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Thursday, January 13, 2005

In search of the perfect blog site address

While I was reviewing for my Physics 103 exam, I was also thinking hard of a name for my blogsite. When I made my Blogger account, my first address was ‘’. After all, it is my Yahoo! ID and username for other websites as well. Then I realized that it is such an inconvenient name. Why? Well, for starters, whenever I give away my email address, I would always get a confused reply of “Ano?” and would have to repeat and spell it. So if I actually want to advertise my blogsite, I would definitely have a hard time. It isn’t easy to remember.

I came up with catchy ones like ‘haventfoundtheone’ (Ang haba naman!), ‘cantfindtheone’ (Sobrang bitter ko naman!), ‘findingtheone’ (Mukha namna akong desperado). I wanted something that represents me. So, I thought of ‘contentedheart’ (But then again, contented nga ba ako? Gandang blog topic ‘to ah!) or ‘wearyheart’ (para namang ang super sad ng lovelife ko!). But I don’t want to seem like a love guru ala Joe D’Mango. I may have lots to say about love and relationships, but I'm no expert at it. Besides, about love na nga yung tag line ko, pati ba naman blog site address?! I also tried ‘globetrotter’ for I'm fond of geography. But alas – it’s already taken.

So, I asked my housemates at our apartment about a cute and nice blog site address. I told them I want something that is so ‘me’. Kuya Argel suggested ‘poohcorner’. And everyone agreed. “That is so Rex” daw. But I didn’t think so. I snapped back, “No, that’s the Rex that you want to be”.

I'm no lover of Pooh or any of his merchandise. That would be Daphne – the girl they all want me to be with. Kesyo bagay daw kami. We look good together. Bakit ba alam pa nila sa akin?!

Now don’t get me wrong, Daphne is a pretty and nice girl. I've said it in my Friendster testimonial of her and I'd say it again here, lucky is the guy with whom she’d fall in love with – very lucky indeed.

Well, I can't blame my friends for being so pushy of me to Daphne or to any girl for that matter (si Phil lang ang nakalalamang sa pantutukso sa akin, as in sobrang lamang). They’re even willing to spend for one of my dates. They even made up a Love-To-Love-like series of Physics questions at our annual org event the Pautakan, just for me. Imagine, I'm the only single, for they’re all taken. Most of them actually even think they’ve found ‘the one’ for them. That’s why on gimmicks, I'm usually the odd-numbered wheel. One time, I asked them why are they so persistent. They said they just want me to be happy. Kesyo nasa ‘in denial’ stage pa daw ako – na ayaw ko lang aminin sa sarili ko. In fact, most of the greetings in my Birthday card last month consisted of wishes for true love and happiness. That’s when I realized how lucky I am to have such a nice bunch of friends. But still, no matter how much they know me and how good their idea is of what would make me happy, it will still be up to me, right?

At the end of the day, I settled for ‘kingofchocolates’. It’s a translation of Rex and I'm a chocolate addict or anything sweet. It can't get any ‘REXier’ than this.

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