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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yet another post just so no one could say I am on a blog leave..

“Silence is a kind of therapeutic communication. But sometimes, it turns out to be non-therapeutic. Why? Cos in your silence, someone feels neglected..”
~Forwarded text message

..Which I think soo applies to this blog of mine, haha!

Well, I am not really silent because I am not exactly on blog leave. But come one, a weekly frequency of updates is not a good sign. And whenever I do update, it’s not the type of content I would shortlist for my “Best Of” compilation when I reach my 300th blog post milestone, haha!

My hits agree on this. I'm averaging way below my average this time last year. So do my comments. I’d have to wait for days to be able to read new ones, haha! And what’s surprising, I couldn’t care less! Whereas before, I would worry if my post was so boring or uninteresting that my readers wouldn’t dare share their own two cents worth, hehe!

The truth is, it seems like I kinda ran out of ideas to type out loud lately. Maybe I kinda got bored with my own style. Whereas before, I’d do something or experience something and at the back of my mind, I’d say, “I am so gonna blog about this!” But these days, not so much.

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis for my blog? Haha!

I’ve ran out of intriguing topics to write about. I've ran out of intriguing real-life friends to write about, haha! Or maybe, there are actually many intriguing things to write about but I just don’t care. I don’t want to share the same old ranting, it kinda feels lame for me. I wouldn’t want to share my everyday adventures or misadventures either, because it’s the same old stuff. Same old..

Maybe I should just switch to having an advice column for a while, just to make things interesting around here, haha! Just send in your dilemmas or problems (except financial ones) to my email: Your emails will be treated with confidentiality of course. Haha! This is so pathetic. Haha! But hey, is it such a bad idea?

Here’s to hoping I would be able to think of something creative in the next few days!

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