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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nice shot!* Yeah!

Back in the days when the tennis world's great names were Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, I was an avid follower of the racket sport. I think it's roughly the same time when we started to have cable television at home and my dad would lord over the remote control and watch ESPN. Having no choice, I would earnestly watch with him with a little hope that the match would soon finish of my dad would simply fall asleep already, haha!

I learned to enjoy and love the sport, even though I actually never played it -- considering that tennis is not the kind of sport you can play in the streets or in your garage and that its gear is quite expensive. Although back in 1997, I was able to improvise with the situation.

You see, back then, the lahar craze (or rather, the fear of it, hehe!) all over Pampanga has not subsided. Each typhoon would bring about vigilance for lahar alerts. As we can't simply leave our house, my mom had our things (appliances, furniture, etc) evacuated to our relatives in Porac. San Fernando is relatively safe from lahar rampage but if and when we are not spared, we wouldn't have to worry about our important belongings. So for almost a year then, we didn't have a refrigerator and we slept on mattresses. Our living room was wide open sans for a bench and an old and small television cabinet so I played tennis against the wall of our sala with a tennis ball that I procured somewhere and an old tennis racket (it was so old that its shape was the old-fashion one, very similar to the shape of a badminton racket). Of course, I was only in grade school back then so my wild and creative imagination and my measly equipment was suffice to satisfy my tennis itch.

My interest in tennis eventually waned as I grew older and got busier with high school and explored other more feasible hobbies and interests. Eventhough my dad managed to buy two Prince tennis rackets back then, due to the lack of posh tennis courts in our middle-class subdivision, they remained unused all these years. Until last Wednesday!

A few weeks back, my housemate Mike blurted out of nowhere, "Kuya Rex, mag-tennis tayo.." I replied in surprise, "Err, sige.. may tennis rackets ako.." I never thought he was serious but our tennis plans pushed through last Wednesday and my Prince rackets finally saw daylight and debuted on an actual tennis court.

We played at the UP Tennis Club courts besides the Engineering building. Funny how it took me seven years to try playing there, for I pass by it at least twice a week all my college life. I used to think it was an exclusive court and that it's not open to the students or to the public. But thanks to a blockmate, I was able to inquire some playing details.

I was with 3 other orgmates and we are all first timers. At first we tried playing by ourselves, thinking it's as simple as badminton. But no! Our 'game' was so messed up, that instead of playing tennis, it seemed like we were playing fetch, haha! We would hit the ball at a seemingly random direction with random amounts of force. So our balls were all over the place but our playing court. We were so bad that a club trainer took pity on us and volunteered to offer his services (with pay, of course) for some much-needed tennis lessons, haha!

So how did I do? Well, I don't mean to brag but if it were a PE subject, I would get roughly 1.25.. Oha! Haha! Yabang! Apparently, I'm a natural. Haha! Kidding aside, in fairness to me, the trainer kept using me as an example to my playmates on how to one's forehand shots correctly and efficiently. But of course, I have my fair share of bloopers. The four of us had so much fun that we were able to convince other orgmates to play with us this next Wednesday. From an original group of 4, we are now at least 12, haha!

The trainer had to leave after about an hour or so of lessons. We thought we knew enough to finally play a decent game of doubles. But we were so wrong! Our game messed up bigtime yet again, though there is a marked improvement. We were able to return the ball for at least two times, before it 'dies', hehe! So we had to call it a day.

I hope that on our next lesson, we will already learn how to serve. I'm quite excited for I've been wondering all these years if shouting makes a significant difference whenever I watch pro players serve the ball, haha! ^_^

*This is what the trainer kept telling us, every now and then. Isn't he so encouraging? Even if some of our shots went over the tennis club fences, into the trees as you can see from the pics above, haha!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sa wakas! Senior ka na!

It's UPCAT Season once again! And I've been getting a lot of hits for "UPCAT Tips". So I'm posting another piece I wrote for my org's survival kits for high school students in its CEER.

Sa wakas! Senior year na! Surely, you were so looking forward to this school year. Bakit naman hindi diba? Kahit sumingit ka sa pila sa canteen, walang mag-rereklamo. At kahit pinakahuli kang dumating sa service, sa may pinto ka pa rin makakaupo. Kung ikaw pa ang pinakasiga, sa may harapan ka pa laging nakapuwesto. You get the prime roles during co-curricular activities. Mas malamang kesa hindi, ikaw pa ang Champion sa Intrams. At sa gabi ng prom, ikaw ang pinaka-maganda / gwapo. In short, ikaw ang bida at boss ng campus.

But, like Uncle Ben said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. With more and better perks, comes more and harder requirements and duties. Not to mention greater expectations. Andyan ang mas pinahirap na algebra at trigo; makikilala mo na si Engels, Smith at Marx; magiging idol mo si Newton; not to mention ang iyong sort-of thesis, atbp. Kamusta ka naman diba? Idagdag mo pa ang mga iba’t ibang entrance examinations at career orientation. You are practically driving into a rotunda of your life. Whichever avenue you turn to (ie, the course and school you’ll choose) will practically define the rest of your life. Kaya naman, there should be no room for mistakes. No pressure, right?

Your last year in high school is definitely a turning point in your life. It should be the best year of your high school life. Nasa iyo na yan if you’ll make the most and best out of it. If there’s a year where you can be yourself with the least inhibitions, it should be your senior year. Without breaking the school rules naman ha. Don’t make too many enemies din. If you want to change for the better, start now. Keep in mind that your reputation until you graduate to your peers will stick until you start your own families. Unless, of course, if you’re the type who’d still see each other in college and thereafter. Come to think of it, when batchmates whom you never talked to come across your yearbook and see your page, they’ll will think: ‘ah eto yung school snub nung high school!’ I'm sure you’d prefer ‘eto yung laging naka-smile at very friendly’ diba?

Siguro di ka na rin makahintay to get out of high school. You can't wait to get out of the clutches of your principal’s rules. You can't wait for college where you’ll have more freedom. Pero, the thought of you and your barkada going to different schools probably makes you anxious. You’ve been with them all these years of growing up from being kids to being adolescents tapos ngayon ay magkakahiwalay na kayo. Oh well, talagang ganyan. Kahit naman sino na-feel ang nafi-feel mo ngayon.

At the end of the day, eto lang ang ma-aadvise namin sa iyo: enjoy your senior year or should I say the rest of your high school life. What they say is true: that you won't feel the importance of something until you lose it. Feeling mo, ang 8 months to your March graduation is too long for a wait. Subalit ngunit datapwat, pustahan tayo, come January, kung hindi lang importante ang magkaroon ng high school diploma, you wouldn’t want to get out of high school. By this time, you feel like you're having the time of your life. Feel na feel mo na ang pagiging Senior. More so, while you still can get a perfect score sa quizzes kahit nung lunch break ka lang nagbasa ng El Fili, seize the chance! Dahil malay mo, pagdating ng college, kahit mag-sunog ka pa ng kilay, babagsak ka pa rin. While you still always have the weekends for gimiks, treasure all those free time. When you’re in college, free time to just rest is already in itself a valuable treasure. Siguro ngayon, halos i-fast forward mo ang oras para makatuntong ka na sa college. Easy ka lang. Dahil believe me, kapag nasa college ka na, the freedom you were yearning for will make you wish that you were back in high school, where you have nice teachers to tell you what to do.

Di mo ba napansin na your teachers are always telling you to learn to be more independent as preparation for college? Kesyo you’ll experience the ‘real world’ daw when you’re in college. It’s absolutely true, except for the fact that the ‘real world’ is always the next level. Sa college naman, the ‘real world’ is the professional world, where you’ll have to earn a living for yourself. In short, kanya-kanyang oras lang iyan. Lahat ng ito ay kailangan pagdaanan, dahil lahat ng experiences natin sa bawat stage ay magagamit natin sa susunod na level. Magsaya ka habang nasa high school ka. Pero syempre, don’t neglect your studies dahil may effect ang grades sa magiging course at university mo. Don’t worry, pasasaan at ga-graduate at magiging college student ka rin.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What makes mature people?

Is it their age?

Nah, I don’t think so – at least not entirely. I’m sure you have at least one friend or you know someone who thinks beyond their years. And I am not talking about accelerated geniuses like Mikaela Fudolig. (In case you haven’t heard her, she graduated summa cum laude with an average of 1.099 at age 16 last March at UP Diliman and is currently a Physics instructor at UP Diliman as well – yes, teaching students who are at least one year older than she, hehe!). Being a ‘smart aleck’ either is different from being ‘matured’. As for me, well, I’m 22. Relative to the average college student, I guess it’s safe to say I’m matured. I mean, come on! Can’t seven years of college instill some maturity in you? Hehe!

Is it their degree of independence?

In a way, I guess. But I think the more appropriate term for this is that pwede ka nang mag-asawa. I can’t cook a proper meal. Yes, I can fry hotdogs, eggs (whether it be a sunny-side-up or an omelet), bacon. I can whip up a special ‘fried rice’, a creamy dish of garlic potatoes. And I can cook rice the old fashion way – without the help of a rice cooker. But when it comes to ‘real’ food like sinigang, adobo, nilaga, etc. Ha! My family would die of kidney failure or UTI, if not starvation. As for ‘maintaining a house’, I guess I’m pretty okay. Living in an apartment in college has been a good training ground for me.

Is it with the amount of responsibility?

Well, definitely not only with the amount of responsibility but with how well they are carried out. Having responsibility and being responsible are two different scenarios. But I suppose one won’t get more responsibility if one is less accountable and dependable.

Is it with their experience?

I think more than anything, experience is certainly a gauge of maturity. The more you experience, the more things you learn, right? And the more things you learn, the better you are with ‘life’, right? But I’ve read somewhere that mature people don’t go pronouncing that they are matured. I guess humility also comes with the matured territory.

Am I matured then? I modestly admit I’m not. (My answer was not influenced by the last two sentences in the previous paragraph, hehe! Yes, all matured people are humble about their maturity but not all who are humble with their maturity are actually matured. Who knows, they really are not matured, hehe!) I have so much in life that I have yet to learn. Life is a continuous and constant learning process.

I’ve heard in Desperate Housewives that inside each of us is an everyday battle between good and evil. Quite, true right? But I feel it’s more like a raging battle between the child and the emerging adult in us. Maturity is a great deal of effort! There are times when I want to do something impulsive and more often than not, it’s something stupid or childish. But when I rethink my actions, I realize that such actions are not at all for the matured. You remember how when you were a kid, you are always told that you cannot always have what you want? That still very much applies until you get older! Maybe not in terms of buying which toys or eating out. But when it comes to your everyday actions or decisions, there is a constant dilemma of choosing between what you want and what is proper. It becomes more complicated – there are times when personal satisfaction is justified and when sacrifice and consideration for others is warranted. Knowing when is when, I think, is the challenge. I suppose when you always give in to your inner child, that’s when they say tumatanda ka nang paurong.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Erap: Guilty or not guilty?

The answer to this question does not in any way provide a conclusion to this political issue involving former President Joseph Estrada and his plunder trial which aptly deserves its label as the “trial of the century”. Either verdict by the Sandiganbayan will not in anyway prove anything that will help our country move forward. The pro-Estrada camp will surely not take a conviction lying down. The same is true for the ‘other side’ in case of an acquittal.
When EDSA II happened back in 2001, I was too young to take an active part in it, much less fully comprehend what is going on back then. All my young mind could fathom then is that Estrada is the ‘bad guy’. Anyone present with the rest of the crowd gathered in EDSA clamoring for his removal from office is obviously one of the ‘good guys’. It is supposedly as black and white as that. Unfortunately, in reality, there is too much gray area in the myriad of issues, whether political or economical.
If acquitted, it will send a wrong message to our people and the rest of the world that crooks in this country can get away with messing with the government coffers. It would mean that Estrada was not a crook, therefore nullifying the very purpose of why EDSA II happened in the first place. Estrada’s ouster will be justified no more. Should we let Estrada continue his unfinished term as President then? It would come to show that the maturity that our judicial system showed when Estrada was arrested in 2001 was merely pre-mature, and a sham one at that.
If convicted, the member of the civil society that formed the very core that led to the success of EDSA II may feel vindicated and that justice is finally served for the Filipino people. But do we actually expect the Estrada family and their supporters to peacefully accept the decision and move on with their lives? Considering their defensive reaction to the controversial “Erap: guilty or not guilty – Kailangan bang may gulo?” print ads, I wouldn’t be surprised if another ‘EDSA’ is launched by the opposition – the very last thing we need right now. For sure, there will be negative repercussions to the economy, national security and the political arena.
I am no lawyer so I don’t claim to be an expert on the technical legalese and neither am I familiar with the specifics and detailed events in the 6-year plunder trial of Estrada. But I think I know enough to believe that we have suffered enough from too much polarity in Philippine politics.
Take the recent elections for that matter. It has been dubbed as Round 3 for the Estrada VS Arroyo fight. If you’re not on GMA’s side, you might as well be on Erap’s then. They insist that a vote for the Team Unity candidates is a vote for GMA (and the legitimacy of her presidency) whilst a vote for the Genuine Opposition is similarly a vote for Erap. But hey, can't a voter like me choose to vote for certain candidates for being who they are – what they personally stand for, their proven track record and their platforms – and not for whom they are affiliated with? Of course, I cannot deny that their party affiliation affected my choices. I, for one, personally believe that GMA cheated her way into the presidency three years ago, so any candidate who insists that she never cheated definitely suffered major minus pogi points for me. Heck, I refused to vote for her in 2004 just because she has better chances of beating FPJ and stuck it out with Roco because I believed back then that he’ll make a better President. So definitely, I hate the way being anti-GMA is equated with being pro-Erap. For being pro-Erap is definitely the last thing that I would ever be.
And how about the justices who are in charge of Estrada’s plunder trial, in whose hands the verdict lies and in effect the immediate future of our country as well? I personally don’t know much about them. But it’s really pathetic how this early, their decision is already doubted even if it has not been released yet just because one (or most) of them is banking on a huge promotion in the judiciary branch of our government. This early, regardless of the impartiality they may or may not show with their pending decision, their judgment is already tainted with black propaganda. Sour graping much in advance for the Estrada camp? So if they decide for a conviction, they did so because they wanted to please GMA (and get the promotion), but if they decide for acquittal, it means they were fair?
Personally, I think Erap is guilty. It’s not rocket science – how can he be innocent and genuinely pro-poor given the expensive mansions, endless stories of womanizing, drinking and gambling? And these days, his close allies are insisting that Erap is a changed man – spiritually most especially. Really now? If Erap was innocent and a good person from the beginning, what is there to change then? Couldn’t it be that guilt has finally sunk in? It really amazes me as to how the Estradas have convinced themselves that their family dynasty’s brand of leadership is the answer to this country’s problems. And they actually have the nerve to call foul over the Mahal Kita Pilipinas newspaper ads? Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan pikon.
If Erap gets convicted, for sure, GMA will milk the situation to gain popularity and redeem her reputation, like it’s even still possible. To GMA, this I have to say – you’re just on the same league as Estrada. The only difference being you make it seem that despite the extra-judicial killings, issues on cheating and jueteng payoffs, you are able to show how hard-working you are. Whether your efficient or not is another story. Like what Conrado de Quiros has said in his Inquirer column -- Free Erap? Just jail Gloria.
It takes an authentic servant leader to uplift the lives of the Filipino people. Unfortunately, the one we’re stuck with for the next three years is not exactly the best example. So is the one who’s on trial and claims to be so as well. Looks like we’re stuck with two evils for options. The only consolation is at least one is in jail already.

I was supposed to join an essay-writing competition at school with the title here as the very same topic. But I wasn't able to finish organizing my thoughts on the matter, so I didn't push through with passing an entry. It turned out, on-the-spot contest pala siya, hehe. I finished it anyway, without the pressure of a competition, ehe. Hindi ako nag-mamarunong sa pulitika natin. But I am definitely not an ignoramus.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Top 10 most jologs songs that we used to like back in high school

For the first half of this 'hitlist', kindly click here first. Then go back here. Hehe!

5. MANDY MOORE - Candy
Rex: I actually like Mandy Moore the most compared to her teenage bubblegum pop colleagues like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Jessica Simpson. I do watch her silly and corny movies up to these days! Haha! She was like 14 when she released this song. What’s with the trying-hard-to-be-sexy pouting?! Haha!
Jigs: Mandy Moore here is like the Paris Hilton of the 90's.
Rex: At least she doesn’t have any sex video with Wilder Valderama or Andy Roddick, haha!
Jigs: Just look at those lips, and her non-existent breast! Plus, seeing her dance was weird. Over acting much?!
Rex: Haha! I second the opinion! She looks like a stick man! Trying to project her flat chest (which isn't so flat these days, at least). Do you know that she abhors her first 2 albums? She said she'd refund anyone who'd come up to her and tell her they bought her CDs.
Jigs: I would believe that actually. Ipa-refund mo na ang albums mo! Hahaha!
Rex: Oo nga eh. Sana lang makabangga ko siya one of these days. Anyway, she's releasing a new one soon. This is her last chance to redeem herself as a musical artist. Sayang, I love her pipes pa naman.
Jigs: Back to her song, the chorus has a gawky line, "Swear it to me, like sugar to my heart". Can sugar swear to your heart?!
Rex: Haha! Tell me about it. Tapos the car was painted apple green pa talaga. Candy-ng candy! I guess it just goes to show how a wholesome girl who defied the dumb blond stereotype can still be considered jologs, just because she was too young to stand up to the bubblegum pop machine operators!

4. THE MOFFATS - Miss You Like Crazy
Jigs: Ugh, this was one of the most painful to watch. There's nothing worse than puppy love that went wrong. Ang drama ng kantang ito!!!
Rex: Oo nga, ewan ko ba sa iyo bat nagustuhan mo to! I'm thinking the current TV disaster that is Abt Ur Luv (And Ur Lyf 2! Bwiset!) was based from this video, haha!
Jigs: Don't judge me Mr. boyband fanatic! Another thing about this song, as if a teenager will write in a letter the line "can't you see how I feel, can't you see that my pain's so real" (shivers).
Rex: And don't get me started with the stupid highlights!
Jigs: Well, those highlights actually became famous because of them. The video's actually about how sad they are despite all the fame they're getting. You can't honestly tell me that a bunch of teenagers will be, "so down when your love's not around" even if their wildest dreams are coming true. I just don't buy it!
Rex: Weeeh? Pero you bought the album?
Jigs: Sadly, yes...
Rex: Hahaha! Yahaaak!
Jigs: Shut it
Rex: I never actually liked The Moffats, out of all the boy bands. At least their playing of the instruments is a minus in their jologsness? Haha!

3. WESTLIFE - Bop Bop Baby
Rex: Oooh, my favorite pop act of all time.. I'm hurt that they're #3..
Jigs: Ugh, they deserve this position, this boyband is the worst of all.
Rex: Dahil dapat #1 sila! Haha!
Jigs: They can't dance, they wear similar outfits and they're gay! Most of them anyway.
Rex: Hoy ansama mo! Only 1 of them is gay! And they can dance, I watched their concerts twice... haha! Halata bang addict?!
Jigs: What you witnessed was barely a concert. I bet they lip synched. That's one problem I have when watching a Westlife video, it’s so obvious na naglilip-synch sila, especially the lead singer.
Rex: Heh! Tumigil ka! Anyway, speaking of video. What's with the video of this song!?! "When I call you at home and he answers the phone or I get your machine" sings the lead Musketeer, but the setting of the damn video is the Medieval Ages! Stupid title! Stupid video! Pero in fairness, catchy beat. But what the hell does 'bop bop' mean? To think this one was written by the boys themselves... haha!
Jigs: Yeah, the video was sooo wrong and didn’t make any sense at all. Masyado kasing ambitious ang video. I also think that the bop bop part was filler lyrics for the song. Wala na silang maisip na lyrics... How sad.
Rex: And knowing now that one of them is gay, re-watching this makes it more hilarious as the gay one pretends to be knight in shining armor, haha!
Jigs: 5 guys for 1 girl is just a weird ending. I wonder who gets the girl and who gets the rest of the guys. Hahaha!
Rex: Oh I know.. The gay one gets the rest of the guys, haha!
Jigs: Jeez, we can keep at this till next year, let's just agree that Westlife is jologs and that is that. Hahaha!
Rex: (sings) "Ooh da bop bop jologs, please! Don't let me go…"

2. A1 - Like A Rose
: I really used to like this love song way back in high school. But these days talaga, di ko na masikmura, haha! This boyband video is just so wrong on many levels! The video is so girly for a boyband. It's full of roses… and it's shining shimmering splendid!
Jigs: This has got to be one of the cheesiest videos I have ever seen. The overlapping images and projecting videos on to their bodies is just plain stupid! The lead singer looks sooo gay. And as for the way he sings and acts, he might as well be wearing a Miss Universe gown!
Rex: Grrabe ka naman! Haha! Malamya kasi ang pagkagwapo ng lead vocalist...
Jigs: Tapos parang Christian song pa siya if you listen to it carefully. And this song would seem better if a girl sung it. Well, apparently a girly girl is already singing it!
Rex: Well, a boy singing a girly song in a girly video with a girly title is absolutely jologs!

1. BACKSTREET BOYS - Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
Rex: Taddaaaa! I must say, this is Jigs' pick... so he's more jologs than me, haha!
Jigs: Syempre the mackdaddy of all boy bands HAS to be the most jologs ever! And I can't believe I really enjoyed listening to this song!
Rex: Yeah, me too!
Jigs: Now, this video basically sums up what boy bands do. Look cute, sing together anywhere (on the street, on the beach while walking, in a forest, etc.), exaggerated hand movements, at least two members who rarely sing, close ups with the other members at the background, and sing reeeeeaaaallly cheesy love songs with rhymes at every line – in the rain no less!
Rex: With matching glorified synthesized drum beats pa. Para akong nanonood ng macho dancer movie!
Jigs: Hahaha! That's what they basically are without the fame.
Rex: I think it's interesting that only Nick Carter doesn't go completely topless here.. Dito yata nagsimula yung chismis na bading daw siya, haha! Pretty much like the rumor that the Spice Girls were transsexuals.
Jigs: I also don't like how boy bands sing about unconditional or martyr love. They're the alter egos of today's Emo.
Rex: Yeah.. Kasalanan nilang lahat ito.. the undying profession of love or eternal broken-heartedness.. Eh paano sila hindi paglalaruan ng babae, eh mukha lang sila boy toys, haha! And how's the 'maglupasay sa ulan' dance routine? Kailangan talaga umulan habang naka-pajama sila? Way way worst than their chair routine in As Long As You Love Me, hehe!
Jigs: Hahaha! I would like to think we all learn from our "jologity" but it seems, boy bands, especially the Backstreet Boys wish to proliferate their jologsness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you just suffered through ten of the cheesiest, nastiest and catchiest songs we ever had the displeasure of liking during our high school days. Thank you for bearing with us despite our irritating rants and criticisms. Nostalgia got the best of us, and that is never a good thing. On the other hand, this collaboration was truly a pleasure. Tell us what you think is the “jologiest” song you’ve ever liked and why. Who knows, you could be just as jologs as we are. 'Til our next joint post!

Just harshly typing poetic chaos out loud (ano daw?!),
Rex & Jigs

*To download the songs (nako para namang napaka-cool nila diba? Haha!) click here.

Friday, July 06, 2007

More complicated than a worded Math problem*

We Filipinos are naturally chismoso. I wonder if being backstabbers automatically goes with the territory.

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you know that some of your friends talk about a common friend in a bad light? For example, you, Person A, B and C are all (supposedly) good friends. But one time while you, A & B were chatting, A & B mentioned C’s occasional attitude problem. Say you don’t necessarily share their opinion. I mean, now that A & B has mentioned it, you do agree that C deso exhibit the attitude problem sometimes. But at the end of day, to you it’s not much of a deal – that C’s rare annoying moments aren’t enough to actually label C as having that attitude problem. But to A & B, it’s an entirely different story. To them, C is really like that and it came to a point that it sort of affected their relationship. Would you consider A & B as backstabbers? What if A & B only ‘bash’ C’s attitude problem in private? I mean, while A & B share this secret annoyance of C, they don’t necessarily tell D, E or F that C is like this or like that. I think I’d rather use the word ‘feigning’. Backstabbing for me is if A & B would tell everyone about C’s attitude problem and turn them against C. Hmmm, my illustration is teeming with details, haha! Go figure.

I’ve had two C’s in my life. I was (and still am, actually) good friends with both. While the other letters generally agreed with their sentiments on C1 and C2, I didn’t necessarily share their impassioned annoyance. Like I said in the illustration, I did notice C1 and C2’s flaws as people, I just didn’t grow to dislike them.

Maybe it’s because I was really good friends with C1 and C2 to begin with. I first knew them because of the more positive aspects of their character, and when I began to realize their major flaws, I still accepted them for what they are. That’s what real friends do, right? But in the times when the general opinion was that C1 & C2 were really ‘annoying’ and I still didn’t share the aversion, I began to wonder if it was because I was like C1 and C2 myself. Birds of the same feather, make up the same feather duster, right? Hehe!

Now, I think I have a C3 situation. The only difference now is I actually share the general opinion of loathe – even if I used to be understanding and defensive of C3 myself. So yes, it’s safe to assume that my relationship with C3 has been strained lately. Heck, I am not sure if C3 is aware or if C3 even cares. How bad is it? Well, consider the fact that even I – a person of tremendous patience and understanding when it comes to these things – gave up on C3. That’s how bad it is.

So does that make me and the other letters backstabbers? In a way I guess – given the fact that we talk about C3’s flaws quite openly though not necessarily to all the other letters. Plus, we don’t really encourage the rest of the letters to turn against C3.

Often, I ponder whose fault it is. It’s easy to blame it all on C3. I mean, C3 is the one with the attitude problem. And if all the other letters agree (even the similarly patient and understanding letters), it means that C3 is really the one with the problem, right? But no, the actual situation is more complicated than that. And I humbly take my part of the blame. I haven’t been warm to C3 myself, but it's only in response to the kind of treatment I get.

If you were in a C situation, would you rather have someone tell you so that you can do something about it?

I abhor harboring feelings of secret disgust over people I’m supposed to be good friends with. I actually have this mini cold war going on with C3 but I don’t think C3 has noticed. And until I figure out what to do, I just can’t feign the warmth of good ol’ friendship. It can be argued that what I am doing is backstabbing but I am definitely no faker.

When I say I'm a friend, I always mean every word.. til the end. Until you tell me to back off.

*Thanks again to Jigs for the title. Sabi niya sa akin when I asked him to improve my title, "OMG! What's wrong with you?! Alam mo, I also didn't like your title for the transformer post" Haha!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


That is the sound of a transforming Transformer (ano daw?!). And it's now my message tone! Hehe!

Obviously, I join the scores of people who immensely enjoyed Transformers. I was supposed to watch it this week with orgmates. But I was considerably idle last Saturday so I was itching so much to finally watch it. The ultra rave reviews I read on the forums further weakened my EQ, haha!

It was around 4pm, so understandably, it was SRO at the cinema where I watched the movie. I was standing at the back for about 90% of the movie. But I didn't mind, for the movie I was watching was definitely breath-taking.

You see, I am not really a hardcore cartoon or comic fan of the Transformers. But deep in the dungeons of my childhood memories, I know that I used to watch the cartoons. But I have already forgotten the plot and even the characters. Only the names Optimus Prime and Megatron got stuck in my stock knowledge storage. So the past few days, I've been catching up on the Transformers history. So that when I'd watch the movie, I wouldn't be completely clueless.

When it comes to superhero movies, I prefer ensemble casts (X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc) than singular heroes or heroins (Spider-man, Superman, etc). I like the way different characters offer something different that contribute to the kick-ass-ness of their adventure. That's probably why I like Transformers way better than Spider-man 3 and Shrek The 3rd combined.

The effects are truly impressive -- the robots, their transition to battle mode, the explosions, the fight scenes. It is safe to say that the true stars of the movies are the robots themselves (dapat lang diba? Hehe!). But the human cast were a great support. Plus, I like the way they inserted humor on various parts of the movie. There was this one particular scene in the movie that was so hilarious. I won't say which one, but if you watch it yourself, you'll know it's the scene I am talking about, haha! Ansarap niyang gawing wallpaper! Just watching it brings forth adrenaline rush. The only minor thing I didn't like is that some parts are too fast-paced, my eyes and brain could barely catch up with what's happening

I don't discuss any story detail from the movie that I liked, lest I spoil you my dear reader, in case you haven't watched it yet. Plus, you're probably sick and tired of blog posts like this raving about the Transformers, hehe.

Basta, watch it! It is definitely worth the expensive movie ticket these days. Pirated copies won't give it justice at all. In fact, it's so good, I'd watch it again on the big screen. And after you watch it, you'd wish your car would transform itself, too, haha!

PS. And I love the way the romantic angle between the human leads was ONLY given THAT MUCH emphasis. This is not A Walk To Remember, anyway, haha!

PSS. Megan Fox is soooo hoooot! In a butt-spanking kind of way! Haha! Shia, on the other hand, aptly portrays the regular guy who gets the hot girl.

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