehe. But I'm sure it would be something I am so passionate about. It's all about the passion naman, diba? My passions right now aren't the type that could possibly risk my life, hehe. [January 14, 1.28pm]

Kung kanin ka, ano sasabihin mo sa ulam? - ba
Kakantahan ko ito ng, "Balutin mo ako sa lilim ng iyong pagsasabaw", para ayun, masarap at malasa din ako, hehe!
[January 13, 2.41pm]

6. Sinong UP prof ang nakasira sa hopes and dreams mo ngayong College? - scion
Haha! Kailangan pangalanan? Hehe! Itago na lang natin siya sa codename na Sir Lullabye. I fully recognize, admire and respect his expertise in his field (he is indeed an instituion by the way), but the thing is, I can't pick up what he's teaching. The more I try to listen, the more i get bored, hehe! Because of him, I had to take a subject 4 times, hehe. Mayroon pang isa eh, pero dahil mabait na siya ngayon dahil sa kanyang new-found-love, well, good for him! Hehehe! Buset kasi, sana agad siyang nagka-girlfriend, para agad siyang bumait! Hehe! Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Sir Push-Ups.
[January 13, 2.35pm]

5. Sa palagay mo, gaano kataas IQ mo? - jochie
I've taken too many IQ tests in the internet, I am not sure which one is the official, hehe. Pero ayun, honestly speaking, mayabang na kung mayabang, sa tingin ko mataas naman ang IQ ko. May mga bagay na ako lang ang nakakaisip, hehe -- kaya ang tawag sa aking ng mga kaibigan ko, "shotgun", kasi tuwing hinihiritan ko sila, sapul na sapul tulad ng headshot sa Counterstrike. I also have this gift of remembering small and seemingly unimportant details, even if it's more than a year already, (e.g., the clothes people wear on a certain event). [January 13, 2.24pm]

4. Ano sa palagay mo ang tanong ko? At ano ang sagot mo sa tanong na iyon? - billycoy
Sa palagay ko, ang itatanong mo ay, erm, To whom would you say: “Dude, we know you’re gay. Come out!”
Tapos eto ang sagot ko. See forbidden question #4, hehe! [January 12, 2007, 5.19pm]

3. How many crowns does the king have? - juice
Haha! Hmmm, I guess I already have one for my chocolate addiction, another one for my coffee addiction, yet another one for my long 'P', hmm, what else? Ah yeah! I have one for being a snob and friendly at the same time, hehe! Ask our org's applicants, they should know what I am talking about,. =p [January 12, 3.36pm]

2. Bakit mo masabi na "long and enduring" ang iyong p as in patience?? - irish
Simply because I rarely get seriously mad. Naiinis din ako from time to time, pero hindi ako yung tipo na nagtatatalak about it the whole day, lalu na kung sa mga ibang tao or kaibigan ko na wala namang kinalaman sa kinaiinisan ko. My stand is that if complaining or ranting won't make things better, then it's a waste of my brain's CPU time, especially when it comes to trivial and superficial things. And as much as possible, pilit kong iniintindi ang mga sitwasyon, para hindi na lang masyado masira ang araw ko. But the thing is, I may easily forgive, but I sure as hell don't easily forget, hehe! Pero syempre, nasa pag-bawi naman yan eh! =p [January12, 3.33pm]

1. Gaanong kahaba ang iyong P? Sa literal na wikang Ingles: How long is your P? - thejoketh
Waw naman, unang tanong pa lang, forbidden-style na! Hehe! Anyway, my answer is: I can safely say that it's pretty long, and erm, enduring. ^_^ Because, hey, one's P is pathetic, pointless and useless if it's not long -- enough! (Read the comments to know that P we're talking about =p) [January 11, 11.33am]

Just a piece of real life update: I had my first 'job interview' this afternoon. And it was an impromptu one, hehe! After our class, my classmates invited me to the company talk that TrendMicro is having at our college. Since I didn't have anything planned for the rest of the morning, I agreed to try it out. I passed an IQ test that I thought I wouldn't pass because the pattern recognition part was so darn hard! Then there was the relatively easier 'technical skills' exam which we finished 30 minutes ahead of time. After that, I thought they would just contact me if they're interested in my 'services', but no. The HR officer told me, that I will have an interview with one of their Anti-Virus Engineers, right there and then. Haha! Sheeet! I wasn't prepared, hehe! But I think it went well, though I highly doubt that I am already hired because they haven't seen my transcript, hehe! For future interviews, here's my tip: just think of these concepts: career fulfillment, exposure to other cultures, give back something to society, and servant leadership. Haha!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On looking good (or not)

Do I think I'm good-looking? Hell no, haha!

My sister Ate Joi is quite a looker, despite her actual age and the number of kids that has popped out of her
Bataan. And given that I have parents who are good-looking as well, one can safely assume that I should be good-looking as well, right? But, like I've said above, I don't think so. I would always joke that when my sister was conceived, she sucked all the good-looking genes my parents' sperm and egg could muster, and left not much for me. Instead she didn't take all her rightful share of the intelligent genes so when it was my turn on Mama's womb, there was more than enough IQ genes for me to feast on. So in a nutshell, Ate Joi's the pretty one, and I am the intelligent one. (Side comment: looks like she saved up the intelligent genes for her first born for Jasper, my eldest nephew, is quite a Math genius). But it's not like I feel like I'm ugly either. I am, in my humble opinion, erm, presentable. Haha!

There was a time when I was willing to let go of a certain amount of IQ points in exchange for some extra, erm,
pogi points, hehe! I wanted to enter a room full of people and know that all eyes, straight and not, are drooling over me. I wanted to be the guy whose mere presence makes hearts skip a beat. I wanted to be the reason why my classmates would come to our 7am class. I wanted to be the favorite groupmate, because the view I provide is enough stress relief during cramming hours. And most of all, I wanted to be the one to take her breath away. Wushuuu. ^_^

I mean, come on, admit it, our society puts premium on good looks. People treat you well by default when you have it. (Unless you show your true and dark colors, of course). You're always a winner when it comes to first impressions. Good looks introduce a certain bias on how we perceive other people, whether we admit it or not.

My self-pity moments on my lack of supermodel looks most often resurfaces, unfortunately, when I'm afflicted with the crazy little thing called love, hehe! Because time and again, I have always lost to the better-looking guy. Apparently, my common features don't ignite sparks, hehe!

But eventually I realized, I don't have to feel bad about myself if my chances of being the next top model is zilch. For if there's something I am very confident at, I know I have more to offer as a person than your typical campus hottie. Looks maybe what's most important to the superficial ones. But hey, who cares about these people, if they fail -- or worse, refuse -- to see beyond the pretty face (or lack of it), then they're not the kind of people you'd want to be your friend, or even a partner. =p

And I just hate the fact that I am not photogenic at all! I almost always fail to capture the best my humble face has to offer. So as a disclaimer to the 50+ pics on my flickr badge:
nakow, yung lang talaga kinaya ng mukha ko, pagbigyan niyo na ako, haha! =p

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Friendster showed 394 results for the now famous name, salamat sa Globe Unlimitxt.

So who the hell is she anyway?

Well I have to hand it to the person who first thought of this gimick. The first forwarded message I received 'from' Ederlyn was something like this:

"Huy, invited ka sa party ko ha, punta ka, hihintayin kita ah!


Kilala mo? Ako rin hinde eh! Finorward lang sa akin!"

Noong una, hindi ako natawa at all sa joke. Wenks, ni hindi man siya joke diba? Hehe! Pero nung napadalas ang 'pagtetext' ni Ederlyn sa akin, she eventually grew on me. At huwag ka, may kasama pa siyang mga super friends ngayon with the likes of her boyfriend Arman and her mother Esther. Grabe talaga ang kalokohan ng mga tao ngayon! Haha!

Nabalitaan ko rin na nagpakamatay siya, pero I highly doubt it, kasi naman, pagkatapos niyang i-invade ang unlimited world ng Globe, Friendster naman ngayon -- dahil may friendster account na siya! Haha! Akalain mo!

It's really amazing what unlimited texting can do, the possibilities are really limitless. I can't even fathom what new antics the 'unli-world' will come up with. One can never really predict it. Expect the unexpected indeed.

I wonder what the 393 Ederlyns out there feel about this. Hehe! =p I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days, one of them will be featured in a local TV show.

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in Numbers

15585 - Number of hits this blog had
5790 - Number of ab crunches made
4960 - Number of pesos spent on cellphone load
3846 - Number of MP3s on my hard disk
1001 - Number of comments on my blog
127 - Number of posts written for this blog
97 - Number of dine-outs with friends
84 - Number of copies of the St Jude Novena dropped at the church in UP Diliman
69 - Highest rank my blog achieved at Pinoy Top Blogs
50 - Number of votes placed for Mau Marcelo for the Philippine Idol Finale
46 - Number of Grey's Anatomy episodes watched
37 - Number of AguGenmeets attended
36 - Number of blogger friends on my Yahoo! Messenger Buddy list
30 - Number of US$ earned from blogging
30 - Number of hours awake from November 3-4
28 - Number of Starbucks drinks consumed
25 - Number of times I went to my orgmates (Porshe / Cy / Mikai) apartment at Matimtiman
19 - Number of movies watched at the cinemas
19 - Number of times I ate at McDonald's
17 - Number of units failed
15 - Number of times a friend (Yek, Kitch or Paul) spent the night at our 34G apartment
13 - Number of units passed
11 - Number of movies watched alone
8 - Number of days classes were suspended due to typhoons or coup d'etat
7 - Number of days spent in waiting before the result to my appeal was released
6 - Number of Engineering shirts I bought
5 - Number of friends with whom I had rifts with
5 - Number of times I hung out at Jigs' with James
5 - Number of times I jogged at the Acad Oval
2 - Number of 'inuman' nights with friends

Quick Thoughts