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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MTV: I like!

Ate Grace (wife of our service driver back in high school): (to her son, Jojo) Jojo, dapat gumagaya ka kay Ninong Rex mo, para magtuluy-tuloy ang pagiging honor student mo, para maging Valedictorian ka din!

Kong Aaron (our service driver): Edi dapat pala, mag-mula ngayon araw-araw ka nang manood ng MTV!

Yep, back in high school, MTV is an addiction for me. I live and breath MTV, haha! It's the first thing I watch when I wake up and the last thing tune in to before I go to sleep. Back then, for me, Donita Rose, Sarah Sechan, Jamie Aditya and Sonia Couling had the coolest jobs in the world. I memorized the program schedule. I closely followed the MTV Asia Hitlist week after week. I even sent requests to MTV Most Wanted (which I am not sure if they were ever read on-air). I even have an MTV shirt that I still wear every now and then. And finally, as a true testimony of my allegiance to Music Television:

In honor of the wide array of station IDs of MTV (and since my room was kinda bare because of the lack of wallpaper), I envisioned to fill up all four walls of my bedroom with the different MTV logos. At that time, I had to move to the master's bedroom so I had to transfer all of them as well. I know my mother will kill me if I plastered all walls of their room, so I had to be contented in just lining the ceiling. Besides, the surface area was much much bigger, hindi na kaya ng powers ko, haha!

In total, I was able to produce 46 MTV logos in a span of 1.25 years. It took me that long because sometimes the creative juice just wouldn't come out. But when it does, in one afternoon I could produce up to 5 logos. Bit of trivia: the last 8 logos were made in Bahrain, during my summer vacation there (which explains the palm tree and dessert designs).

Just last weekend, I had to take them all down because our house interior is being repainted. And geesh, it was so hard! Haha! At times, I had no choice but to tear some parts apart. But it was a nostalgic task indeed, for these 46 logos remind me on a significant era of my younger years -- my high school life (my adventures and misadventures all included, haha!).

So what am I going to do with the MTV logos that I put off my wall? Well, I am planning to 'preserve' them. I intend to 'restore' them (the oil pastel was quite damaged in some logos during the process of putting them off the wall). And then I would organize them into a clear book.

Even though these days, I barely watch MTV Philippines because I kinda prefer MYX already (besides, MTV Philippines has already gone off-air, so I guess that doesn't leave me with much of a choice, huh?), these logos still have the sentimental value. And I guess it also shows that somehow, I am artistically creative. Pina-postpone ko pa nga ang pag-re-repaint para ako mismo ang mag-alis eh, hehe!

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