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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blogs Galore! 15


I placed 4th in the talksmart's Filipino Blog of the Week (Week 41). Nine other blogs were in the running and I was really surprised to have placed in the top half. Why? Because I didn't campaign for myself, hehe. You see, I was nominated before back in May 2006. Back then, I was still a newbie when it comes to bloghopping, so imagine my delight when I was nominated. It actually inspired me to improve on my blogging skills. But alas, I eventually realized that it was actually a popularity contest -- the more online friends you have, the more votes you get, regardless of your blog's content. So I let go of my dreams on winning talksmart's elusive golden medal. It shouldn't mean much to me. What means to me now is when random blogger strangers tag on my tagboard and tell me they really enjoy their visit. It really feels good, sooooobra. Add the fact that these days, more of my real-world friends and acquaintances actually read my blog, some even on a regular basis (yung iba nga, shy pa mag-comment, hehe!). Many of them have started getting serious with blogging as well, which is really exciting -- I have more links with substantial content, hehe! Anyway, I am nominated for Week 42 again. I only have one request: PLEASE vote for me IF AND ONLY IF you think I deserve it. To the 60+ people who voluntarily voted for me, thank you very much. How I wish I could thank you one by one, but alas, I have no way of knowing who you all are. Again, salamuch! =p


Just watched Ben Stiller's latest starrer with my 3 nephews this afternoon. At first, I was hesitant to bring ALL 3 of them. Because believe me, for someone who hates baby-sitting, it is already a recipe for headache for me. And I was right, haha! Since all FOUR of us had to share ONE bag of popcorn, naturally, at least one of them would complain. Jasper wanted the popcorn all for himself, while Justin wanted the jumbo glass of iced tea all for himself as well. Darryl, the voracious one, was surprisingly well-behaved relative to the other two. Then Justin kept on wanting to go to the CR and pee, haha! I asked them at the end of the movie if they enjoyed it, in fairness, they all said 'yes', though I highly doubt it if one of them actually understood the conflicts and twists of the movie. For them, seeing a skeletal T-Rex act up like a cutsy dog is all that matters, hehe! So did I enjoy my afternoon at the mall with my nephews? Hell yes.

SIDNEY SHELDON (February 11, 1917 - January 30, 2007)

Sidney Sheldon was one of my favorite authors. Although in general, I loved reading books as a child, the thick ones that my sister were reading didn't have much appeal to me. Of course, when I was younger, I preferred books with illustrations. All that changed when I read Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game. I'd refrain from enumerating the reasons why I can't put down his novels until I finish them -- just take my word for it, hehe. But just so you know, this week, he died. I am not exactly mourning because a decade after I first read one of his works, I'm not really in awe if his work as much as I used to. Of course, I have been exposed to other writing styles by other authors and I have learned to pinpoint each style's plus and minus points. Still, I just would like to give a shout-out to the author who paved the way of my transition from innocence to, erm, enlightenment, as a reader. Just a thought: I may have read the rest of his 20+ novels, but Master of the Game still proves to be the best for me. =p

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