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Saturday, March 25, 2006


It’s that time of the year again – pressing deadlines to meet, crucial final exams. All these while planning on where to go for a summer getaway with friends. For graduating students, or for those with friends who are graduating, there’s the mad rush for their thesis final drafts or the farewell parties in tribute to the graduating friends. With so much going on these days, it’s also that time of the year when I look forward to Wednesday and Thursday nights – American Idol!

So, since we don’t have a TV at our 34G apartment, I get to have my weekly Idol fix courtesy of the Matimtiman Girls: Cyrille, Porshe and Mikai’s TV. Salamat at hindi pa kayo nagsasawa sa akin, haha! And of course, all discussion and download forums are up again for the fans weekly dose of Idol performance.

For my fellow AI fans, here are some interesting sites:

Last year I was always ranting why the likes of Lindsey, Jessica, Nikko or Nadia went home before Scott. This year, I still have my own share of rantings. Why didn’t Filipinos in America rally behind Sway? Why did David or Will go before Chicken Little or Bucky? And my dear darling Ayla, why?! Kapag natatanggal ang mga gusto ko, dinaramdam ko ito nang husto. Ewan ko ba kung bakit napaka-affected ko.

Good thing is, Melissa and Kevin are already out. This year, I'm rooting for Katharine (ansarap iuwi sa nanay ko! Effortless na effortless), Mandisa (grabe, buti na lang malaki nga ang stage. Sobrang galeng!), Paris (kamukha niya iyung mga Aeta na nagtitinda ng rootcrop sa tabi-tabi sa Pampanga, but don't get me wrong, adorable pa rin siya) & Elliot (Isa pa 'tong mamang 'to. What he lacks in looks, more than makes up for the voice). While I don't have an ultimate favorite yet, I'd say that right now, I have the McPheever. =) But I could still change my mind.

Wala eh, frustrated singer kasi ako eh, kaya addict ako sa mga singing contests. Sana maging hit ang Philippine Idol this year. Ate Melissa! mag-audition ka na! =)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


WARNING: The following texts contain extremely mushy contents. Reader’s caution is advised. Translation from Kapampangan is provided.

From: Daphne
Date: March 10, 2006, 4.05pm

Hi Kuya Wexie! Kahit nagkita na tayo kanina, still want to say thank you for everything – for all the good times we shared, for simply being there always. God bless! Take Care!

From: Jhae
Date: January 1, 2006, 11.44am

Kuya! Happy ku din meging close kata last year. Sinabi kuna ngan naman ketang testi ku for you diba?... Sana pin dyang graduate tana, amaintain tamu ing closeness a medevelop recently. Happy new year kuya! Emu no din masyadu paka-isipan deng bage a ali directly related keka banta mabawasan ka problema. Peace of mind, akwa mu din yan..
(Kuya! Happy ako at naging close tayo last year. Sinabi ko na lahat doon sa testi ko for you, diba? Sana kahit graduate na tayo, ma-maintain natin ang closeness na nadevelop recently… Huwag mo na masydao isipin ang mga bagay na hindi directly related sa iyo para mabawasan ang mga problema mo. Peace of mind, makukuha mjo rin yan..)

From: Porshe
Date: December 31, 2005, 7.00pm

Kuya Rex! This has been a nice and at the same time one hell of a year. My life has been better this year because of the mere fact that I'm happier and I'm happier because of you and the whole gang. Ali kami magsawang maghost Wednesday dinners basta ali ya magsawang magluto e Ate Mikai. Hehe. Thanks for everything! Looking forward to spending another year with you! Ahluvu! Mishu! Mwah!
(…Hindi kami magsasawang maghost ng Wednesday dinners basta’t hindi magsasawang magluto si Ate Mikai…)

From: Cyrille
Date: December 31, 2005, 6.32pm

Happy New Year Kuya Rex! Sana akilala mu ne ing girl of your dreams next year! Haha! Basta buri ku happy ka always, tsu ku mu keni! Hehe! Thanks for being my Kuya Rex!
(…Sana makilala mo na ang girl of your dreams next year! Basta gusto ko, happy ka always, nandito lang ako…)

From: Fergie
Date: December 31, 2005, 6.06pm

2005 has been a great year for me! There were lots of unforgettable moments from the immediate transition of being an innocent HS student to an open-minded college student. Thanks for being one of those who made the transition easy. I hope that this coming year as lots of surprises in store for us!... God bless! Be careful with the fireworks!

From: Ngot
Date: December 24, 2005, 11.13pm

Merry Christmas koy! Thanks for always being there to listen. Sensya na kung gagawan dakang kilig absorber, hehe. Hay eku kalingwan ing pinagsamahan tamu, lalu na deng pate. Hehe..
(… Pasensiya na kung ginagawa kitang kilig absorber, hehe. Hay, hindi ko malilimutan ang pinagsamahan natin, lalu na ang mga away.. hehe..)

From: Jigs
Date: December 24, 2005, 8.06pm

Merry Christmas! Sorry I don’t have a good enough quote to send. I just want you to know the friendship you’ve given me is the best gift I could ever have. Thanks!

From: Pie
Date: December 17, 2005, 8.07am

Your welcome Kuya! Thanks din, we had a great time. I know you know you’re really blessed, more blessed than those who think you envy them… Wish ku for you, ali itang mika-gf naka, kasi I can see mag-enjoy ka pa. Pota namu sigurung sawa naka single life, hehe. O basta wish ku sana gumraduate naka. Para makapanipun naka ketang trip to Maldives tamu. Happy Birthday! Love you!
(… Wish ko for you, hindi iyung magka-gf ka na, kasi I can see nag-eenjoy ka pa. Kapag siguro sawa ka na sa single life, hehe. O basta wish ko sana gumraduate ka na. Para makaipon ka na sa trip to Maldives natin!...)

From: Porshe
Date: December 16, 2005, 1.49am

Kuya Wex, bayu ku magsleep, thanks keng treat! Belated Happy birthday! Hehe. I had fun, sobra. College life wouldn’t be this fun kung di kita nakilala. Thanks ulit! Nytnyt!
(…Before I sleep, thanks sa treat!...)

From: Kristle
Date: December 14, 2005, 6.07pm

Happy happy birthday budz! I'm so happy I've met you. Continue touching people’s lives. You’re one of a kind. Love you so much!

From: Kitchie
Date: December 14, 2005, 10.17am

Wish you all the happiness in life. And may you have the peace of mind you’ve been aasking for. By the way, thanks for sharing your life with me. You have touched me in so many ways. God bless and enjoy this day. Love you kuya.

From: Ate Joi
Date: December 14, 2005, 6.29am

Don’t forget to thank God for this day. Kalupa da reng aliwang debutante, this is another step forward to more maturity, responsibility, fun and opportunities. Dakal man hang-ups, kayabe talaga yan. Pampatibe lub and to bring us much closer to God. Emu kakalingwan, kareng ups and downs mu, as a sis and friend, I'm with you. Luv you! Mwah!
(… Kamukha ng ibang debutante, this is another step… Marami man hang-ups, kasama talaga yan. Pampatibay ng loob and to bring us closer to God. Don’t forget, sa mga ups and downs mo, as a sis and friend, I'm with you…)

From: Dennis
Date: December 13, 2005, 11.29pm

Happy Birthday! Sorry eku pwedeng magpuyat hanggang 12. But you were great tonight! It may sound redundant, but I'm so lucky and proud to be your friend! And I mean it!
(… Sorry, hindi ako pwedeng magpuyat til 12…)

From: Mama
Date: February 14, 2005, 1.06pm

How now? Hope you had a wonderful day kahit hindi blooming love life mo. What’s important is masaya ka keng sarili mu, keng gagawan mu, and besides, dakal kaming lulugud keka. Love you, son. Take care.
(…What’s important is masaya ka sa sarili mo, sa ginagawa mo, and besides, marami kaming nagmamahal sa iyo…)

From: Mikai
Date: December 14, 2004, 5.33am

Kuya Wexie! Line of 2 ka na din! Just thankful na you became my kuya, thanks for everything! Wala ako masabi, I hope that we stay this close for the rest of our lives. You know I'm just here for you. Sobrang love kita and nothing would change that. Happy Birthday!

From: Maan
Date: December 13, 2005, 11.59pm

Wexy, happy birthday! Just want to thank you for almost 4 years of friendship. Keng pamagshare mu keng computer and other things, keng bed mu, food, keng pamumusit, thanks! Enjoy your birthday!
(… Sa pagshe-share mo sa computer and other things, sa bed mo, food, sa pang-aasar, thanks!…)

From: Edong
Date: August, 14, 2004, 1.58am

K, thanks! Yup, I think you’re one of the rare guys who have it all. But not everything he wants. Anyway, keep looking. You’ll find your one. God Bless!

From: Lang
Date: July 31, 2004, 2.07am

Don’t know what to say, I just hope you’re at peace with your decision. For me there’s nothing more haunting than questions left unanswered. In any case, I'm just here for you. You wanna a beer?

From: Kristle
Date: July 21, 2004, 12.10am

Budz, eku pabren manasakit ka. Ala ita, para nanu pa’t buddy daka. Good luck, Whatever happens, I’ll always be here.
(Budz, hindi ko pababayaan na masaktan ka. Wala iyon, para ano pa’t buddy kita…)

From: Argel
Date: May 10, 2004, 10.24am

Yup! Today was so much better than last year. Lupa ya ping Simpleng Hiling ne? Thanks talaga ketang surprise and the preparation. The gifts, tang polo, tang pants, Die Hard, cake, basta ngan ngan! Pakisabi din kang Ate Joi, tenchu! Tenchu! Salamat ulit dakal!
(… Mukha nga siyang Simpleng Hiling no? Thanks talaga sa surprise and the preparation. The gifts, the pants, Die Hard, cake… basta lahat lahat!...)

From: Jigs
Date: April 7, 2004, 8.23pm

You know, I'm so happy to have you as a a friend. Hindi ito senti na text, I just want you to know how much I appreciate the friendship you gave me. I'm so happy, salamat!

As you all know, ‘nareformat’ ang aking phone just recently. I lost all of my Contacts and Calendar entries. So before it breaks down yet again, here’s a backup copy of 21 of the sweetest, mushiest, most meaningful, dramatic and touching messages sa aking phone, in chronological order. Sa mga friends ko na nasali dito, pasensiya na kung nabuking ang kabaduyan ninyo, hehe! Salamat sa lahat!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Gray Person You're Not

"Normally, good guys wear white, bad guys wear black. But we soon learn that bad guys don't always look so bad, sometimes, they even seem downright friendly. That is, until you get to know them a little better. It's not always easy to distinguish the good from the bad guys. Sinners can surprise you, same is true for saints. Why do we try to define people as simply good or simply evil? Because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can live side by side in one heart. And that anyone is capable of anything.."
-Mary Alice Young, Desperate Housewives, Season 2, Episode 9

Mariz: Haay, Ronnie, huwag mo na ngang iisipin iyun.
Ronnie: Pwede ba iyun?
Mariz: Haay... May tao talagang ganun.
Ronnie: Alam kong may mga taong ganun. Hindi ko lang maisip na isa siya sa mga iyun.. (oo nga eh, anlake mong engot!).. Ano ba kasing ginawa ko? Ano bang ginawa kong kasalanan?
Mariz: Haay, hindi iyun eh. Eh Anong balak mo?
Ronnie: Basta, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
Mariz: Oy oy, ayan ka na naman. Ano na naman binabalak mo? Don't do something na pagsisisihan mo in the end.
Ronnie: Hehe, basta. Wala naman akong binabalak. Basta kung dati, I still go out of my way para intindihin siya, ngayon hindi na.

“Hay, don’t waste your precious time on someone who is so narrow-minded and so pathetic. Huwag mo nang pagtuunang pansin ang mga taong walang utang na loob at makapal. Life is complicated enough without him in it. So, pabayaan mo na lang siya. Bahala na siya sa buhay niya. Huwag lang siyang makalapit-lapit kapag magka-problema na siya dahil sa mga pinanggagagawa niya. He’s NOT WORTH all the trouble..”
-Miss Iceland

“Grabe! Sobrang medyo stupid na lagi lagi na lang siya nakikinig kung kani-kanino, like wala siyang sariling isip! Grrr! From the start, you’ve been nothing but a great friend to him. Sobrang kapal and ungrateful!”
- ESC Chairperson

This is the last time I'm gonna say anything about you. Ooooh, if only I can release all these angst-ridden words I have for you right now. But I won’t, for your sake and for your Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes-Help-Me-I'm-Cute reputation. Bahala na si God sa iyo. But just in case you or your good friends read this, know that I regret every good deed I did for you. I regret going out of my way to make life easier for you (at least as much as a well-meaning friend can do). I can only cringe so much for ever thinking you’re not what people say you are, for ever pleading them to give you a chance. I may say "Hey, musta?" or nod at you when I see you, but know that deep inside, whenever I see you, I'm thinking in wonder of how some piece of work you are, of how much I actually pity you for your disillusions. More than the anger for the injustice done, is the painful realization of being a fool for you. I may not be as strong in the ways you think are important, but I tell you, I know which battles to fight, and I always play to my strengths. Pasensyahan na lang, ha. Have a good life, good luck. Coupled with your innocent charm, sheer luck is the only thing you have working for you.


By the way, may erratum po ang previous blogs ko. Sa mga paranoid diyan, kayo na bahalang maghanap. Sa mga clueless what all this is about, worry not, thank God you don't know a thing. =)

Sunday, March 12, 2006


For the nth time, nasira na naman ang 3660 ko. At kinailangan ko na naman siyang ireprogram. Normally, hindi ito malaking problema – aside from the P400 na impambabayad ko sa pagpapagawa. I mean, hello?! Para lang sa pag-connect ng isang wire mula sa PC nila papunta sa phone ko at pag-click lang ng ilang buttons doon sa Nokia software nila, P400 na kaagad?! Oh well, wala naman ako magawa. Anyway, every now and then naman, bina-backup ko iyung phone memory ko. So tuwing nasisira ang phone ko, I just reload my backup, at okay na!

Not this time. But I saw this coming.

One day last December, habang bina-backup ko phone ko, bigla na lang Memory Card: System Error! Hala, lagot na! Kasi, aside from the fact na hindi natapos ang pangbaba-backup sa phone memory ko, nabura na rin iyung dating backup. Ganun kasi talaga, bago simulan ang backup process, binubura muna iyung lumang copy. Magmula noon, nakikinita ko na malapit na ‘mamatay’ ang phone ko. Kasi kung anu-ano nang mga error at kapalpakan at nararanasan ko.

The last straw was last week. May Contacts: System Error! Aba, bago ‘to ah. Hindi lang naman marecognize ang mga numbers ng mga friends ko na nagtetext sa akin, samantalang, naka-save naman sila phone book ko. Tapos, meron pang Application closed: mce! Hay nako, ngayon naman, hindi ako makapag import ng phone numbers sa Contacts ko whenever I create a new message. At hindi na rin ako makapagforward ng text. (Damn! Paano na ako magfoforward ng Desperate Housewives quotes!) At nung Saturday afternoon, nakita ko na lang na nakapatay ang phone ko at ayaw na nitong sumindi. Haay, finally, bumigay ka rin.

Pero patay, wala ako copy ng mga Contacts ko. Eh antagal na nung huling pag-bababackup ko sa SIM Contacts ko. Paano na iyung mga bagong numbers ko, especially iyung mga friends ko na nag-switch na to Globe? (Haha!) At, paano na iyung mga birthdays sa Calendar ko?! Uulitin ko na naman lahat iyon.

Kasi naman, sana ibili na lang ako ng bagong cellphone. In fairness, 2 years na tong 3660 ko sa March 14. Iyung first phone ko na 3310, 2 years ang tinagal. Iyung 3530, 1 year lang. Maganda kaya iyung N90? Haha! Wish ko lang! P30,000 yata ang mga iyun eh.

Pero huwag ka, ang Papa ko na hindi naman marunong magtext ay naka-N90. Actually, 6670 iyung sa kanya eh. Pinagmamalaki pa naman niya iyun noong last na pag-uwi nila. Sabi namin ng ate ko, napaka-high tech nga ng phone mo, hindi mo naman alam gamitin o kalkalin ang features! Sayang na sayang. Kaya ayun, bago siya umalis pabalik ng Bahrain, nilambing siya ni Ate at binigay na lang sa kanya. Kaya ngayon, bumili siya ng N90. Hay Papa, ibang level na naman ang phone mo, alam mo kayang gamitin? Aware ka ba na may 3G na yan? Sana ibigay mo na lang sa akin. Kaya lang sa December pa iyun. Kaya for now, pagtitiyagaan ko na lang ‘tong 3660 ko. Basta huwag lang mawala ang mga pictures at messages na pinakaiingatan ko. Iyun naman ang mas importante sa akin eh.

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