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Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm back!

Ha! Finally, after a month and a half hiatus, I finally found time to blog – it’s 12.32 am. You see, I’ve been so busy struggling not to fail in my exams (and resting after arduous struggle) that I can’t find time to sit down and type a blog post. Add the fact that I can’t think of something so pressing to blog about. Not that I have thought of something to blog about now that I’m finally back either. So pardon me if what you’re about to read is not worth the long wait (as if you were actually waiting for a new blog from me!) Here goes nothing…

I’ve been bumming around for 3 days already. Gising, kain, TV, PC, kain, TV, PC at lastly, tulog (the late-matulog-late-gumising kind of sleep). Buhay-baboy as they say. No, make that buhay-baboy-na-techie.

I’m trying to read a Pottinger novel titled The Fourth Procedure. I always say that I love reading novels, but I haven’t read this book that has been in our cabinet (in a box in the cabinet, actually) for about 10 years now. It took all these forces – nothing to watch on TV, no newspaper to read, tired of playing Ricochet or Sim City 4 or in short extremely nothing enjoyable to do to kill time in waiting for the next TV show I’d watch – for me to find interest in reading this book. Not that it’s a bad read or anything. It’s just that when I was younger, I was so into Sidney Sheldon that I had this unconscious opinion that anyone else is not good enough. As we all know, novels do take a lot of time to read. But Sheldon’s story-telling prowess made me endure and even enjoy reading 400+ pages of twists (not to mention sex! haha!). And so, I've always ignored this thick book because it wasn’t a Sidney Sheldon and its gist / intro at the back wasn’t very catchy. The first few pages weren’t really attractive. I even considered re-reading Sheldon’s Rage of Angels for the 5th time instead. But even reading a good story whose ending I know anyway doesn’t do the job of killing boredom. And so I tried to read chapters of The Fourth Procedure from time to time, hoping that not knowing the ending might be the trick. I'm now on page 75 and things are do picking up.

As for my bestfriend for the past 3 days – our television set. I really miss TV! I caught up on a few episodes of American Idol (Top 24 stage level), Charmed (damn! These girls rock!), Friends and Will & Grace. I really wish my housemate will finally bring a TV to our Manila apartment!

The only eventful thing I've done was when I went out with friends last Friday night. As always, when everybody was enjoying the dance floor, I was chilling on the couch. My friends were really convincing me to dance with them. They only stopped when I told them that if my life depended on dancing, I’d be dead already.

So there, 3 down, 3 to go. I'm really savoring my 6-day vacation. Oops! Vacation is too strong a word. ‘Break’ would be more appropriate. In no time, I would again be washed out in a tsunami of academic work. Soon I’d be sleeping late because I have to study and wake up early because – surprise – I have to study. Yuck, para namang ang sipag-sipag kong mag-aral! Hehe!

It’s 1.32am. Saktong 1 hour… pero na-post ko ito 12 hours later pa. Damn provincial internet connection!

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