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Saturday, September 30, 2006

3 Little Kings

I think I've mentioned them many times before, but I haven't really posted much about them. So while I tinker with the letters on my keyboard, they're currently taking bath at the bathroom around 2 meters from me, haha! Presenting, my uber cutsy nephews!

L-R: Jasper (turning 8 this month), Justin (5) and Darryl (turning 6 this month)

I am not sure if I've mentioned before that I don't really like kids, because they're so annoying to attend to, haha! But I love these boys so much, even if, yes, I hate having to take care of them when I have to, hehe! =p

Jasper is the genius. By the age of 3, he learned his first Backstreet Boys song and was able to enumerate the 9 planets, 7 days and 12 months in order, haha! By age 4, he has already memorized the lyrics of the songs from Westlife's first album! Wala siyang choice, yun ang lagi ko pinapatugtog noon! Anyway, he belongs to the SPED-FL (Fast Learners) section of his elementary school.

Justin is the future athlete, I think. My gard, he's better at shooting hoops than me! Haha! =p And he is the noisy one. As in dinig na dinig mo ang boses, lalu na pag naka-kulit mode siya.

Darryl is the comedian. Aside from us always joking about his appetite, he always throws the funniest punchlines! =p And to think that none of us put these ideas in his mind! Here are some of them:

Whenever I prepare special snacks or add something special to our ordinary ulam:
Darryl (obviously salivating over what I am eating): Lagi ka na lang nakaka-isip ng special! Pag ako natutong magluto ng special, hindi kita bibigyan!

On why I always stay up late and wake up late:
Darryl: Hmm! Ngayon ka pa lang gumigising! Lagi ka na lang late gumigising! Kasi, hindi mo agad ginagawa mga assignment mo, kaya hindi ka agad natutulog!

Whenever I bark on them when they are unruly:
Darryl: Mama! Bakit ba ang sungit-sungit ng kapatid mo! Lagi na lang siyang masungit!

There are lots more! I just couldn't remember them right now.

So there, meet my adorable and cute nephews. They can be really annoying most of the times, especially when they scatter their toys and stuff at my room. I mean, my own personal stuff in my room are messy enough, they don't have to aggravate the mess with their own mess, haha! =p But when they're on their I-am-so-lovable-and-adorable-hug-me mode, aww, I can't resist them. I am really not into kids, but I guess, you really can't help but love your own! =p

Friday, September 29, 2006

It did felt like a thousand years

When it was still raining hard last Wednesday night, I knew there must be a typhoon. So by the time I was able to watch the evening news at our orgmate's apartment, I was able to officially confirm my hunch. I even found it amusing that its name was Milenyo. And indeed, yesterday felt like a thousand years! Geesh the day was so boring!

So here is how my day went:

10.30am - So I woke up late because, of course, classes are suspended. But alas! When I couldn't turn on the lights at our CR to pee, I realized that there was no power. OMG! I knew it was going to be very bad day. I started to wish there were classes instead, haha!

10.40-11.40am - I used up the charge of my laptop to watch the 5th episode of Prison Break. After that, my laptop, which is my constant savior when it comes to curving boredom, was practically useless

11.45am - Despite the arctic temperature of the tap water, me and my housemate decided to take a bath already. We feared supply of water would be cut eventually (thank God, it wasn't). I personally thought that at least, I would feel clean the rest of the boring day.

12.00nn-1.30pm - Would you believe, I was on acad mode! Bwahaha! I finished one technical paper for my research and around 2 topics for my 4th exam on ME 63 next week. After that, I couldn't take the boredom anymore!

1.30-5.30pm - Jerome, my roommate, dediced to kill time by playing Super Pusoy. So even if our deck of playing cards were missing the King of Clubs and King of Diamonds, we played anyway, haha! We played a total of 25 games! My gard! Haha! He won, 14-11. After that, he suggested we play Scrabble instead. Unfortunately, it was more boring! I won though, by around 15pts.

6.30pm - After changing our minds many times, the two of us decided to go to our orgmates' apartment at the Teacher's Village. At least, the more the merrier, haha!

8.00-10.00pm - Jerome (roommate), Paul (orgmate) and Porshe (another orgmate, whose apartment we gatecrashed, hehe), played a game of Slave Pusoy Dos. (O diba, dalawang klase ng Pusoy Dos ang nalaro namin the whole day! Haha!).

10.00pm - the four of us decided to go the nearest Mini Stop store to find something to nibble. But alas, their generator conked out already. So instead, we decided to walk Jollibee Philcoa. Haha! Yep, we WALKED. We thought a little stormy midnight adventure would help us kill time and curve the boredom even for a little.

Good thing, Jollibee was open, sans all their ice cream dessert delights. It was so jampacked! There were so many students who took advantage of the power and review for their exams. Most of their exams are scheduled for tomorrow. But considering the beating that our beloved UP campus took from Milenyo, I highly doubt it if they would push through with the exams.

12.00mn - We decided to go home already, and just sleep the night away. After all, we were gonna go home to Pampanga first thing in the morning.

Just so you can get an idea how crazy we were when we decided to walk to Philcoa, here's a map, courtesy of WikiMapia.

Green dot: That is our apartment at Krus Na Ligas Heights.
Blue dot: That is our orgmate's apartment at 51 Matimtiman, Teacher's Village.
Red dots and the white line: red dots are Mini Stop and Jollibee Philcoa, and the white line is the road we walked in the middle of a stormy night.

I have no idea how far was that. All in all, it's approximate 50 houses. But it was fun actually. Hehe!

So there, the day was such a drag. But hey, before you start thinking how insensitive I am for immaturely ranting about a BORING day while the rest of country is starting to recover from the destruction caused by Milenyo, know that at the end of the BORING day, I still prayed for those others who suffered more than a day of boredom. This is the worst storm that Metro Manila experienced in a decade. Somehow, I hope that things will be back to normal once again, especially at our campus. I heard that UP Diliman's many trees weren't spared. And the poor trees took a lot of electric posts with them on their way down. Haay..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ask The King!

Awww shucks! Another week passed by and I still don't have a decent follow-up to my usual rants and raves. And now that I finally can squeeze an hour to blog, I don't know what to talk about! Darn!

Since I'm experiencing a total writer's block right now, I figured I let you decide on what I'd talk about here. Yeah, yeah, darn excuse, haha! But you see, I have always wanted a Q&A section on my blog, just like what Vinks used to have. But I never figured how to use those online query forms, haha! So now, I feel, is the perfect time to do that.

INSTRUCTIONS: Ask anything! And I will summon all the power that I can get to answer your question. Anything goes. You can ask for my opinion on something. You can ask a hypothetical question. You can ask a beauty pagaent question! You can even ask for a completely objective advice, haha! =p Or maybe ask anything about me. I edit this post to write my answers to the questions as I read them.

Fire away! Guys, be as creative as you want to be, hehe. If the question is too personal, I will not be offended, I will just politely tell you, the answer is something I cannot post in here, hehe.

So there, I will wait on the questions. In the meanwhile, I have to get back to what I need to do. Haaay.. Ayoko nang mag-aral!!! ='(


1) Is love a social construct? - Donya
Grabe, 1st question pa lang, 'love' na! Anhirap naman! I think everything we perceive are based on experience, except for our natural instincts and reflexes. Unless you consider 'love' or 'loving' to be an 'instinct' or a 'reflex', then love is indeed a social contruct, haha! Plus, not all of us look at love at a very objective perspective. (9.25.2006)

2) True or false. We cannot not communicate. - xienah
Ito namang isang to, kinailangan ko pang kalkalan sa baul ang Philo 1 skills ko, haha! My answer is TRUE. Negation of a negation eh, haha! That and the 'no man is an island' cliche. (9.25.2006)

3) What is love? - tintin
Nyuk nyuk! Love na naman! Haha! To answer the question. For me, love is true friendship with lust. Oha! Haha! Totoo naman eh, you should be good friends first before you can become lovers. For me, it's the friendship is the foundation of any relationship (aside from natural family ties). Plus, love is over-rated, haha! (9.25.2006)

4) Saan ka sa as umiistambay sa AS? Anong oras? Kelan? - edgar
Aba Edgar, may balak ka bang i-stalk ako? Haha! Sa UP Aguman tambayan ako tumatambay sa AS, sa may tabi ni Manang photocopier malapit sa 1/F, Girls' CR. Kami yung mga maiingay na tila nag-ge-German or Chinese, haha! Kailan? Every vacant ko especially lunchtime, andun ako, pero hindi masyado this week, kasi super busy! (9.26.2006)

5) If you were given 3 wishes, what would those be? - Jhed
Haha! Jologs, pero interesting to. Sa ngayon, ang wish ko ay MORE TIME, MORE TIME at MORE TIME! Haha! Pwede na ba iyon? =p Pwede ring more money, para pang-Starbucks, kasi malapit na matapos ang taon, kailangan makakuha ulit ako ng Starbucks Planner, haha! Tsaka nga pala, sana tuluyan na akong makapag-drive at makakuha ng license this sembreak, hehe. (9.26.2006)

6) What are your top 10 favorite song of all time!? - Juice
OMG! This is so hard! =p Since I have to answer this in a jiffy, I'll choose the 10 that enter my mind first. Not in any order: Westlife - Obvious, Mariah Carey - We Belong Together, Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You, Avril Lavigne - Fall To Pieces, Bellefire - Pieces Of You, Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You, Bic Runga - Sway, Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road, Carrie Underwood - Lessons Learned, & Jojo - Leave (Get Out). Darn! Andami ko pang gustong idagdag! Haha! I didn't include any OPM entry, because it's so haard!! (9.26.2006)

7) Ano ang hidden talent (kung meron man) ng king op tsokoleyts? - Dindin
Hmm, I can move my ear lobes. Haha! Hindi naman talent yun eh, hehe, it's more like a 'weird skill'! =p Ano pa ba. I can type pretty fast. I can't remember my WPM rate eh, but it's safely say it is pretty fast. My friends say so, too. I guess it's the typewriter training I got when I was little, haha! Plus, when our very first personal computer came, I installed a typing tutor to help me with the correct finger positions. =p (9.26.2006)

8) W
hat do you think about marriage? Sa tingin mo - anong taon ka mag-aasawa? - utakGAGO
Naks, naman, an-serious! Hmm, I guess I believe in marriage. For me, it's the ultimate big gesture, the ultimate form of commitment. It means you're willing to spend your lifetime with your lover, diba? As for my marrying age, I think it's safe to say I would want to marry in my early 30s. I don't have a specific age target. My target is my financial stability, haha! Gusto ko magawa ko lahat ng gusto kong gawin as an individual bago ako maki-sawsaw sa buhay ng ibang nilalang. (9.27.2006)

9) What is your gift for your friend on his upcoming birthday? - jigs
Naku, napaka-PERSONAL na question, hahaha! =p Ano bang gusto mo? I'll figure something out, don't worry. Let's get together ha? (9.27.2006)

10) Anong course mo? Bakit mo ito kinuha? - dxter
Kaw naman, hindi mo pa ba nabasa sa sidebar ko? Hehe. BS Computer Engineering. Bakit? Kasi noong high school, nag-enjoy ako nang sobra sa Computer subject. Akala ko madali lang, hindi pala! Haha! If given a chance to have a another degree, I would take BS Geography or BS Psychology. O diba? Napaka-related?! Haha! (9.27.2006)

If you were brought back to the time when you are to choose your course, would you still opt for BS CoE? Why? - elma
Whoa blockmate! Seryosong tanong to ah! Hmm. I DON'T KNOW. The thing is, we always complain how hard our course is, but still, inspite of having a chance to shift out year after year, we didn't. Diba? Hehe. Plus,I haven't reaped the benefits of toiling hard to get the degree. Alam ko na sa ngayon, puro hirap pa muna. Saka na yung saya. Hehe. It's easy to say that I'd choose another course, just because those courses are easier. But no pain, no gain, right? Psychology and geography will always interest me though.

12) Convince me that your super favorite WESTLIFE is better than the Backstreet Boys ( ;p ) - gee
Hindi naman question to eh! The thing is, I won't answer it, hehe. I have reasons why I prefer the Irish more than the American, but THAT'S JUST ME. =p I can always say why I like them better, but I won't convince you to think the same. I am simply not like that. But why do I like Westlife better? I don't know. Basta mas nagustuhan ko lang talaga sila, haha! =p I thought they made better music and they were better role models (yak, this was way back in high school pa ha! Haha!). Well, until Bryan was addicted to booze and Mark admitted he was gay. But I am not saying being gay is bad! Because honestly, you can't be a role model for boys if you aren't a boy, right? Hehe! =p

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gregory House, Doctor of Sarcasm

For those who actually care, hehe, sorry for a week-long silence. The past week was a big myriad of activities and deadlines. Geesh, I think the stress has turned my blue streaks into purple and pink! Haha! But anyway, worry not, I finally have an update. =p

I have discovered another witty, educational and entertaining TV series -- House, MD. It's actually another medical drama like Grey's Anatomy. But House is more like a medical CSI. Each episode features a highly mysterious medical dilemma, which Dr Gregory House and his team solve. Unlike Grey's Anatomy though, it has less focus on the personal lives of the characters, so if you're a medical student, you should really watch this.

Dr. House is the king of sarcasm, haha! His quick and witty punchlines have been termed as house-isms. This is probably why despite having a hard time catching up with the medical terms and assumptions, I was able to reserve a place in my heart for this TV series, hehe! I really like the lessons I get to learn from watching well-written shows like this. There is always something you can apply in real life.

Here are some house-isms that I got from the official site of this Fox series:

Dr. House: "Unfortunately, you have a deeper problem. Your wife is having an affair."
Patient: "What?!"
Dr. House: "You're orange, you moron. And it's one thing for you not to notice, but if your wife hasn't picked up on the fact that her husband has changed colors, she's just not paying attention."

Dr. House: "I assume ‘minimal at best' is your stiff upper lip British way of saying ‘no chance in hell.'"
Chase: "Actually, I'm Australian."
Dr. House: "You put the Queen on your money, you're British."

Patient's mother: "Who are you?"
Dr. House: "I'm the doctor who's trying to save your son. You're the mom who's letting him die. Clarification. It's a beautiful thing."

House is produced by Fox, the same network that gives us Prison Break and American Idol. So don't be suprised if you can spot some actors from Prison Break to guest star in House. This is the 6th American TV series that I have religiously followed, so it's very amusing whenever I spot some actors from the other TV series, especially from Grey's Anatomy.

So there! Hmm, I am not sure if this is shown in local cable channels already. If it isn't yet, well, too bad. If it already is, THEN YOU SHOULD WATCH IT! It is interesting to know that even everyday normal stuff like our favorite pair of jeans can kill us, hehe.

Monday, September 11, 2006

U-nibersidad ng Pilipinas! U!


Id: Aaarrrgghh! Grrrr! Nakakainis panalo na naman ang UST!
Superego: Hayaan mo na, at least 3rd place pa ang UP diba?


Ego: Oo nga, pero dapat yata talaga, FEU and Champion.
Id: Ay hindi! UP pa rin no! Eh mukha namang papaya soap yung mga FEU, harhar!


Ego: Pero infairness naman to UST, malinis ang routine nila, napaka-fluid ng execution.
Id: May pa-fluid fluid ka pang nalalaman, eh puro naman recycled ang mga steps nila. Walang kabago-bago!


Ego: In fairness ulit sa Adamson at FEU, sobrang nag-step-up sila ha. Gumaling nang sobra based on previous years.
Superego: Tsaka dapat talaga, hindi tayo nag-chant ng ‘Adamson’, kasi napakahalata naman na bitter tayo.


Ego: Ni hindi man tayo kumanta ng “UP Naming Mahal”, agad bumalik sa loob yung Pep Squad natin.
Id: Eh paano naman kasi, feeling ko talaga nadaya na naman tayo. Pati yang mga NU Pep Squad na yan, naka-yellow lang eh, grabe kung maka-sipsip sa UST.


Superego: Hoy, huwag mo namang sabihin na nadaya tayo, never naman na-prove iyon diba?
Ego: Siyang tunay. Besides, dapat pinag-butihan na lang ng UP para ma-prove talaga na tayo ang deserving na Champion. Yan tuloy, 3rd pa tayo. Lumilitaw tuloy na masyado tayong bitter.
Superego: Eh syempre, kulang sila sa time para mag-practice, last-minute na lang nila dinecide na sumali, diba?
Id: Hay naku! Kahit na! Magaling pa rin tayo, tayo talaga ang pinaka-magaling! Dapat kasi, hindi pwedeng sumali ang mga dance troupe! Harhar!

For the 3rd straight year, I watched the UAAP Cheerdance Competition live at the Araneta. As always, the atmosphere is chaotically enjoyable! Haha!

This time, we were able to procure some Upper Box B tickets. There weren't enough seats though, so we had to stand just below the Pep Drummers. Shet! The drumbeats were really very loud! Haha! Imagine the plight of our ears as we hear these beats that resonate through the whole Coliseum just around 2 meter away, haha! They were so loud that I think the drum beats were programmed into my heart's rhythm, because I could still hear them more than 6 hours after as I lay in silence in my bedroom before I went to sleep! But still, it was enjoyable! Like I've said before, one could really feel the school pride and spirit.

So what's my take on the results? Of course I am not happy with it, hehe. Pikon na kung pikon, totoo naman, haha! I think I have the right to be bitter, we lost eh! Hehe!

Overall, I think this year's competition is better than last year. Almost all schools had decent routines. Except for one particular team that wears yellow, hehe. Grabe naman, eh kahit yata High School, kaya yung mga routines nila!

PS: Peace sa mga UST! Sana'y naiintindihan niyo na pagdating sa Cheerdance, galit-galit talaga tayo, hehe! Gayunpaman, congrats na rin! Pagbigyan niyo na ako, you've earn the right to brag, you guys won. (Sana wala nang issue-issue sa judging). May araw, este, taon din kayo! Hmpf! =p
For what it's worth, my personal ranking is 1: FEU / UP, 2: FEU / UP, and 3: UST Adamson

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Best of, erm, kingofchocolates! =p

In celebration of my 100 posts, I'm putting together a sort of "best of" for my blog. On second, it's not exactly the "best of", it's more actually like my Top 10 favorite posts, hehe. These are the posts that really mean a lot to me. Kumbaga eto yung mga post na binigyan ko talaga ng panahon na isulat. Some of them are so old, I'm sure you haven't rea them yet, considering that I've only been active in the bloggosphere only recently. Some of them don't even have any comments at all, haha!

To make a lame attempt to spice up this 'momumental' post, I have asked a guest blogger to 'critique' my favorites! So here's the blogger who seems to be on everyone's links and tagboards, haha! =p

Hey guyzzz, guess who this is…Nope, it’s not Rex. It’s me Jigs. Shhhh, I’m a guest writer in this freakishly bright and jovial blog. Ouch, my eyes hurt! According to my sources, Rex has reached his 100th post mark and has made a Top Ten list. Ha! Let’s me see if the ones he chose, really deserve special mention. Lord, though I walk through valley of the shadow of death. LOL!

1. Isaw
JIGS: A fictional story which is probably loosely based in the love life of Rex. It’s about this hidden desire of a guy for a girl he hangs out with often (hmmm, where have I heard this before). It’s like an insignificant scene from a teeny bopper show which got cut because it lacked substance! Well, that’s just me, I hate love stories.

REX: Hoy, hoy, this is so not based on my love life, but on my friends' lovelives. The only element of Rex here is the allergic to something part. And yeah, I don't eat isaw, haha! =p

In search of the perfect blogsite address
JIGS: This one is about the quest of Rex to come up with his current blog address. Personally, I didn’t like ANY of the first ones he came up with. It focused too much on one thing and not on who Rex really is. As for the suggestion of the housemates, I wouldn’t consider it even if it was the last blog address available. As for his current blog address, I think it will suffice, but I do think it CAN get Rexier than that.

REX: Oh yeah, what's your suggestment? LOL! (Oh no, I actually wrote 'LOL'!?)

3. Finding the one
JIGS: A serious raving post for the ladies (and maybe even the guys) about one’s desire to be in a relationship and to find Mr. Right. All I can say about this one is that ­– I actually have no critique regarding this one for I fully agree. Weird isn’t it? But I will say that couples shouldn’t think that single people are sad because they don’t have a partner. Do not limit the boundaries of love to just boyfriend and girlfriend.

REX: This was an essay-writing piece about LOVE. Wala lang , trip-trips lang. It is so unromantic that I didn't win, haha!

4. I'm scared
JIGS: Rex has found the confidence and strength he once had, but now fears that the same strength and self-esteem he found will restrain him from loving again. This post for me is too whiney. So your heart got broken, big effing deal, that’s part of being in love! It’s either the love you give is reciprocated or denied. You have to be ready for any outcome. I still don’t want to believe that he actually let his grades slip because of this. That’s not at all the Rex I know. The Rex I know would advice this crybaby to suck it up and move on! Sulking on a love lost will do you no good.
REX: Well, the Rex you know is only human, hehe. 'Nuff said.

5. Quiet desperation
JIGS: A powerful evocation about Rex’s shortcomings in his academic life; this is a good description for this post. He expressed all the pain and regrets he felt when he encountered challenges he thought he will never imagine, more so, feel. I only wished he shared this with me earlier. When I learned of this, I was so mad at Rex, I said to him, what kind of a friend am I if you cannot share this with me?! I was so pissed that just because I’m not in Diliman, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be there to back him up. And what really bothered me is that when he posted this, James and I didn’t even get a special mention! LOL!
REX: Andrama mo naman! For your information, I actually shared this to you. My AguFriends don't know why I wrote this piece. They knew I had problems, but they didn't know what was going on inside my mind. =p As for the special mention, real friends don't need that. Belat! =p Besides, andami-dami niyo, panira naman ng post kung babanggitin ko kayong lahat na kaibigan ko.

6. 20 + 1 = 21
JIGS: This is Rex’s becoming an official adult and celebrating his debut for guys! This is a pivotal age for most of us because we can do anything at this age. I don’t remember attending or even being invited to Rex’s 21st birthday! Maybe it’s because I too am getting old. LOL! Don’t rush into life; savor every sweat, tear and joy you experience. Rex, don’t worry about your age, you don’t look a day over 25. Wahahaha!
REX: Sus, it's because you were so busy with your Christmas vacation. Pero actually, us three didn't get a chance for a Christmas break get-together. I don't know why. Wala ring nag-yaya eh.

7. Condom
JIGS: It’s all about trust. It takes so long to earn but can easily crumble in a blink of an eye. What’s up with the title, being creative are we? Anyway, I do think that trusting easily is one of Rex’s flaws. He believes in the goodness of others while I am wary of the evil in them.
REX: Everything happens for a reason. I still don't get the reason for this, up until now, hehe.

8. Cold war
JIGS: One of the toughest “wars” Rex has ever faced in his life. A broken friendship and a cold shoulder, who should be the bigger man? Who will emerge from the wreckage? I think this is the sequel of the Condom post. Once again, you were over thinking things. Basically, It’s either he apologizes or you initiate the ceasefire process (no pun intended).
REX: Haha! Para namang trailer sa pelikula ito! Haha! Haay, ewan ko nga ba, remember in high school, I used to hate the same batchmate of ours with the same name? Haha! Sa 5 taong kilala ko na may ganong pangalan, isa lang ang mabait! Haha!

9. April Fools
JIGS: In this post, Rex talks about his view on being a delayed student and not graduating on time. He reminisced about his High School graduation and how different he is now from then. Haaaay Rex, you expect to much from yourself and I believe that you feel the pressure from outside influences comparing your HS achievements from your college experience. And finally, it’s to add salt to the wound, not injury. LOL!
REX: I also have inside influences, you know. =p

10. Ashleykins, my dear bitch
JIGS: A night of disorder, strong rain and an energetic dog proved to be a recipe for a good blog post. Rex ponders on man’s relationship with his bestfriend. Well, I agree that Ashley really is a Bitch! I can’t believe you would compare a dog to a human in terms of scolding them and of having a conscience. I’m still not fond of dogs…
REX: Up until now, magulo pa rin siya. =p

It took me forever to finish this but at least I was able to do it. I do hope people who read this wouldn’t think I’m really this mean. This is just for fun and to commemorate Rex’s achievement! Congratulations my friend! =p

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blogs Galore! 11

Woo hoo! It's time for an updates galore!


Actually, it was more like '100 meters to 100 meters', haha! I was able to catch the Westlife concert last September 4 at the Araneta Coliseum. It turned out I was not alone, hehe. Acey, my orgmate, finally decided the night before that she will watch the concert as well. She was also a Westlife fan back in high school.
The venue was not packed at all. Maybe around only 52% of the seats were taken (oo, talagang cinompute ko pa yun, habang naghihintay, haha!). Well, it shouldn't be a surprise. Westlife is not at the peak of their popularity. I'm sure only the old loyal fans were there to watch them on what could be their last visit to Manila before they would finally disband. At least, konti lang ang magsi-si-sigaw diba.
As a fan, I really enjoyed the music, it was worth the wait and every penny. They didn't sing my Top 2 favorite songs though - Obvious and Fool Again, hehe. I loved the jazzy / bossa nova-ish version of Uptown Girl and the Don't Cha number, haha! Nakakatuwa sila.
I don't have any pictures, damn! I don't have a digicam. I tried using my 3660, but it was futile, haha! They were effing hundred meters away, wala namang zoom tong camphone ko. I recorded the whole concert on my MP3 player though. =p


Haha! My friends like my blue highlights! Actually, depending on the angle of the light, some parts appear to be purple, hehe. As expected, they were surprised. "Anong naisip mo bat ginawa mo yan?", one asked (but in an amused manner).
One of my orgmates asked another orgmate, "Tama ba ako? May blue yung buhok ni Rex, diba?" Bewildered by the question, the other orgmate answered, "Hmm, actually, oo nga, may blue nga ang buhok niya!"


Sheeeet!! It's almost the homestretch of this semester. Andami ko pang hindi nagagawa na dapat gawin, ahaha! I need Hermione's time turner, so that I can go back in time every now and then so I can catch up with some school work backlog, hehe. Thesis proposal for EEE 190, 2 more exams and finals for ME 63, 2 more exams in EEE 53 and Physics 104. Haaay... Good luck naman.


It's the UAAP Cheerdance Competition yet again this Sunday! Woohoo! Excited na ako.
It's always fun to watch the Cheerdance live because one can really feel the pride and the school spirit with every cheer you all chant in unison. It's a good thing UP finally decided to join after all, after last year's controversy about the judges. Gusto ko yun asaran part habang naghihintay ng start ng broadcast. All school are really taunting each other, hehe. Of course, the biggest crowds are UP and UST. =p I really hope that this time, we will bag the well-deserved crown, without any controversies. =p

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm blue!

Do you guys know the movie Girl Next Door? Anyway, this comedy had this as its tagline: What is the last outrageous thing you've done? You see the lead character played by Emile Hirsch here is a Mr Goody-Two-Shoes, honor student and a school leader. It's the stereotype where this type of guy is not supposed to commit any outrageous acts, especially the ones that would raise you Mama's hair.

So what, you may ask? Well, since it's application season in the org, I've been asked this very same question many times by the applicants (it's part of my requirement for my signature for them to ask me situational / beauty pagaent questions, the more intriguing the better).

Of course, my answer would be the same everytime: I raised considerable money to vote off a couple at our org's dating game last February, haha! Actually, it was more like an 'evil' thing to do, its adverse effects of which I still experience up until these days because of severed ties that doesn't seem to be that easily mendable.

It came to a point when I got sick and tired of having to retell my answer over and over again, because almost all of the 12 applicants seem to be asking the question. So I banned the question altogether, haha!

But as of tonight, the ban on that question has been lifted! Whoopie! May bago na akong isasagot sa tanong na iyon! Haha! Presenting... the picture to the right! Tadaaa! (As if naman, hindi niyo pa siya kanina nakita nung nag-load ang page eh ano, haha!)

So there, for the first time in my life, I had my hair colored, hehe. This is so not me, believe me!

I had wanted to do this since summer, but I was recently inspired by Benj, who had his hair colored as well, albeit a different and way cooler style. As you can see, mine is the usual streaks-all-over highlights. I chose dark blue though, as inspired by Aquamarine, hahaha! Besides, it's my favorite color. At least diba, kamukha ko na yung YM avatar ko, hahaha!

You might be thinking, "Ang OA naman nito! Parang nag-pakulay lang, ano namang outrageous doon?!" Oh well, for a school-rules abiding high school geek like me, this is outrageous enough. I myself am surprised why I am doing this. I just figured it's time to try something new, something that doesn't fit my usual personality profile. =p

Anyway, fingers crossed tomorrow, I am sure my friends will be super surprised. I may or may not get positive review on this 'makeover' I've done to my 'image', haha! Ni hindi ko nga alam kung kaya kong 'dalhin' ito. Syempre, diba, nasa pagdadala naman iyan.

Thanks to Jigs by the way, for his futile suggestions, haha! Hindi ko man na-apply, hehe!

Friday, September 01, 2006

First taste of Sarah!

Okay, before you guys get any naughty thoughts, Sarah's is the name of the popular 'beerhouse' here at the UP Diliman campus. Even in the wee hours in the morning, this is were you can find the delinquent students of UP, drinking the night away with the 'boy groups', hehe!

Sarah's is pretty much a household name for UP students, especially those with active and social lives, hehe. It's the go-to place for impromptu and sudden inuman sessions of your barkada. It is very accessable, it is located along the route of the standard UP student transport, the IKOT jeep. Add the fact that it is at the forefront of the famous Brgy Krus Na Ligas (almost half of this community's population are boarders).

In line with this, I just would like to announce that finally, after 5 years and 3 months in UP, and 3 years and 8 months of residing in Krus Na Ligas Heights, I finally had my first bottle of beer at Sarah's. Haha! Imagine, this famous place is just an effing fart away from our apartment, and I even pass by it every day. It took me this much time to actually decide to have a drink here, haha!

I do drink, but I'm not the type who drowns himself in alcohol to get through bad days. I rarely drink, and more often than not, there is no cause for a celebration. Usually, it's just a random dare -- "Oh, bakit hindi tayo uminom ngayon?" Plus, we often do it at our apartments so I never really had the chance to have a drink at Sarah's.

But last Wednesday, me and my closer orgmates decided to have a inuman session after an app's activity. One of us was mending a broken heart. I told them, "Sa Sarah's na lang, hindi pa ako nakakapag-Sarah's!" So there. Haha!

I was like a child who is on his first trip to the park! Haha! Hindi ko alam kung may lalapit bang waitress or kung ako ang dapat mag-order sa counter. Ihahatid ba yung mga order or kailangan kusang kunin. Haha!

So what did I order? Well, I was only able to finish one bottle of Red Horse, hehe. We also ordered some fries and chicharong bulaklak. And to get rid of the bitter aftertaste of my drink (eto lang kasi ang ayaw ko sa pag-inom-inom, yung pait!), I shared a half of Twin Popsies with another orgmate, haha!

I guess I can say that this is a milestone in my life as a UP student. Imagine, kung hindi pa ako nadelay, hindi pa ko makakapag-Sarah's, =p!

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