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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogs Galore! 16: One HelluValentine Week

Pardon the lame attempt at creativity with my title but believe when I say my Valentine Week was a balance of 'romance' and 'heartbreaks'.

First of all, I didn't have a 'romantic' date last February 14 simply because I don't have a girlfriend right now and neither am I currently wooing someone. So it's another 'single' Valentine for me. BUT, not that I am complaining -- the truth is I don't mind. I'm way past the I-hate-myself-for-being-single-yet-again-this-Valentine's stage for I believe in waiting in hope rather than in bitterness or despair. But being single didn't stop me from celebrating LOVE (albeit not the romantic kind) this week, in my own unattached way, hehe.


I was supposed to have a 'singles night-out' with some of my Aguman orgmates, but due to personal appointments -- one enjoyed the day at Enchanted Kingdom and was too tired to come with us; another one won our organizations' dating game so she had an automatic date; one was busy with exams the next day; another was busy drafting plates. So in short, our planned group date never pushed through. Instead, I had to contend with enjoying a Starbucks frappe on my own, hehe. Good thing though, Porshe and Paul (the dating game winners) followed me at Starbucks after their prize date. So Heart's Day wasn't so uneventful after all.


I had yet another bonding night with Porshe (Hmm, bakit laging siya ang kasama ko?! Haha! Wuy, completely Platonic to ah, Porshe belongs to someone else, harhar! =p). We ate at Pizza Hut and watched Music & Lyrics. It was an enjoyable and fitting movie to cap my Valentine's Week. It was neither too chick or saccharine. In my opinion, it was a matured love story -- a far cry from the crappy story arcs that Abt Ur Luv on ABS-CBN churns out. Besides, the soundtrack was suprisingly catchy, despite the 80s feel to most of the songs (Hugh Grant played a has-been popstar from the 80s). After that, we went to the last night of the UP Fair to meet up with Daphne (another orgmate), who was haplessly manning their henna tattoo and billiards booth.


And now, for the sad part. Two very very good friends of mine broke up. And this time, it seems like it's a permanent one and not just yet another cool-off. I can't help but feel more affected than I should because these two are really really close to my heart -- individually and as a couple. There was even a time when I was their official Third Wheel and each one of us didn't mind. I was a witness to the ups and downs of their everyday love story for much of their almost 5 years of being together. Likewise, they were also witnesses to my own botched love stories through the years, hehe. They provided comfort and support and not to mention the litanies of advices that helped me shape my hopeful stand on my seemingly eternal singlehood. I guess you could say that they were my role models when it comes to love -- being witness to what they had forged my conviction that despite numerous setbacks on my quest for 'the one', someday, somehow, I will still find her eventually. Such is the gravity of their influence on me. But alas, my romance role models are only human.

I am sure both of them will get to read this. You know who you are: eku man papakit, pero melungkut ku talaga. Pero pakanta siguru talaga. How I wish I could ease even just a bit of the pain that either of you are feeling right now. Especially ika Kuya, uling etana masyadu makapagkwentuhan lately (I don't even know your side of the story). Mapalyaring eku CNL o sobrang magastus ku for comfort para keka, but you can also count on me, sana balu mu ita..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Top 10 Love Songs

In time for the Valentine holidays, I'm gonna share my Top 10 love songs of all time (well, as of February 14, 2007). It was hard for me to choose just 10 because there are many good songs from different genres out there. In the end, I had to choose based on the melody, lyrics and of course, personal attachment to the song -- after all, this is MY top 10, hehe! Therefore, a little respect please, if you don't agree with my choices. =p

In alphabetical order:

1. Rascall Flatts - Bless The Broken Road
I first heard this song when Carrie Underwood performed this on American Idol and I instantly fell in love with its melody and lyrics.

"Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart
They were like northern stars
Helping me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know it's true
That God bless the broken road
And led me straight to you.."

2. Mandy Moore - It's Gonna Be Love
(OST - A Walk To Remember)
I think that A Walk To Remember was such a hit here is party because of its wonderful soundtrack that features romantic tunes from Mandy Moore, Switchfoot, Rachael Lampa and many more.

The sooner you let two hearts beat together
The sooner you'll know this love is forever
(It's gonna be love)
Love needs time now or never
(It's gonna be love)
It's gonna be tough
You gotta believe
It's gonna be strong enough..

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt - Love Will Show You Everything
(OST - If Only)
It's that touching song from the one-helluva-tearjerker-of-a-movie that is If Only. Many agree (including me) that ABS-CBN's Sana Maulit Muli is greatly based from this movie.

"I love you, you love me
Take this gift and don't ask why
Cause if you will let me
I'll take what scares you hold it deep inside
And if you ask me why
I'm with you and why I'll never leave
My love will show you everything.."

4. Westlife - Puzzle Of My Heart
Actually, now that I am older, I've realized that is lyrics is so, erm, elementary, haha! Notice the lame attempt at rhyming. But still, the melody is just soo soothing. Well at least for a boy band afficionado like me, hehe!

"Every time we meet
The picture is complete
Every time we touch
The feeling is too much
She's all I ever need
To fall in love again
I knew it from the very start
She's the puzzle of my heart.."

5. Karla Bonoff - Standing Right Next To Me
I first encountered this song when Lindsey Cardinale performed this on America Idol (Idol really exposes me to a lot of good songs beyond my generation), although it actually took time before I fully appreciated it.

"Beneath the moon tonight

I see it in your eyes
No more false starts
No more broken hearts
I used to have a wish
One day I'd feel like this
Now I know love exists
Cause it's standing right next to me.."

6. Emma Bunton - Take My Breath Away
This one's a 100% pop tune from a former Spice Girl no less -- the title itself screams that it's a lovey-dovey love song. BUT, as always, the melody will win you over, so give it a chance, hehe!

"I never thought I'd feel the way I'm feeling lately
When everything you seem to do just drives me crazy
Every waking day you take my breath away
With every word you say you take my breath away
You look at me that way, baby come what may
I hope that you'll always know how to take my breath away
How to take my breath away.."

7. Ronan Keating - The Way You Make Me Feel
This is not one of Ronan Keating's more popular love songs. I think you would agree that he is best known for his version of When You Say Nothing At All for Notting Hill's soundtrack (which by the way, is one of the best romantic movies of all time, hehe). BUT, I like this song better because of its simple premise of appreciating the little everyday things that a person does to you that makes you fall for that person.

"I couldn't feel much better
Than when I'm here with you
You make everything seem so easy
I'm telling you the truth
You never try to please me
But somehow, you always do.."

8. Ryan Cabrera - True
The acoustic feel to its says it all for me. Never mind that some lines of the song up until now are an enigma to me, hehe.

"I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So I will not hide
Its time to try
Anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true.."

9. Shawn Colvin - When You Know
(OST - Serendipity)
By now, you can safely conclude that I am a sucker for romantic movie soundtracks, hehe! Serendipity is ALSO one of my most favorite romantic movies of all time and it's a no brainer that one song from the flick would make it to this Top 10. I think this one was played during the part where Jonathan and Sara finally found each other on a New York skating rink after what seemed to be a futile chase for their 'destined' partner in life.

"When you know that you know who you love, you can't deny it.
Or go back, or give up, or pretend that you don't buy it.
When it's clear this time you've found the one, you'll never let him go
Cos you know and you know that you know.."

10. Mariah Carey & Brian McKnight - Whenever You Call
Also called the 'martyr song', hehe! Kidding! I prefer this live recorded version with Brian McKnight than the solo studio version of Mariah Carey.

"I won't ever be too far away to feel you
And I won't hesitate at all
Whenever you call
And I'll always remember
The part of you so tender
I'll be the one to catch your fall
Whenever you call.."

Highly recommended: Christian Bautista - The Way You Look At Me, D Sound - Do I Need A Reason, Edwin McCain - Couldn't Ask For More, Erik Santos - Kung Akin Ang Mundo, Leigh Nash - Need To Be Next To You, Lifehouse - You And Me, Michelle Branch - Breathe, Pussycat Dolls - Stick Wit You, Stephen Speaks - Passenger Seat, Texas - In Demand, The Corrs - Runaway.

Next time, I will post my Top 10 saddest love songs, hehe! I hope that today, you were able to celebrate the beauty of love - not just the romantic kind. For we should be thankful not only for the happiness we feel with out special someone (if any, hehe) but also for the genuine love we share with our family and true friends. For the attached, good for you. For the unattached, don't fret, wait in hope and not in despair.
Happy Heart's Day everyone! =p

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Math is a wonderful thing!

Dewey: [singing] Math is a wonderful thing. Math is a really cool thing. So get off your 'ath, let's do some math. Math, math, math, math, math. Three minus four is...
Summer: Negative one.
Dewey: [singing] That's riiiiight. And six times a billion is...
Marco: Six billion?
Dewey: [singing] Nailed it! And 54 is 45 more than…. What is the answer Marta?
Marta: Nine.
Dewey: [singing] No it's eight.
Marta: No, it's nine.
Dewey: [singing] ...Yes, I was just testing you, it's nine. And that's a magic number.
~Jack Black on School of Rock

Math and I have a love-hate relationship. I'm not really sure if I loved Math when I was smaller, but back in high school, Math for me was such a breeze. I never dreaded quizzes or long tests in Math, sometimes, all I had to do to ace them is to study during our recess or lunch breaks. In fact, back in 2nd year, I was able to perfect 2 periodical exams in Math that drove our Math teacher to comment, "Itong si Dizon talaga, ang goal yata niya ay maka-prefect lagi sa exam!" So am I really good? Well, relative to my classmates, I guess so. But before you think this is one of those I-am-so-good-and-I-am-going-brag-it-in-the-bloggosphere type of post, let me make clear: I am no Math wizard. Well, I am 'good' at and I appreciate Math -- I survived engineering all these years, I even competed in the Math Olympiad (I didn't win, hehe!), I enjoy tallying and computing stuff -- but I ain't no quick-thinking human calculator.

I came from a decent private Catholic school but unfortunately, what they teach us does not make us academically competitive with those public science high schools. That's why my a-little-above-average skills in Math is viewed by my batchmates as something extremely superior. Whereas when placed in the company of public science high school alumni, I will definitely eat dust. So imagine my horror when I came to UP -- our first few lessons were supposed to be just a review of past high school lessons and yet it was my first time to encounter such theories and techniques.

I had a total of 24 units of Math subjects in my course (not counting the other subjects or majors that are not handled by the Math departments but nevertheless are Math-intensive) and my Math GWA is 2.48. Therefore, I am hardly your reliable Math wizard.

Nevertheless, I had fun having an impromptu tutorial to 3 freshie orgmates last Tuesday for their Math 100 exam. I never took Math 100 but its topic falls well within the scope of my Math 53 and Math 54. I found it quite ironic because back in my Calculus days, I was struggling with the same thing. But fast forward 4 years later, and mainly thanks to my extensive Math experience after 6 years in Engineering (kapag talaga paulit-ulit, mage-gets mo rin!), I was able to pay forward the help my upperclassmen friends extended to me when it was I who struggled with numbers (and their rate of change with respect to time, haha!)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MTV: I like!

Ate Grace (wife of our service driver back in high school): (to her son, Jojo) Jojo, dapat gumagaya ka kay Ninong Rex mo, para magtuluy-tuloy ang pagiging honor student mo, para maging Valedictorian ka din!

Kong Aaron (our service driver): Edi dapat pala, mag-mula ngayon araw-araw ka nang manood ng MTV!

Yep, back in high school, MTV is an addiction for me. I live and breath MTV, haha! It's the first thing I watch when I wake up and the last thing tune in to before I go to sleep. Back then, for me, Donita Rose, Sarah Sechan, Jamie Aditya and Sonia Couling had the coolest jobs in the world. I memorized the program schedule. I closely followed the MTV Asia Hitlist week after week. I even sent requests to MTV Most Wanted (which I am not sure if they were ever read on-air). I even have an MTV shirt that I still wear every now and then. And finally, as a true testimony of my allegiance to Music Television:

In honor of the wide array of station IDs of MTV (and since my room was kinda bare because of the lack of wallpaper), I envisioned to fill up all four walls of my bedroom with the different MTV logos. At that time, I had to move to the master's bedroom so I had to transfer all of them as well. I know my mother will kill me if I plastered all walls of their room, so I had to be contented in just lining the ceiling. Besides, the surface area was much much bigger, hindi na kaya ng powers ko, haha!

In total, I was able to produce 46 MTV logos in a span of 1.25 years. It took me that long because sometimes the creative juice just wouldn't come out. But when it does, in one afternoon I could produce up to 5 logos. Bit of trivia: the last 8 logos were made in Bahrain, during my summer vacation there (which explains the palm tree and dessert designs).

Just last weekend, I had to take them all down because our house interior is being repainted. And geesh, it was so hard! Haha! At times, I had no choice but to tear some parts apart. But it was a nostalgic task indeed, for these 46 logos remind me on a significant era of my younger years -- my high school life (my adventures and misadventures all included, haha!).

So what am I going to do with the MTV logos that I put off my wall? Well, I am planning to 'preserve' them. I intend to 'restore' them (the oil pastel was quite damaged in some logos during the process of putting them off the wall). And then I would organize them into a clear book.

Even though these days, I barely watch MTV Philippines because I kinda prefer MYX already (besides, MTV Philippines has already gone off-air, so I guess that doesn't leave me with much of a choice, huh?), these logos still have the sentimental value. And I guess it also shows that somehow, I am artistically creative. Pina-postpone ko pa nga ang pag-re-repaint para ako mismo ang mag-alis eh, hehe!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blogs Galore! 15


I placed 4th in the talksmart's Filipino Blog of the Week (Week 41). Nine other blogs were in the running and I was really surprised to have placed in the top half. Why? Because I didn't campaign for myself, hehe. You see, I was nominated before back in May 2006. Back then, I was still a newbie when it comes to bloghopping, so imagine my delight when I was nominated. It actually inspired me to improve on my blogging skills. But alas, I eventually realized that it was actually a popularity contest -- the more online friends you have, the more votes you get, regardless of your blog's content. So I let go of my dreams on winning talksmart's elusive golden medal. It shouldn't mean much to me. What means to me now is when random blogger strangers tag on my tagboard and tell me they really enjoy their visit. It really feels good, sooooobra. Add the fact that these days, more of my real-world friends and acquaintances actually read my blog, some even on a regular basis (yung iba nga, shy pa mag-comment, hehe!). Many of them have started getting serious with blogging as well, which is really exciting -- I have more links with substantial content, hehe! Anyway, I am nominated for Week 42 again. I only have one request: PLEASE vote for me IF AND ONLY IF you think I deserve it. To the 60+ people who voluntarily voted for me, thank you very much. How I wish I could thank you one by one, but alas, I have no way of knowing who you all are. Again, salamuch! =p


Just watched Ben Stiller's latest starrer with my 3 nephews this afternoon. At first, I was hesitant to bring ALL 3 of them. Because believe me, for someone who hates baby-sitting, it is already a recipe for headache for me. And I was right, haha! Since all FOUR of us had to share ONE bag of popcorn, naturally, at least one of them would complain. Jasper wanted the popcorn all for himself, while Justin wanted the jumbo glass of iced tea all for himself as well. Darryl, the voracious one, was surprisingly well-behaved relative to the other two. Then Justin kept on wanting to go to the CR and pee, haha! I asked them at the end of the movie if they enjoyed it, in fairness, they all said 'yes', though I highly doubt it if one of them actually understood the conflicts and twists of the movie. For them, seeing a skeletal T-Rex act up like a cutsy dog is all that matters, hehe! So did I enjoy my afternoon at the mall with my nephews? Hell yes.

SIDNEY SHELDON (February 11, 1917 - January 30, 2007)

Sidney Sheldon was one of my favorite authors. Although in general, I loved reading books as a child, the thick ones that my sister were reading didn't have much appeal to me. Of course, when I was younger, I preferred books with illustrations. All that changed when I read Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game. I'd refrain from enumerating the reasons why I can't put down his novels until I finish them -- just take my word for it, hehe. But just so you know, this week, he died. I am not exactly mourning because a decade after I first read one of his works, I'm not really in awe if his work as much as I used to. Of course, I have been exposed to other writing styles by other authors and I have learned to pinpoint each style's plus and minus points. Still, I just would like to give a shout-out to the author who paved the way of my transition from innocence to, erm, enlightenment, as a reader. Just a thought: I may have read the rest of his 20+ novels, but Master of the Game still proves to be the best for me. =p

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