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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

22 + 1 = 23

This is my 23rd birthday post, which, apparently, is many days late, haha! Well, pardon me, I haven’t really found the proper time to reflect on this momentous milestone in my life. Besides, I honestly thought this birthday will be an uneventful one. Why? Let me elaborate.

It is my “23rd birthday”. Of course I am thankful for the past year of life, even if it was yet another struggling one. But really, there’s nothing special about the number 23. Well, unless of course if you think that it's the first odd and prime number birthday in the line of 20 which therefore makes it quite special, then clearly, you’re an eccentric person! (Doon sa nakaisip ng numerical significance na ito, peace tayo, haha!)

I have not prepared anything special on my birthday. Unlike my 21st birthday (which is a gentleman’s debut), I will not reserve 40 seats at Kenny Roger’s. Unlike my 21st and 22nd birthdays, I will not treat my friends to Starbucks in order to complete the required number of stickers to get the limited edition Starbucks 2008 Planner. In short, I have no budget to treat my friends to something. So yes, it will have been an ordinary day.

What’s the truth behind my no-budget drama? Well, I didn’t really ask for a "birthday bonus" from my parents. Because I don’t know how to justify such budget, given the ordinary circumstances. Plus, I have this major thing that makes me feel mortified to even sweet talk my way into a birthday bonus.

As for not aiming for the Starbucks planner, well, just like what a close friend said, “Nag-mature na ako!” Haha! The 2008 planner is not worth it -- the design is not that impressive, the freebie is JUST a pencil, more stickers are required, the Christmas flavors are not that enticing and for some reason, my taste buds are no longer in awe of the unique Starbucks blend.

So in short, I have resigned to the fact that my 23rd birthday will just be a simple one. I've realized that it's not the gifts that should make or break one's birthday. If I'll receive a warm and touching text message greeting or a birthday card, that would've already made me very happy.

But wait! There's more! What actually happened was a different story.

On the eve of my birthday, I was at an orgmate's apartment, doing some orgwork. It will be used on the org party next day (yep! On my birthday!) so I knew I will turn 23 there. As my phone's alarm clock struck 12 am, Michael, Jen, Kevin and Felipe greeted me a happy birthday. Felipe even went further by greeting me a 'belated' happy birthday, haha!

As I finished nostalgically recounting to my young orgmates how my past six birthdays in UP went, I got the surprise of my life (well, at least the 23rd year of my life, haha!). Out of nowhere, my closest AguGirlfriends -- Maan, Di, Pie and Fergie -- appeared on the door with balloons, candles and a box of goodies in tow, singing the Happy Birthday song. Mind you, these girls live on Katipunan, the other side of the UP campus, so their sweet gesture at 12 midnight is quite an effort.

It was a complete birthday party package. Aside from the balloons and the box of goodies (which turned out to be a box of Cello's donuts shaped with the letters of the phrase "HAPPY B-DAY WEXIE"), they even had loot bags for the guests! And the best gift of them all? The birthday card, in which they wrote long and heart-warming birthday messages.

They went home back to Katipunan at around 1.30am. I went home to my own apartment at 2.30am. And as I tucked myself into my bed, I was wearing a big smile in my heart, knowing that the would've-been ordinary birthday just turned out to be an extraordinary one.

The rest of the day was just simply great. While it is true that the surprise I got at 12mn was already the major highlight of my birthday, its euphoric effect lasted throughout the day.

In the evening, my organization had a party. No it wasn't for me. It was Aguman's anniversary last December 12 and the party coincidentally scheduled on my birthday was the culminating event. Although I must admit, it kinda also felt like it was my party, haha! My committee's efforts the previous nights was worth it, because our committee's representative won the contest that night -- yet another reason to have a happy birthday.

Since I and my other orgmates were still in celebratory mood (I because it's my birthday, and they because of the success of our orgweek), we decided to have a drink at Starbucks. There were more than 15 of us so it was such a bonding blast. We played the Skittles Game (a game were you answer questions based on the topic of the color of the Skittle candy you pick from the bag), so there was definitely a lot of laughtrip moments. It was also my first time to try out the Starbucks bagels, and my, it did not disappoint.

There was more bonus for my birthday -- I went home with a Goldilocks half-cake and a peach wine (they were both gifts from orgmates which they gave during our org's party). But of course, more importantly, I ended my 23rd birthday with lots of fond memories that hopefully, will last a long time.

My 23rd birthday definitely trumps my 22nd birthday, simply because it was more meaningful. No amount of panlilibre could beat the love (in different forms -- words, text messages, gifts, haha!) I received from my family and truest friends.

LEFT: What we ordered at Starbucks. The frappe and bagel I ordered is at the center.
RIGHT: The Cello's Doughnuts shaped "HAPPY B-DAY WEXIE. Pati yung dash, edible! Oreo-flavored pa nga eh!

For more pictures, click here.

Did somebody important forgot my birthday? Yeah, quite a number of them actually, haha! But I don't really mind. I am sure they have a perfectly good and valid reason for doing so. Otherwise, it means I am not as important to them as I thought which is something I don't really mind as well. What's the point of having lots of friends, when you only need true ones? And those who are sweet enough to prepare a surprise on your birthday, haha!

I actually learned a lot of simple but important lessons on my birthday, but I am gonna bore you with them on the next post, haha!

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