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Monday, December 24, 2007

Perfect Christmas?

For some weird reason, I’m feeling jolly about this coming Christmas. But for days now, I have been trying to figure out why so, to no avail.

Is it because for many years now, the whole family is complete since my parents came home from Bahrain for the holidays? Of course, a complete family during the holidays is always a cause for a festive celebration. I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone who would read this and will be spending Christmas with a parent or loved one abroad, but since this has been luckily happening for almost a decade now, it doesn’t really bring something that special to the table.

Is it because materially speaking, I am prepared? Well, I have more new clothes than I actually need and a new pair of Nike rubber shoes. There’s lots of food (chocolates, Christmas delicacies, etc) in the refrigerator that I fear I wouldn’t get to enjoy my new pairs of pants due to a renewed bulge in my belly. In short, my happiness meter when it comes to materials things is definitely way up there.

Is it because the different events that led up to it were very conducive in feeling the Christmas spirit? It started with my birthday weekend, and continued to the last week of classes for December 2007, to the Lantern Parade, to the Videoke night with college friends, to the spontaneous night out with high school friends, and finally to the Noche Buena shopping with my mom and sister, which promises quite an upper middle class family feast! I mean, after all those fun-filled activities with loved ones, who wouldn’t feel euphoric? I feel like I have enough supply of endorphin 'til after the New Year’s.

Sometimes I wonder, if I’d take away all the material gifts I have received, would I still feel as good about this coming Christmas? Of course, it’s not like I would test this hypothesis, haha! Who would want to take away the good things you already have!

I have yet to do something ultimately selfless this season. A gift-giving to the less fortunate by my organization would’ve been a perfect opportunity for me, but alas, for some valid reason that turned out to be invalid after all, I wasn’t able to make it to the fulfilling activity.

So despite having a complete family, wearing new clothes, eating lots of good food, I am still in search of something that will make this Christmas truly memorable not only because of the gifts I received, but also and mainly because of something that will make other people’s Christmas more memorable, through me.

Because really, sometimes, it kinda sucks to be so blessed, and see other people get so much less than what they actually deserved and simply dreamed of.

But on a lighter note, still, have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the company of your family and friends this holiday season. I mean, after all, what's the point of having new clothes if you're alone and no one will get to see them? Haha! Joke! Don't fail the be thankful and give more attention to the more important things in life this Christmas.

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