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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blogs Galore! 6


Actually, her birthday was yesterday, so I guess this post is a tad too late. But anyway, happy birthday pa rin! =) Well, I've already told you what I wanted to say for your birthday, I guess I won't to repeat it here. My wish for you is to finally forget Tiburcio -- because I feel that it keeps you from being happy with Pocholo, Jose Cuervo or even Gilbert or what-have-yous. Hehe! Sana ma-meet na ni Ms World ang kanyang Mr World. =p But then again, kapag hindi ka na single, mawawalan ka na ng time to hang out with us! Ayoko ko nga! For that, dapat lahat tayo single! Haha! Dapat maghintayan tayo. =p
Sana we get to properly celebrate your birthday when classes resume. Haaay. I really miss you guys! =p I can't wait to sing the Goldilocks song, hihi! =p Happy birthday little sister! =)


After months of convincing, another friend of mine has started to regularly blog! Finally! =p It's funny actually, how I chanced upon his blog. It's over 3 weeks old already but I only learned about it around 3 days ago. Here, check it out. Bat kasi hindi pa sinabi, may pa secret secret ka pang nalalaman! =p
Ewan ko ba bakit ansaya ko na may blog na siya. Hehe. Maybe it's the fact that I actually know the person who writes the posts. I've known this guy since 2nd year high school, but it's amazing na dahil sa blog niya, mayroon pa akong nalalaman na bago sa kanya -- especially the things that he doesn't mention pag nagkikita kami! Hmpf! =p
Kung mapapansin niyo, siya ang laging nang-ookray sa akin sa mga comments niya. Nakakatuwa nga eh, we irritate each other all the time on purpose, and that's our idea of fun.
So there, Jigs welcome sa bloggosphere. Dalasan mo naman ang pagpopost mo! Naiinip ako eh! Haha! =p


I went to the new SM City Clark yesterday. Wala lang, I just wanted to see how it looks like. So pagkatapos kong sunduin ang aking pamangkin na si Jasper sa Kumon lessons niya, dumiretso kami sa SM City Clark. Well, in fairness, maganda at malaki naman siya. But what I like the most about it is mayroon siyang GO NUTS DONUTS! Haha! It's the one and only store in Pampanga so far. Pero sabi nila it'll open another branch in front of AUF. Andaya, bakit ayaw nila mag-open sa San Fernando! So since andun na rin lang kami, Jasper and I bought a dozen donuts. Hehe! Noong una, a Box of 6 lang binili ko. Pero naisip ko, dumayo pa ako ng Clark para lang dito tapos paguwi ko ng bahay ay mauubos lang agad ang 6 pieces. So I bought another 6 so our whole household can enjoy!
Sarap talaga nung Pastillas na Stuffit! Gayunpaman, Cello's Doughnuts & Dips pa rin ako. Hehehe. =p

Nga pala, one weird but not-so-surpising thing I noticed about SM City Clark was that there were a lot of foreigners shopping around, especially Americans. Hehe. Half were with fellow Americans (siguro, buddy bonding) and half are with Filipinas (I guess you know what I mean). Haha!

One last thing, sophisticated-looking ang entrance sa mga sinehan - parang ansarap manood. Medyo kasi big deal para sa aking ang sinehan ng isang mall eh. Though hindi ako nakapasok, kasi lahat ng showing ay napanood ko na. Well, I can watch X-Men 3 again but I'm with Jasper, and we don't have enough money left, (naubos kasi sa Go Nuts!).

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Hello everyone! Check out this site. Tapos, tingnan niyo iyung mga pictures sa header. And you'll see what I mean. =p

Haay, I don't even have an idea what it's all about, haha! It'll start VERY SOON daw. Haay. So there, gusto ko lang i-share sa world! Haha!

Sayang naman ang post na to, walang ibang purpose. So eto, gusto ko lang ipakita ang house namin, haha! =p (So ang ibig sabihin ba nito ay may purpose ang picture na ito? Hindi rin, diba? Haha!)

Eto naman ang likod bahay namin..
Haay, I'm dreaming already.Haha! A proper post later, tulog mo na ako. God help me.. =(
PS. The castle is Chataeu de Chambord. I don't know where I got the picture of the beautiful house.. =p
THIS DAY IN 2005: I went to a Philippine beach for the first time! I was with Ate Leslie, Ate Sai & Popo, Kuya Glenn, Phil, Kuya Argel & Ate Maan and we went to San Antonio, Zambales. Papunta ay nagsiksikan kami sa kotse ni Ate Leslie. Pero commute na iyung pauwi ng Pampanga. It was the perfect summer-ender gimik! =) Sana maulit.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I should've been Cyclops pala eh! Grrr...

You Are Cyclops

Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.
You are a commanding leader - after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them.

Power: force beams from your eyes
Which of the X-Men Are You?

Haha! I saw this test from Cyril. I have mentioned before that I played Storm whenever me and my childhood playmates pretended to be the X-Men for fun. Haha! So paano ba yan, ako pala si Cyclops! Well, sayang naman at wala akong masyadong role sa X3. Bakit kasi lumipat sa Superman si Bryan Singer eh! Isinama pa niya si James Marsden. I've read in fan forums that James Marsden chose to prioritize Superman because he had a bigger role there. Unlike in the X-Men franchise, wherein his character doesn't do as much as it should. They even say that Halle Berry also almost didn't reprise her role as Storm, also due to lack of character development for Storm in X1 and X2. She supposedly set conditions that Storm take a bigger role in the movie. Ayan, ginawa siyang School Principal. Haha!

'I'm a commanding leader daw'. Wushu. Hehe. It's actually quite funny that a number of friends told me that I have this certain aura that I seem to see through them (so I don't necessarily kill by looking!). Sayang, sana totoong I can read minds. At least I know whom to trust, nang hindi na nasasayang ang personal investment ko sa mga ibang tao. Plus, so that during exams, madali na ang buhay, haha! =p Joke lang.. =p

No Such Thing.. Haha!

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different descriptions of their perfect lover. (Andami naman! 8?! Good luck na lang kung may mameet akong ganung babae, haha!)
2. He/she needs to mention the sex/gender of their perfect lover. (Female)
3. He/she must tag 8 more people to join this game and leave a comment on their respective sites anouncing that they've been tagged. (So, I've been 'tagged' twice already by this describe-your-perfect-lover chain blog. First by irish and now by monique.)
4. If tagged a second time, there's no need to post again. (2nd time ko na to ba tagged, so I guess I have to give in na.. hehe! I'll make it short na lang..)

1. SENSE OF HUMOR. I don't like dull moments so my girl must be able to make me laugh, especially when I need cheering up. Ayoko ng jologs na corny ha, kahit corny basta may sense. Magulo ba? Basta, gets niyo na yun! Haha! Gusto kong matawa in an endearing manner, hindi yung tatawanan ko siya kasi naaawa ako sa kabaduyan niya.. =p

2. HINDI PIKON. Ayan, mapang-asar akong tao, so for sure, hindi makakaligtas ang gf ko. Ayoko ng sensitive sa mga mababaw na bagay. Being sensitive is actually okay, but the kind of sensitivity fueled by maturity.

3. INDEPENDENT. If I'd be in a relationship, it means I signed up for a partner, not a child to take care of. Wala ako problema sa 'pagbe-baby' ng syota. What I don't like is it's like she can't survive without me. I hate super helpless people. Because that way, my energy would be used up in helping her, instead of loving her. Besides, we are still separate people, no need for our worlds to completely merge.

4. UNDERSTANDING. Need I explain?

5. PRESENTABLE. Even if pretty girls are eye-candy, I don't prefer super pretty girls as gf. I think it's where my insecurities seeps in. I never did well with headturners, anyway, so far. Some girls aren't pretty on paper, but they have this certain magic na para sa iyo eh, maganda sila. =p Besides, hindi naman ako kagwapuhan, kapal ko naman kung maghanap ako ng diyosa, haha!

6. Haay, 3 pa.. WITTY/SENSIBLE. Ah eto, malakas ang loob ko na maghanap ng girl na may utak, ahehe. I want us to learn from each other in the process of taking care of our relationship. I want a girl with a thirst for knowledge (hindi lang yung tipo na nababasa sa libro ha). Simply, a girl who values her brain.

7. PRINCIPLED. Now this is a major requirement. I grew up surrounded by very principled people (ie, my parents). Therefore, I want my girl to be like that as well. If we'd end up together eventually and have kids, I want my kids to look up to us. Ang pagiging mabait ay hindi sapat. Dapat may prinsipyo siya, may sariling paninindigan (sandali, ano naghahanap ba ako ng Big Winner na gelpren?! Haha! Si Kim, pwede, ahehe).

8. SPARKS. It's a simple thing really, but it defines everything. The housewives on Wisteria Lane called it the thunderbolt. Hehe. I'm always stuck in the friends zone eh, so if someone sees me in a way more than that, waw, statistical rarity iyun! Haha! =p

The thing is, we really shouldn't take note of requirements. In the end it wouldn't matter. It's the sparks that count, haha! Anyway, I feel like I sound bitter on this post, haaay. Sa naisip kong title para sa post na ito, obvious na. Pero at least, nag-improve na ako niyan, haha! Here's an ancient post of mine, and see what I mean.. =p

I won't tag people na lang. Bahala na kayo kung gusto niyo ring mag-senti-sentihan, just do the same, follow the instructions.. =p

THIS DAY IN 2001: Haha! I watched a Westlife concert at the Araneta Coliseum with a friends in high school. Isa pa, first time ko lumuwas ng Manila nang mag-isa noon. Grabe, hindi ko makakalimutan ang kalbaryo sa pagpila! Di ko naenjoy ang concert nang todo, kasi sigaw nang sigaw yung katabi ko sa Upper Box! Gusto ko ngang itulak sa Lower Box eh, para tumahimik. Haha! Tapos bawal pa ang camera.. Grr, wala man alang akong remembrance ng kahibangan ko dati.. Haha! =p

Friday, May 26, 2006

I can control the weather! =p

Yesterday, the only thing that saved my day after Katharine’s loss on American Idol was the prospect of watching X-Men 3: The Last Stand. And wow, the film so delivered! Haha! I watched it with some friends and my nephew. While we were viewing the trailers before the movie, I realized that I watched the first X-Men movie way back in 2000 in the same theatre where we were – Jade Cinema at Jenra Mall (Angeles City). I was with some classmates and a teacher. No, we weren’t cutting classes, hehe. We just finished competing in the annual Math Olympiad (which I lost, hehe) and so as a sort of reward, our teacher-coach treated us to a movie. Talk about being nostalgic, haha!

You see, I’ve been an X-Men fan since I was small. Well, I never read a single edition of the original comic version, but I was religiously watching the Fox cartoon series on ABS-CBN every Friday at 7pm. Oh diba, alam na alam ko pa iyung sked! Haha! Syempre, X-Men was part of my weekend routine. Given its timeslot, it signals the start of a much-awaited weekend after 5 days of school. Syempre ulit, kapag bata ka eh, puro bakasyon pa ang nasa isip mo. Saturdays are always play-days. And for sure, the first thing me and my playmates along our street discuss on Saturday morning is the previous night’s episode of the uncanny X-Men. As a child I was also 'wasted' a parcel of my allowance on X-Men cards that you can buy for P2 per 3 pieces from the vendors just outside the school gates. May cheese curls pa yon ha! =p

As children, is it possible that we won't play-pretend that we were mutants and that we were the X-Men? Hell not! Haha! RJ was Professor X – I guess it’s perfect, considering he’s the sort of leader of our group, and the fact that we always play in front of their house. Plus, when it comes to our games, may it be touching ball, 21 or hide-and-seek, he was always the good one. Louie was Wolverine – he had the shortest temper among us, he was the tallest he was always the one willing to climb fences or the roof during our games, hehe. In short, he the most rugged personality among us. Noli was Beast – I'm the most intelligent in our group since I was the only honor student, but Noli was always the one coming up with ‘techie gadgets’ and toys like mini-electric fans and what-have-yous that he puts together with only the stuff at his father’s garage. Some are even battery-operated, haha! Chris was Cyclops – I guess because I could say he was ‘second-in-command’. His brother Owen was Colossus – funny how I remember that he was the thinnest among us. Junel was Gambit – I can't really remember specifically why, maybe because it’s in their terrace where we always play card games and other stuff, hehe.

You were probably wondering which mutant I was. Nyaks! It was pretty embarrassing, actually. You see, I was the last one to join our barkada. So you could just imagine that if it were a theatre play, I was the one left with the part that nobody else wants to play. If you’re an X-Men fan, you probably noticed that there are no male mutants left for me to play. Haha!

Personally, Professor X was my favorite, because as a kid, I’d rather use my mind, typically what you’ll expect from a nerd. Hehe. But there’s no way that I could bully RJ from giving me the role of Professor X. I didn’t want Jean Grey nor Rogue because that meant I’d be ‘in-love’ with Chris or Junel. I didn’t want Jubilee either because she was the weakest in the TV series. Morph would’ve been my last option for a male role, right? But then again, Morph had very serious issues in the cartoon series. So I chose Storm. =p She had interesting powers and besides, she also had this leader quality in her. Kesa naman sa mere mortal lang ako each time na maglalaro kami ng X-Men-Xmenan diba? Ayoko naman maging kalaban.

Anyway, I don’t intend to share what I saw in the movie. Besides, this movie is so worth your money unlike The Da Vinci Code – to think that the movies franchise not even faithful to the comics in terms of its major plots. What can I say this if you were the same kid as I am who looked forward to Fridays because of the X-Men cartoon, then you will definitely enjoy this movie. Despite, uhm, its sad ending. Not that it has a sad ending *wink wink*. I used the phrase ‘sad ending’ because this is the last X-Men movie. Haay, just when almost all the my favorite characters have appeared. =’(

This day in 2005: From QC, I went home to Pampanga at 6am just to watch the Results Finale of American Idol. Worth it naman kasi nanalo ang bet ko na si Carrie Underwood. Tapos lumuwas din ako ulit in the afternoon, kasi mayroon pa akong project na tinatapos.. Haay, the things I do for American Idol.. Hehe.. =p

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogs Galore! 5


Haha! I'm not giving up. Taylor may have been christened by Simon as the next American Idol and Dial Idol agrees,but I'm not losing hope! Geez, McPheever talaga. Haha! In fact, as I write this, I'm playing her shaky My Destiny single over and over again. Damn! This is so frustrating! =p To admit that Taylor seems to have the bigger following is already hard enough to accept, but the fact that I can't convince myself that he deserves it is so much harder! Haha! Guys, pardon my stupid shalllow rants, hehe. It's like Carrie vs Bo all over again. Th BIG difference? Last year, Simon Simon was on my side. Haha! Am I deaf? Because I can't seem to get why Taylor is such a great singer. Yeah, he can definitely sing. But I don't understand why Kath gets a lot of flak for 'screeching' samantalang singdalas niya pumiyok si Christian Bautista. (Okay, no offense to Christian, I love his music, but really, 4 times siya pumiyok sa concert niya dati sa Pampanga). Am I blind? I can't seem to see where the hell is his infamous charisma! Eh kamukha siya ng uncle ko eh! But of course, wala naman talaga siya panama kay Katharine sa looks. Pero naman! Eh kahit si Elliott na pangit eh mas gusto ko na! (Elliott is my 2nd bet). Sabagay, charisma is something you either see or not at all! Diba? Well, I guess I'd just have to accept the fact that at least I saw Katharine up until the Finale. At least, siya pa rin ang may pinakamaraming mp3s sa playlist ko (well, along with Taylor). And wow! Ang ganda niya sa 3rd song niya! Sheeet, kaka-inlove! =p Ang pinakamalungkot dito ay matatalo ako ni Daphne sa pustahan namin. I would have to buy her a Cadbury chocolate if and when Taylor wins. But still, Daphne, don't count your Cadbury's yet. Malakas ako kay Lord, haha! =p


Sa mga Unlimitxters diyan, I'm sure aware kayo sa recent epidemia ng corny knock-knock-like jokes na more than a week na rin natin tinitiis na tawanan sa kacornihan pero pilit naman nating ifinoforward! Haha! You know how it goes. Sa unang tingin ay 1 word lang makikita mo. The punchline is so far below in the text message. Eto ang ilan na sa mga natanggap ko. Enjoy! Or not. Warning: corny talaga ang iba!

Many --- Pacquiao! Pagbibintangan ka pa ng 'Slang ka pala no?'!
Few --- lo pascual! Bading na bading! Haha!
Denzel --- Weta!
Eminem --- Opi! As in Eminem Opi, Q R S, T U V, W X, Y and Z!
Asawa ni Mr. Bean? --- Abrila Bean!
Anchor --- Tis! In fairness, kagigising ko lang nang mabasa ko to at natawa talaga ako!
I've been --- Patrimonio!
Mail --- Tiangco!
'Yes' means --- Kurdi! Seriously, akala ko love quote! =)
Low waist --- Manzano!
Joel --- In The Palace! Nang maubusan na ng mga pangalan, Titles naman!
Hilda --- Hilda the world! Make it a better place! For you and for me and the entire human race! Pakshet! Naubusan naman ng mga names at tv shows, ngayon kanta naman! =p
Kamuning --- Kamuning get me get me get me! Baby I'm yours kamuning get me! I like this one best!
Tuwing --- Tuwingkol tuwingkol litol istar! Eto talaga ang may twang!
Below --- Belowtin mo akow ng hiwaga ng iyowng pagmamahal!
Lechon --- Lechon have a good time!
Usher --- Ushereje,
ja deje, dejebe tudejebe de sebiunouva majabi an de bugui an de buididipi!
Tuna pie --- tuna pie! tuna limit, tuna wall! For a chance tuni win you i'n glanly risk it all! Ngongo!
Bobo ka! --- Bobo ka ang bolaklak, papasok ang reyna! I though this was one of those demeaning quotes tapos sasabihin na 'practice lang direk!'


I've been re-watching my Smallville collection for the past few days when I know nothing better to do. Since I don't have my Seasons 1 & 2 here at Pampanga, my Smallville reminiscing started in Season 3. Nostalgic nga eh. Wala lang, it's just that watching the slow and unsuccessful unfolding of Clark and Lana's love story is so frustrating! Haha! Too bad, sa Season 2 yata iyung favorite line ko from Chloe as she lies beside the sick sick Clark in the Kent living room: (forgot the exact words, pero mainly same meaning) I'll let you go for now, knowing you'll fly back to me someday... 'cause I think you're worth the wait... Awwww, diba? =p Tapos gagalaw si Clark na parang nanaginip and utters --- Lana? Waaaaa! Ansakeet! Haha! =p Anyway, sa panonood namin ng housemates ko sa Smallville, eh madami kaming nagugustuhan na mga songs na ginagamit sa series. Like one time, there was a very very mushy scene between Lana & Clark. Medyo romantic siya kasi sinasabi ni Lana kay Clark na lagi na lang andun si Clark to save her, bla bla bla. Then Avril Lavigne starts singing the first stanza of I'm With You in the background. And finally, when they hug, Avril belts out the chorus. At that time, new release pa lang dito sa Philippines ang song na iyon. Knowing Kuya Lang na medyo matanda na (haha!) at hindi forte ang mainstream pop music, he made a very funny blooper. He liked I'm With You when he watched the episode so he tried downloading the song sa Kazaa. Tapos hindi niya makita, hindi niya masearch, so he asked me for the title while I was watching it (kasi nauna niya ito mapanood) sa sarili kong PC.

Kuya Lang: Wexie! Ayan! Ano title ng kantang iyan? Di ko mahanap sa Kazaa eh..
Ako: I'm With You...
Kuya Lang: Pota! Kaya pala hindi ko makita eh!
Ako: Hmmm.. (smiling, expecting something funny) bakit? Ano ba akala mo?
Kuya Lang: 'Damned Cold Nights'...

THIS DAY IN 2005: Hmm.. Nagreremovals ako sa Physics 103. @#&?*! I so hate this subject! Sa kabutihang palad ay naipasa ko naman siya. =p Pero hindi ang kasunod nito na Physics 104. 2nd take ko na niyan this coming sem, ahihi! =p

Monday, May 22, 2006

Top 10 Most Played Songs on My Winamp

Not to be mistaken with my favorite songs of all-time, because I’ll never finish that list if ever. Hehe! These are the Top 10 most played songs in my Winamp Library since December 2005. My laptop came in December 2005, kaya kakainstall lang ng Winamp ko noon. Hay naku, wala na naman kasi akong maisip. Haha!

10 MYMP – If You Asked Me To (Live)
Number of times played: 82
Date added to my library: March 19, 2006

I've already forgotten how I got interested on the original version of this song. I must've heard it on the radio somewhere. Ganoon kasi ako eh, when I hear a nice song anywhere, I make a mental note to download it the next time I go online. I downloaded Celine Dion’s version first. Then a few days after, I learned na mayroong version ang MYMP from the live album. So there, wala naman siyang masyadong senti value. Kahit na luma na siya, okay pa rin. Ganoon talaga siguro kapag tumatanda ka na. Mga luma ang trips mong pakinggan, haha!

I said Id never let nobody near my heart again darling
I said Id never let nobody in
But if you asked me to
I just might change my mind
And let you in my life forever

9 KAMIKAZEE – Narda (Acoustic)
Number of times played: 86
Date Added: February 27, 2006
First heard the song from Kuya Argel himself at our apartment. Kinakanta niya ito one night. Then the following Sunday, Kamikazee performed it on ASAP Banda Republic. I didn’t expect I’d like it, knowing it’s from Kamikazee. The last Kamikazee song I liked was Chicksilog pa! Then I got the Acoustic version from Kuya Argel din. And I like it better. Mas nakakatuwa pa iyun video, especially with the beach scenes. However, my roommate Renz prefers the original with all its guitars and drums glory. In fact, the intro of the song was my message alert tone during March. Every month kasi nagpapalit ako. Ang arte eh no? Hehe! =p

Ang swerte nga naman ni Ding, Lagi ka niyang kapiling
Kung ako sa kanya, liligawan na kita
Mapapansin kaya, sa dami ng iyong ginagawa
Kung kaagaw ko ang lahat, may pag-asa bang makilala ka

8 LEMAR – What About Love
Number of times played: 92
Date Added: March 18, 2006

Isn't this song so lovely? Grabe, makabagbag-damdamin naman talaga ang melody niya. Hindi naman ata siya sikat sa MTV at MYX eh, so I haven't seen the video. Kasali ito sa Dreamsounds 3 kaya pinapatugtog sa radio. I remember Mikai when I hear the song. Kasi pinadownload niya sa akin ito at naiiyak siya every time she hears it. Hihi! In fairness, 2 weeks na siyang background music the mga commercial ng Sharon, haha! =p

What about love?
What about feeling?
What about all the things that make life worth living?
What about faith?
What about trust?
And tell me baby...what about us?

7 NIKKI GIL – If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight
Number of times played: 94
Date Added: December 24, 2005

First saw it on MYX. Anlamig talaga ng boses ni Nikki Gil. Revival pala ito no? Hehe. I like the rhythm so much but I don’t understand the meaning of the song. Haha! Ano, gusto ba niya ang lalaki o hindi? Ewan ko, parang nagpapakipot na naguguluhan yata si Nikki Gil. I've been advised by other girls… haha! Sounds family! =p

'Cause I've been advised by other guys
You've left behind
Your goodbyes are somewhat unrefined
But if I play my role just right
Tonight could be my lucky night
And you could be mine

Number of times played: 102
Date Added: March 5, 2005

First saw it on MYX as well. No particular attachment to this song, either. Wala ring sentimental value. I think it’s well written though. Ang hirap mag sing-along sa kantang to, kasi halos falsetto.

I was damaged by the fall
Got the wind knocked out on me
To be standing here at all
I must be invincible
I thought that i would break
But now I have come to see
Something strong and beautiful inside of me
I must be invincible

5 YASMEEN – When Will It Be Me
Number of times played: 118
Date Added: January 21, 2006
Porshe asked me to download this song. Another mushy song from Dreamsounds. And I ended up liking it so much! It’s practically my anthem song for February. One time I played it 10 times, over and over again. It’s actually the theme song of my life. Haha!

The guy who never gets the right girl
Tell me why
When there's so much I've got to give
I wake up reaching out in the night
Ready to hold him tight
Til I realize
That nobody is there

Number of times played: 122
Date Added: January 28, 2006
Mikai told me to download this. When I hear it, it’s Toni Gonzaga, Piolo Pascual, Luis Manzano and Sam Milby that comes to mind. Haha! Kinanta kasi nila to sa ASAP sa kanilang Pacquiao Victory Party. Sarap sa tenga ng kantang to, kahit na paulit-ulit lang ang lyrics. Talagang desperado sa paghahanap eh no. Haha!

Where is she, where is she
Where is this beautiful girl
Who is she, who is she
who's gonna complete my world

3 SAM MILBY – Close To You
Number of times played: 140
Date Added: January 28, 2006

Ah, that Close-up song! Yeah yeah I know, jologs na kung jologs ang kanta kasi si Sam Milby. Haha! Eh sa maganda naman talaga ang kanta eh, kahit noon sa commercial pa lang. Ito pa nga message alert tone ko for February eh. Nga pala, I watched the movie alone, hehe. Almost a month after its 1st showing day. Naghihintay ako ng kasama manood (kahit Platonic date, hehe.. ). In the end, ako rin pa lang mag-isa ang manonood. =p

Oh why don't you smile my only star
Shine on baby
Smile my only star
Smile my only star

Number of times played: 159
Date Added: March 18, 2006
Now, this song is my message alert tone for April. Hindi ko alam bakit gusting-gusto ko tong kantang ito. Maybe it’s the angst in the song. Iyung tipong pinapaalis mo ang mga masasamang espiritu sa paligig-ligid. Haha! Enough said. =p

So, before you start defendin'
Baby, stop all your pretendin'
I know you know I know
So what's the point in being slow
Let's get the show on the road today

If you don't have the answer
Why you still standing here
Hey, hey, hey
Just walk away

1 CARRIE UNDERWOOD – Jesus Take The Wheel
Number of times played: 162
Date Added: December 11, 2005

Geez, eto ang theme song ko lately. Hehe. December ko pa nadownload to, pero ngayon lang sumikat. Kasi naman pala, ngayon pa lang siya rinelease sa US. At #1 Country Single pa siya ah! I was actually surprised it was a hit on MYX, considering it was a country song and it had ‘Jesus’ on its title. Wala lang, I didn’t think that a Christian Country song would appeal to mainstream pop music fans. Go Carrie! Go Katharine! Haha! May commercial? Haha! =p Actually #2 lang talaga ito eh. Pero since I played its live performance from one of the episodes on American Idol, 20 times, natalo pa niya si Kelly Clarkson.

And for the first time in a long time
She bowed her head to pray
She said I'm sorry for the way
I've been living my life
I know I've got to change
So from now on tonight
Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can't do this all my own
I'm letting go
So give me one more chance
To save me from this road I'm on

In case curious kayo the rest of the Top 20 ay: Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts, Ne-Yo - So Sick, Rob Thomas - Ever The Same, Maria Mena - You're The Only One, Sugababes - Red Dress, Sugababes - Push The Button, Hale - Kung Wala Ka, Craig David - Unbelievable, Pussycat Dolls - Stick Wit You & Bamboo - Truth.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I've watched it and I still believe in God

It’s been 3 days since May 18 – worldwide premiere of The Da Vinci Code. Talks about it haven’t quieted down. To watch it or not is the question on Debate of GMA 7. By Friday, almost every movie critic talks about how disappointing the movie was. Earlier this evening, it was featured on XXX on ABS-CBN 2. And of course, news about is also all over the Saturday papers. I'm sure, bloggers all over the world have their own say on this topic, isn't it? So what is mine then?

There was an article about it on Inquirer Super today. It featured some opinions from teenagers who seem to be the most affected with the movie’s R-18 rating. Here’s my personal take on this one hell of a controversy.
(Questions from Da Vinci’d and Confused by Pepe Diokno)

Why do you think people are so freaked out over the Da Vinci Code?
It tackles a very sensitive and passionate topic – religion. Even if the world is so full of evil, you can't deny the fact that still, a majority are the religious kind. And talk about stirring up a controversy, one needs only to write a novel that insinuates that the Catholic Church has been lying to its flock for the past 2,000 years. In this day and age, anyone can say what they want and present it as the truth. But for sure, someone is not gonna take it lying down. Religious people will definitely take this book as an attack. But for the faithful kind, The Da Vinci Code shouldn’t be something to be bothered with.

Do you think the book, in any way, attacks one’s faith?
Being faithful and being religious are different. I prefer to be the former. I read the book and I watched the movie. While I found the possibility of Jesus and Magdalene being married quite amusing and interesting, I didn’t feel attacked. Or was it because I was just strong enough not to be affected by it? Anyway, it’s fiction for crying out loud. Besides, don’t Ely Soriano and INC bicker on their TV stations all the time? Now, that’s definitely what I call an ‘attack on one’s faith’. Haha!

Is there a difference between faith and religion?
(I like this question very much!) Yep, they are different for me. Like I said, I’d rather present myself that I'm a faithful rather than a religious. Religiosity makes me hear Mass on Sundays regularly, attend processions and novenas, flock to prayer rallies, etc. But faith makes me believe that in all things in this universe, there is a higher power. Religiosity makes me a religious person. Faith makes me a good person.

Do you think that all Church teachings are divinely inspired?
No. All interpretations of the Bible are personal. We interpret it based on our experience. In short, therefore, based on our personal biases. The members of the Church as an institution are all humans. So, they teach according to their personal interpretations.

Do you think God is dismayed or offended by the book?
I haven't talked to Him about it eh! Haha! God is the most understanding being I know. He has been through worse. I believe He is matured enough to not let ‘rumors’ like this affect Him, hehe!

How old do you think one should be to read the book or watch the movie?
PG-13 should be fine. Teenagers should already have a mind of their own to ponder on this kind of stuff. Though in actuality, anyone who has a mind of their own should be able to handle the book, regardless of age. Even if this is fiction, it was written quite efficiently to make it sound more truthful than it actually is. People should be fine, but they should exercise caution.

What do you think of efforts to ban the movie?
Don’t they get it? The more people will find ways to watch the movie. Again, this form of entertainment is fiction after all. The Church should take the lead to ensure that this movie will be handled responsibly. It is not your typical teenybopper blockbuster. The movie is an excellent opportunity to reflect on our personal faith. As members of a religion, we should understand what we believe as a congregation.

The Philippine government has banned movies like Live Show and The Last Temptation of Christ. What do you think this says about the Filipino society?
The problem with our national setup is there is too much meddling by the Church on the affairs of the State. We can be religious without being close-minded. If we really are the good people we pretend we are with the way we exercise religiosity, we should be fine. What the hell are we so afraid of? A movie cannot destroy something that billions of Christians the past 2000 years have believed in. Personally, what I don’t like about our society is that there is too much religiosity and hypocrisy (especially with our leaders) instead of integrity, selflessness and discipline. Kamusta naman na ultimo pag-simba ng mga pulitiko ay may coverage ng media samantalang kapag wala nang nakatingin ay nangungurakot naman sila. Kadirs, ang kakapal. These kinds of people should the ones be banned from existence. =p

Will you watch The Da Vinci Code?
Haha! I already did on the first day of showing. Again, I was entertained but my beliefs stay intact. If you really believe in something you are genuinely passionate about, a 2-hour movie cannot persuade you otherwise. Come on people! At the end of the day, what matter is not whether Jesus and Magdalene had a non-Platonic relationship. A romantic affair doesn’t change the fact the He loves us enough to die on the cross for our sins. (Naks! Hehe..) Whether it is true or not, my faith in God is status quo. Even if proof will be presented against the present teachings of the Church eventually, it won't affect the fact that as long as I do not hurt other people in any way, I should be fine -- world peace will reign! Haha! Ang corny ng last sentence ko! Sipsip kay Lord... =p

Friday, May 19, 2006

Back In The City

I've been to UP for the past couple of days. Secret na lang kung ano talaga business ko doon, hehe. Narealize ko noong nakasakay ako sa bus, "Shet! One month na akong hindi lumuluwas ng Maynila!" Ibig sabihin, more than 30 consecutive days akong nasa Pampanga. Eh ano naman big deal doon, you might ask. Well, it's the longest I've been away from the metro since I entered college. Syempe, every week nasa Quezon City ako. Add the fact that this year, it's my first time to not take summer classes. Since college, longest holiday ko na from school would be sembreaks. But then again, during those sembreaks, may mga araw na lumuluwas pa rin ako for some academic stuff like getting my class cards.

Isang buwan na rin akong babad sa buhay probinsiya. Haha! Hindi naman palayan ang lugar namin ha. But even if I'm technically still in a 'city' here in Pampanga, 'city life' in Metro Manila is still different -- way different. Syempre, nothing beats the traffic and smug of the capital of our country! Hehe!

So ano naman ang extra-curricular activities ko sa aking pagluwas? Noong Thursday, kapwa ko lumuwas si Jerome, ang aking housemate / orgmate. Hindi rin siya nag-summer classes kaya kating-kati na siyang gumimik. That's one major difference between QC and CSFP (City of San Fernando - Pampanga), mas madaling gumimik sa Maynila. Hindi naman problema sa akin ang pagpapaalam. Sus, ako yata boss! Hehe! The thing is, sa Maynila, isang tricycle ride lang ang layo ng mga bahay ng mga friends ko, kaya andaling magkita-kita at pumunta kung saan-saan para mag-unwind. Dito sa Pampanga, para sa iilang mga friends ko ay pahirapan sa pagpapaalam sa mga kani-kaniyang magulang. Anyway, we had lunch with some barkada na matagal na naming hindi nakikita (sila kasi ay nag-summer classes) sa CASAA (wui, in fairness, na-miss ko ang food dito sa UP version ng SM Food Court). Syempre, kamustahan at kwentuhan galore. Together with Porshe, pumunta kami ng Megamall (kulang na lang eh bumili ako ng lobo, kasi antagal ko nang hindi nakakapunta ng Megamall, hehe) para bumili ng mga DVD-Rs for me at tsinelas for Jerome (O diba, talagang lumuwas pa siya para lang bumili ng tsinelas, haha!). Then we walked the hot walking distance between SM Megamall and Robinson's Galleria to watch The Da Vinci Code. Tapos ay sabay-sabay na kami umuwi. Kanina naman, lumuwas na naman ako to attend to some stuff. Tapos nakita ko sina Kuya Argel & Ate Maan (housemates / orgmates) at syempre, kamustahan and kwentuhan galore na naman. Sabi ni Argel, umitim lang ako. Haha! Kung kelan hindi na ako halos lumalabas ng bahay, saka pa ako umitim. Kainis kasi, nagka-pimple breakout ako this summer. Sabi naman ni Ate Maan, bumata daw hitsura ko sa aking gupit. And finally, isa na namang barkada / orgmate ang nakasaby kong umuwi, si Yek.

It felt good to be back in the city if only for 2 days. In all fairness, I missed the traffic and smug, haha! Last Thursday majority of the familiar billboards are missing. Hindi ko tuloy nakita si Nicole Hernandez doon sa may Tollway Plaza habang pinupukpok niya ng sapatos ang isang bote ng Pepsi. And of course, I missed the UP Campus. Too bad, since the summer is about to end and with the recent rainy days, the very sunny sunflowers at our University Avenue are well, not very sunny anymore. Nakayuko silang lahat. Iyung iba naman ay nagsitumbahan na. I also missed the blooming of the sort-of cotton trees in the AS parking lot. Dati kasi, tuwing summer classes, nagmimistulang snow ang mga mala-bulak nitong bulaklak. Good thing though, I was still able to do a yearly summer endeavor -- freshie spotting! Haha! I spotted 5 when I was aboard the UP Campus-Pantranco jeep. It was easy because they were all holding the long brown envelopes that shout Mabuhay Ka, Iskolar Ng Bayan! What's funny and weird at the same time is where I spotted them. Kasi usually, maraming freshie sa acad oval, sa may Vinzon's, sa may Shopping Center at syempre sa may Infirmary. But for this fresh batch of naive individuals, walking along the University Avenue at almost noon was their idea of immersion in UP life. Haha! (For those who aren't aware, there are no academic buildings along the University Avenue. It has sidewalks for pedestrians indeed, but it sure is weird what they were doing there and where they are heading.) Sige, next time naman, I'd write about my funny bloopers and experiences when it was my turn as a college freshman in UP. For now, I'm back to my simple life in the province, haha! (Simple life daw oh, samantalang halos every week, nanonood ako ng sine sa Robinson's Starmills! =p) I have two weeks of vacation left, and I'm gonna make the most out of them -- kain, tulog, internet, TV, kain at tulog ulit! Bwahaha! 'Til next update! =p

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blogs Galore! 4

This is my 48th post and the 4th of my Blogs Galore! series. It's actually an excuse on lack of better and more coherent things to blog about, ahehe!


Okay, in a few hours, it's going the be the Top 3 in American Idol. Geesh. I'm really all excited and all nervous. This is the thing about me, I get too attached to the people I watch on TV. I really feel affected if something happens to them, especially with singing contests like American Idol. For example, I was really upset that Aicelle lost Pinoy Pop Superstar. I don't really follow the show, because 1) it's on GMA 7 -- Kapamilya ako eh, ahihi!, 2) I don't like the contestants -- except for Aicelle though, damn! The girl has pipes! & 3) I don't like the way the show is produced! Anyway, Aicelle should've saved PPS from local singing contests oblivion. But alas, they chose Gerald over her. Too bad for them. Anyway, back to Idol stuff. So there, I hope and pray that Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin will outperform Taylor Hicks. Because if not, it's going to be a sad day for me on Thursday. There's a rumor that people from outside the US can connect through the voting phone lines but these votes would eventualy be cancelled because they can detect non-US votes through the area codes. How about trying to call on Taylor's lines so that it gets busy and US voters wouldn't be able to vote? Bwahaha! *Evil laugh!* See, sabi ko sa inyo eh. Baliw talaga ako pagdating sa mga ganito.. haha!


I checked my blog monitor a while ago and I clicked the 'Top Requests' statistic. This indicator enables me to measure the efficiency of my indexing effort and to optimize it thanks to the queries which have been spontaneously used by the users in order to access my site. It also enables me to evaluate the rational behind the visits to my site. (Okay, I took the last two sentences from monitor, that's why it's so technical!). Out of 80 queries on search engines, more than 20 are Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition related! Looks like PBBTE is quite popular. Halos lahat tungkol kay Kim, Aldred, Jamilla and Gerald! Some of the queries indicate that these people are looking for pictures of the teen housemates! Sorry na lang, walang pics ang blog ko, hehe. Other query topics include Ma. Theresa Pangilinan (the CSU student who heckled PGMA during their graduation), MPIO FY600, Sitti's Para Sa Akin (must have came from my About Me content in my sidebar). Anyway, I have a few strange queries: epal exam blog, UP Diliman wushu, Filipino debutante speeches, pizza recipe, pinoy cellphone green jokes, tot, pampanga phonebook and (this really shocked me in a funny way) -- the buzz interview on james yap and kris aquino! Haha! Alam kong napanood ko ito pero I don't remember mentioning Kris Aquino and/or James Yap in one of my blogs. Did I? =p


As you can see, I have finally decided to use Haloscan's and Blogrolling services. Ewan, almost everyone else is using haloscan eh. Tapos, naaliw ako sa link list ni Rob. Kasi nakaindicate kung sinu-sino ang mga may bagong post. Haha! Gaya gaya talaga! Pasensya na, blog addict talaga ako. Medyo weird nga naman when one views my comments, sobrang out of place ang default blogger LAF. Ahehe. Well, it's not to say that my current Haloscan template is in tune with my main blog's colors and layout. Hindi ko pa siya masyado nakalikot. Give me time, medyo may mas importante akong kailangang gawin this week. In the first place, dapat 1 hour ago ko pa ginawa iyon! Pakshet! tapusin ko na nga itong post na ito! =p

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My #1 Fan

Hey Mom! (I know that we call you Mama rather than Mom, but if I’d use Hey Mama instead, the Black Eyed Peas comes to mind and not you, hehe!) Today is your day! Whoopie! Okay, I must admit, I didn’t really feel the occasion today. For starters, I was alone in the house the whole day since yesterday (alam mo naman, umalis sina Ate Joi). The only mother-related thing I did was watch Anak on Cinema One and the ‘Nay you’re the best tribute of Surf to Moms on ASAP 06. I've blogged about a lot of things already ­­– American Idol, my cell phone, and my dog. And as Josie (Vilma Santos) reads Carla’s (Claudine Barretto) letter saying she’s writing an article about her mom, I realized I've written about my pet dog who’s been with us for only half a year and yet I haven't written a single sentence about my mom, who’s been in my whole life – all of those 21 years and nine months since Papa’s sperm and your egg became me. =)

It takes a lot to know what is love
It’s not the big things, but the little things
That can mean enough

Kinder pa lang ako, ikaw na ang laging gigising nang maaga, magluluto ng almusal, magpapainit ng tubig at gigising sa akin para maligo. Minsan nga diba, ang bagal ko pa kumain kasi hindi ko masyado trips ang ulam na madalas ay ininit lang naman ng mga ulam natin from the night before. You would always tell me in that eat-or-else voice, “Oh Rex, bilisan mong kumain at baka iwan ka ng service mo. Nakakahiya, lagi ka na lang hinihintay!” Alam nating pareho, hindi naman ako laging hinihintay. Iyun kasi style mo eh, ine-exag mo lagi ang mga bagay-bagay, para makinig ako sa iyo. At habang nakaupo ako sa terrace natin na nagbabasa ng diyaryo habang hinihintay ang service ko, ikaw naman, sisimulan mo na ang pagwawalis mo sa garden natin. Hindi mawawala ang, “Oh, ang mga libro mo, dala mo na ba? Ang diary? COY? Mga assignments mo? Ang baon mo? Ang panyo mo?” Syempre, nakukulitan ako lagi, oo lang ako nang oo, hanggang sa marealize ko na may nakalimutan nga ako. Hanggang noong high school ako, ganoon pa rin.

Pero noong 2nd Year na ako, hindi na ikaw kasi kasama ka na ni Papa sa Bahrain. Si Ate naman nagpapainit ng pagkain at gumigising sa akin. Pero syempre, may sarili na siyang baby, a few months old pa lang si Jasper noon. Puyat din lagi si Ate. Iba pa rin talaga pag ikaw. With you, everything’s all set, I’d just have to sit and eat. Ultimo uniform ko, nakalapag pa sa kama, diba? Polo na may number depende kung anong araw, white socks na number din, sando, brief, etc.

A lot of prayers to get me through
And there is never a day that passes by
I don’t think of you

Bata pa lang ako, lagi mo akong pinipilit na magsimba every Sunday. As always, lagi mo rin ako pinapagalitan kasi ambagal ko kumilos, kesyo male-late na tayo sa Mass. Samantalang ikaw itong matagal maligo at magbihis! Haha! You’ve always inculcated in me your deep faith in God. Kahit college na ako, lagi mo pa rin ako pinagsasabihan. “Sa isang buong linggo, andaming oras para gawing mo ang gusto mo. Isang oras lang hinihingi sa iyo ng Diyos, hindi mo pa maibigay?” Because of you, I grew up with fear of God. I had a pretty good sense of what is wrong and what is right. Even now that I'm all grown-up, I still have those values you instilled in me ever since I was a child. Even if you are more than 7300 km away, I can still feel your spiritual guidance with your text messages and all those prayer sheets you’ve always compiled and sent to me. Just so you know, I do keep them. And I did use them.

You were always there for me
Pushing me and guiding me
Always to succeed

When I think about it, kung kasali ako sa American Idol, ikaw si Simon Cowell. You were pretty hard with me when it comes to my ‘performances’. But the thing is, you had Paula Abdul’s motherly aura, because after all, you ARE my mother. You’re the best stage mom ever. You would always watch my contests. Thank God that most of the time, nananalo ako kahit 3rd Place. Astig ang namana kong genes sa iyo eh. San ka pa? Valedictorian ka lang naman in Grade School and High School. Ang galing mo pa sa English! Pati nga English teacher ko na si Miss Torres, bilib sa inyo eh. Kasi alam niya na ikaw ang laging nagpapractice sa akin each time na may contest akong sinasalihan. Naalala mo minsan, sabi ko sa iyo, masyado kang fault finder, lahat na lang ng ginagawa ko mali, lahat na lang kailangan iimprove. But Mom, if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have achieved even half of what I did.

But even in times that I lost, you were still there. Remember when I lost the Declamation Contest in 1st Year? Alam na alam mo eh, kasi pag-uwi ko, nagkulong agad ako sa kwarto. Kinagalitan mo pa nga ako noon eh, kasi ayaw kong kumain. Sabi mo sa akin hindi lahat nang pagkakataon ay nananalo ako, na dapat marunong din akong tumanggap ng pagkatalo.

God has been so good
Blessing me with a family
Who did all they could

Our family isn't super perfect, but I take pride in saying that we all love each other, despite the distance. Hindi tayo katulad ng ibang pamilya ng OFW na makikita mo sa pelikula na nagkawatak-watak. You and Papa have always been the light and pillar of our home even if you aren’t physically here. When I’d have my own family, you guys would definitely by my role models.

And I’ve had many years of grace
And it flatters me when I see a smile on your face
I wanna thank you for what you’ve done
In hopes I can give back to you
And be the perfect son

If only you knew how much I cringe to myself whenever it hits me that I'm not the perfect son. You do realize that you’re a nagger when you’re mad, right? Haha! Pero alam mo Ma, kahit na naiinis ako sa iyo tuwing kinagagalitan mo ako, know that deep inside (especially kapag mahinahon na ako at ma-realize ko na ako ang stupid dahil nakuha kong mainis sa iyo), I am very thankful. Sabi nga ni Daday sa Anak, kapag pinapagalitan mo ako, ibig sabihin noon, mahal mo ako.

You showed me how to love
You showed me how to care
And you showed me that you would
Always be there
I wanna thank you for that time
And I’m proud to say you’re mine

You showed me when I was young just how to grow
You showed me everything that I should know
You showed me just how to walk without your hands
’Cause mom you always were
The perfect fan

The past week, all things Mother’s Day are everywhere – articles sa dyaryo, promos ng Surf, Ariel & McDo at episodes ng mga palabas sa TV. Even my Starbucks Planner has a coupon for Mother’s Day. It sucks that we can't be with you today. I couldn’t even give you a gift. Hours ago, an orgmate came over to borrow something and a I made her a banana caramel shake. Samantalang ikaw, ni hindi ko pa nagawan ng shake na gusto mo. Haha! Naiimagine ko na, sasabihin mo na mauubo ka lang. Do you know that I cooked rice and corned beef for the guy that Kuya Dennis hired to paint the cabinets? Ni ikaw nga, hindi ko pa napagsaing or napagluto.

I wrote this thing for more than three hours, kasi every paragraph, naiiyak ako. And the fact that this Backstreet Boys song is so mushy doesn’t help. Haha! But I used it in this piece because it’s the truth. You are the perfect fan. In this whole world you’re the only one who’d say I'm handsome despite my pimples. You're the first to tell me I have a great speaking voice and that I should join our Parish’s Comlec. You’re the only one who would tell me not to give up, to have faith in God. You’re the only one who would still love me in spite of my mistakes. You may not know what I go through everyday – that I'm rooting for Katharine McPhee on American Idol or that I just had a McChicken dinner or that I just gave our dogs a bath and cleaned their shit or that a trusted friend betrayed me recently – but I know that in this world of more than 6 billion people, no one else loves me, accepts me, appreciates me the way you (and Papa, pero syempre, next month na lang ang sa kanya) do. For this Mama, I love you! So much. Things may be quite shaky for me now, but with the strength that I am able to extract from you, I know and I believe I can surmount this huge obstacle in my life right now.

Thanks for always exaggerating, at least I know what my limits are. Thanks for always pointing out what’s wrong with me, at least I know how to improve myself and make you prouder. Thanks for always believing in me. Thanks for all those little things you did for me. Thanks for the nagging ang constant reminding, it has kept my feet on the ground. Thanks for guiding and protecting me but still giving me enough room to explore the world out there and learn lessons on my own. Thanks for the utmost selflessness, countless sacrifices, gentle understanding, never ending support, unconditional love and most of all, for the egg that defines half of my whole being. Haha! Kala mo super serious no? Victoria Lagman Dizon, Happy Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Top 10 Personal Addictions

This is a top 10 of all of my addictions or kapritso of all-time. The entries are actually in order, #1 being biggest addiction. My criteria in ordering them is the gravity of the things I did all for the love of these things. Kumbaga, the weirder, the better, haha! Take note though that not all entries are still ongoing addictions to date. I've grown out some of these.

10 Unlimitxt – It started as TXTNONSTOP. Hindi naman talaga ako mahilig mag-text, kasi masyado ako kuripot sa load. When the P15/day version was introduced, I didn’t avail of it. Noong naging P50/5 days na siya, doon ko pa lang kinagat ang promo. Eversince, regular na akong naka-unlimited texting. Nainspire pa nga ako ng isang separate na Top 10 for Unlimitxt eh! Sabi nga friend ko, para daw akon food ration. Kung magtext daw ako ng quote ay may pang-breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner at humihirit pa ng midnight snack! =p

9 Starbucks – Read this previous post for more info. Basta, alam kong mahal pero bumibili pa rin ako. Sabi ko nga dati, ang alibi ko naman ay maubos ang mga free coupons. Siguro it’s the feeling na kaya kong magyabang habang naglalakad na may hawak na Starbucks cup. Ansakit sa bulsa eh, pero masarap sa lalamunan. Right now, I limit myself to one frappe a month. Pinagtitiyagaan ko na lang iyung mga personalized frappe na ginagawa ko sa bahay.

8 Desperate Housewives – I first heard of this series from a replay of an Oprah episode featuring the Housewives. But I wasn’t able to watch a single episode until months later (April 2005) when I came across a website maintained by a guy who regularly records the series and uploads the episodes. First episode pa lang, hooked na ako. Nahawa ko ang mga housemates ko, then my sister, then my other orgmates until finally, a local channel began airing it. At ayun, sumikat din siya on its own. When I first came across the website, 14 episodes na ang naka-upload. So I finished off all of them in one Friday night til Saturday afternoon.

7 Shopping – This addiction to clothes started when I stepped into college. Dahil walang uniform sa UP, narealize ko na ang konti ng damit ko! So I shopped for more clothes. Ang alibi ko dati, para hindi agad maluma ang mga damit ko, kasi nga araw-araw ko na silang isusuot. Syempre, ganun din sa sapatos. Until ayun, na-addict ako sa window-shopping at shopping itself (well, actually, window shopping lang talaga, walang pera eh!). One time, I bought 4 shirts sa Department Store ng SM North. Sale kasi, eh, haha! Disclaimer: hindi ako fashionisto, simple lang ang taste ko.

6 American Idol – Full-time addiction came in Season 4. I immediately fell in love with Carrie Underwood. Tapos naging fan din ako nina Vonzell Solomon and Anthony Fedorov. On the Finale week, may mga requirements pa akong tinatapos sa school for summer classes. At dahil wala sa QC yung friend ko (sa kanya kasi ako nakikipanood), umuwi pa talaga ako ng Pampanga ng 6am para manood ng Results Show at 8am. Tapos bumalik din ako ng QC in the afternoon. Sulit naman kasi nanalo ang bet ko, haha!

5 MP3s­ – music lover talaga ko. Noong nagka-matinong PC ako, doon na nagstart ang addiction ko sa mp3. Kazaa pa ang sikat noon. Then around a year ago, I shifted to Limewire. Lahat ng songs na gusto ko, bago man o luma, dinadownload ko. I have a little over 3,000 mp3 files right now. At may sarili pang partition sa hard disk ang mga mp3.

4 Blogging(read previous entry). Lahat ng signs na iyun, applicable sa akin. Bakasyon grande kasi ako since April kaya napagtuunan ko nang husto ng pansin ang blog ko. I do hope that when my classes resume, I can still maintain my blog.

3 MTV / MYX – noong high school pa ako, dahil hindi pa masyado norm ang internet, panonood lang ng MTV ang halos ginagawa ko. Sabi nga ng service driver namin sa anak niya, “Anak, kung gusto mong maging valedictorian tulad ni Rex, manood ka lang ng manood ng MTV.” Haha! MTV Asia Hitlist, MTV Diyes, MTV Most Wanted. Lahat yan, weekly kong pinapanood. Ngayon well, MYX na, hehe. Pero hindi na rin ganoon kagrabe, kasi madami na akong mp3 eh. Pero may remnants pa ako ng addiction ko nito. Sa kwarto ko ngayon, nakadikit ang 40 bond paper size artworks ko ng MTV logo.

2 Chocolates – ito ay hindi ko na kailangang iexplain. Marami naman mahilig sa chocolate diba? Kapag may chocolate sa bahay, nagiging higanteng daga ako. Kasi every now and then, makikita mo akong kinakalkal ang ref namin for chocolates. Worst case ko na siguro is noong inubos ko ang isang medium-size pack ng Hershery’s Hug in one sitting. One time naman, bumili ako ng Choco-Caramel Roll sa Red Ribbon at ako lang ang kumain! Haha! At kamusta naman ang blog address ko diba? =p One weird about me though even if I so love chocolates, I don't really like chocolate-flavored ice cream or shakes. Rocky Road, Super Chocolates, etc. Dapat may twist like Chocoloate Mousse. Kung plain chocolate din lang, no thanks.

1 Westlife – sheet, I will sure get a lot of flak for this. Yep, addict ako ng Westlife noong highschool ako. Kumpleto ako sa albums – all 7 of them, pati na rin yung 3 special editions ng 1st 3 albums. Kaya din ako na-addict sa Smash Hits na magazine eh (yung UK version ha, hindi yung murang song hits), kasi noong time na sikat ang Westlife, lagi silang featured. Lagi ko inaabangan at rinerecord from MTV ang mga videos nila. Minsan, wala ako magawa, sinukat ko total area ng mga poster ko – more than 13 square meters! Lahat ng VCD kumpleto din ako. Nanood din ako ng concert nila sa Manila noong 2001. Well, hindi naman siya front seat, iyung P850+ na pang Upper Box lang. Nagdala na lang ako ng binoculars. Haha! And to top it all off, member ako dati ng official Westlife Fan Club. Nakatago pa nga iyung Membership Card ko eh! Haay, grabe! I'm sure bumaba na ang tingin niyo sa akin dahil sa kajologsan kong ito, haha! I could go on and on about sa mga kalokohan na ginawa ko para sa Westlife. Pero wag na, nakakahiya talaga, at least gets niyo na kung bakit ito ang #1. We all know that they aren’t as popluar anymore, but I'm fine with it. I still ‘look up’ to them in a way (haha, kahit bading pa yung isang member), because they are a reminder of my teenage years. Feeling ko nga, the only reason I bought their last ablum isn't because I like it, but out of loyalty na lang. Hindi ko na rin naman kasi madalas i-play ang songs nila. I've grown out of their cheesiness. Pero syempre, every now and then, nakakatuwang marinig ang mga songs nila – may nostalgic effect. Natatawa ako sa sarili ko sa mga pinang-gagawa ko para lang sa kanila! =p

So there, sana irespeto niyo pa rin ako despite of a number of stupid addictions, haha! Grabe, nakakatawa talaga. Ansarap ikwento nito sa mga magiging apo ko. "Alam niyo ba mga apo, addict ang lolo niyo sa _____ noong bata pa ako!"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Top 10 Signs You're a Blog* Addict!

* pertains to personal blogs

1 You personalize your template. This is the first sign of addiction. Kasi syempre, gusto mo kakaiba ang blog mo. Gusto mo na sa buong mundo, wala kang kapareho na layout. Kamusta naman diba, kung alam na alam ng readers mo na default ang template mo. Ni hindi mo pa nga naedit iyung mga Link-Me sa sidebar mo eh, haha!

2 Isn’t it a shame if you spend all night tinkering with your blog contents, if no one would read about it? So there, you rummage around the whole internet for blog directories and traffic exchange services for the much-wanted readers. Andiyan ang Blog Explosion, Bloggernity, Globe of Blogs, Blogwise, Blogazoo, Pinoy Top Blogs, Blog Mo Blog Ko Blog Nating Lahat. Lahat na lang pinapatos mo at rineregister mo ang blog mo.

3 You always visit and check out other people’s blogs, even if you don’t know them. You consider blogging as a great way to meet other people, kahit through the internet lang. So kung may time ka rin lang, lagi mong sinisilip iyung mga blogs ng kung sinu-sino sa mga tagboards ng mga blogging friends mo. Wala naman mawawala sa iyo eh, it’s also a way to get other people check back on your own blog, diba?

4 Ika nga ni Mikmik, mahirap mag-maintain ng blog. Of course, you have to be able to post regularly if you want regular readers. So kahit ano na lang ay pinopost mo. For example, you blog about your stupid classmates, about PBB Teen Edition (and because of that, your blog turns up a lot of times on Google due to your keyword-rich posts on PBBTE), about your day’s happenings, etc. Try checking the dates of your posts. If there’s you can't find a time period wherein you didn’t post for more than 3 consecutive days, addict ka talaga.

5 By definition, a blog is a simple web journal. In a nutshell, an online diary of just about anything. Blogging should be as simple as you post, other people read, other people comment. Tama? Nah. Syempre, mayroon ka pang tagboard / shoutbox. Mayroon ka pang poll question on the side, horoscope sa other side, word of the day sa taas, guestmaps sa ilalim, pictures at kung anu-ano pang artsy fancy features to make your blog unique but still fun to read. Parang bahay lang yan eh, gusto mo, naiimpress mo ang mga bisita mo sa bahay mo.

6 So now, you blog regularly and you’ve found new friends who regularly visit your blog. Whoopie! But it doesn’t end there. The unique visitors, the links followed, the return-on-site stats – all these parameters matter. Aminin mo, you get all perky when you see that your hits counter increased 20+ overnight. Then you check your website monitor to discover that you’ve just had your first visitors from Puerto Rico, Morocco, Fiji and Costa Rica. Ola bongga, diba! Haha! =)

7 You always check your comments. Naturally, you want to hear what other people have to say on the topics you’ve blogged about. Hindi yata masyadong happy kung NR sila sa mga musings or thoughts mo, diba. More often, these simple comments morph into conversations – a great way to know each other better as people.

8 A lot of us use pseudonyms / pennames / nicknames on our blogs. Syempre, since your blog is a piece of yourself for all the internet world to see, I'm sure pinag-isipan mo nan maigi ang blog address, blog title at blog description mo. You tried your best to make sure it represents you adequately. Kaya naman, your friends in the blogosphere know you by your blog name. Kapag maganda and catchy ang blog name mo, may recall. At kapag may recall, babalik at babalik ang mga tao to read it. And before you know it, blogging superstar ka na! =p

9 Shoutboxes or tagboards are well, for shout-outs and short tags. But then again, alam mong blog addict ka when you and your friends in the real world (na incidentally ay may mga blogs din) have conversation on each other’s shoutboxes. At hindi lang sila mga simpleng hi or hello ah. Para namang hindi kayo araw-araw na nagkikita. O kaya naman, mga bagay na pwede mo naming itext pero dinadaan sa shoutbox – kasi alam mo na mababasa at mababasa ito ng mga kaibigan mo. Addicts kasi kayong lahat eh! =p

10 This for me is the ultimate sign of addiction. You can't keep your mind off your blog. It’s like you’re thinking of something to blog about, whenever, wherever! For example, you’re watching a movie then CHING! (sound of a bulb that lights up, geesh, kung may sound man siya!) I’ll blog about it! Nasa tricycle ka pauwi sa bahay niyo, tapos may nakita kang mga aso na naghahabulan sa daan, CHING! Ibablog ko to mamya! It’s a daily duty for you to always come up with something to blog about. Kung dati, when something happens, you can't wait to call up some friends and tell them about it. Now, you can't wait to get online and blog about it for the whole world to know! Kasi nga, addict ka!

Thanks to Anton De Leon (from iblog2) for some ideas on some of the entries on this Top 10.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blogs Galore! 3

Gawin ko na ngang series ito! "Blogs Galore!" -- mga posts na halu-halo.. haha!


American Idol is now down to 4 Idols. Yikes, crunch time once again. This season is really unpredictable. Or is it because my favorite are not the top favorites? Hehe. Kasi last year, Carrie Underwood was my bet, and she never faced the danger of elimination. And she went on to win. Ngayon naman, hindi pa nakatungtong si Taylor Hicks sa bottom 3 or 2. But I have McPheever and I'm on the E-Train. Geesh, looks like my bets are the underdogs. While Elliott had 2 solid performances tonight, looks like Kath is in danger. Pero syempre as a fan, I still enjoyed her performances. Sheet, Dial Idol predicts her and Chris to be the bottom 2 pa naman! Fingers crossed til tomorrow na lang! Hindi ko yata matatanggap na matanggal ang ultimate bet ko. May pustahan pa man din kami ni Daph (Soul Patrol member siya). I hope that either Chris or Taylor gets the boot!

(with Kapampangan content)

Happy Birthday Kuya Argel! 23 ka na! Jordan! Haha! Too bad I'm not there with you guys to celebrate this day with you. Bawi na ku mu next time, ne! Anyway, hope you had a magical day.
Kuya Argel is my roommate / orgmate / classmate.
Nasa pics siya sa flickr badge ko sa sidebar. He's one of the most influential people in my college life -- I've learned so much from him. It still amazes me how this punk-ass dude and I became very good friends. Sobrang opposites kami! But despite the huge difference in our personalities, we managed to jive. He's one of my partners-in-crime in Aguman. Anyway, kuya, sobrang thanks keng egana-gana. Uhm, you and Ate Maan, never kayu mewala keng lele ku. Although physically, neng kayi mikakanlaut tamu, I really feel secured na jang ali tamu masyadu mikikit, we will always be almost brothers! =p


This week, it's UP Diliman's enrollment week for incoming freshmen. It's kinda nostalgic for me. This is the first time I'm not taking summer classes, so I'm not in the campus giving directions to confused and lost kids with their parents. It happens every year. Especially nung Math 54 ang sina-summer ko. Lagi akong may nakakasakay sa Toki na 'Manong, sa may OUR po.." O kaya naman habang naglalakad, "Excuse me, saan ang AS?" At since sa AS ang tambayan ng org ko, hinding hindi mawawala ang "Saan ang CR?" Duluhan (as in extreme ends of the building) kasi ang mga CR sa AS eh. Kapag nakita mo ang isa, say Men's CR, magtataka ka talaga bakit wala itong katabi na Women's CR. Well, hindi naman ako naiirita. Actually, it's nice to be of help. Syempre, alam ko rin kung ano feeling ng isang bagong salta sa Maynila, tapos ke-laki-laki pa ng campus no! Kahit sinamahan ako ng parent ko noong first time ko sa UP Diliman, lahat kami, bagong salta.
Sa mga bagong Isko at Iska, welcome sa UP Diliman! Masaya dito, promise.

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