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Saturday, March 25, 2006


It’s that time of the year again – pressing deadlines to meet, crucial final exams. All these while planning on where to go for a summer getaway with friends. For graduating students, or for those with friends who are graduating, there’s the mad rush for their thesis final drafts or the farewell parties in tribute to the graduating friends. With so much going on these days, it’s also that time of the year when I look forward to Wednesday and Thursday nights – American Idol!

So, since we don’t have a TV at our 34G apartment, I get to have my weekly Idol fix courtesy of the Matimtiman Girls: Cyrille, Porshe and Mikai’s TV. Salamat at hindi pa kayo nagsasawa sa akin, haha! And of course, all discussion and download forums are up again for the fans weekly dose of Idol performance.

For my fellow AI fans, here are some interesting sites:

Last year I was always ranting why the likes of Lindsey, Jessica, Nikko or Nadia went home before Scott. This year, I still have my own share of rantings. Why didn’t Filipinos in America rally behind Sway? Why did David or Will go before Chicken Little or Bucky? And my dear darling Ayla, why?! Kapag natatanggal ang mga gusto ko, dinaramdam ko ito nang husto. Ewan ko ba kung bakit napaka-affected ko.

Good thing is, Melissa and Kevin are already out. This year, I'm rooting for Katharine (ansarap iuwi sa nanay ko! Effortless na effortless), Mandisa (grabe, buti na lang malaki nga ang stage. Sobrang galeng!), Paris (kamukha niya iyung mga Aeta na nagtitinda ng rootcrop sa tabi-tabi sa Pampanga, but don't get me wrong, adorable pa rin siya) & Elliot (Isa pa 'tong mamang 'to. What he lacks in looks, more than makes up for the voice). While I don't have an ultimate favorite yet, I'd say that right now, I have the McPheever. =) But I could still change my mind.

Wala eh, frustrated singer kasi ako eh, kaya addict ako sa mga singing contests. Sana maging hit ang Philippine Idol this year. Ate Melissa! mag-audition ka na! =)

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