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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogs Galore! 16: One HelluValentine Week

Pardon the lame attempt at creativity with my title but believe when I say my Valentine Week was a balance of 'romance' and 'heartbreaks'.

First of all, I didn't have a 'romantic' date last February 14 simply because I don't have a girlfriend right now and neither am I currently wooing someone. So it's another 'single' Valentine for me. BUT, not that I am complaining -- the truth is I don't mind. I'm way past the I-hate-myself-for-being-single-yet-again-this-Valentine's stage for I believe in waiting in hope rather than in bitterness or despair. But being single didn't stop me from celebrating LOVE (albeit not the romantic kind) this week, in my own unattached way, hehe.


I was supposed to have a 'singles night-out' with some of my Aguman orgmates, but due to personal appointments -- one enjoyed the day at Enchanted Kingdom and was too tired to come with us; another one won our organizations' dating game so she had an automatic date; one was busy with exams the next day; another was busy drafting plates. So in short, our planned group date never pushed through. Instead, I had to contend with enjoying a Starbucks frappe on my own, hehe. Good thing though, Porshe and Paul (the dating game winners) followed me at Starbucks after their prize date. So Heart's Day wasn't so uneventful after all.


I had yet another bonding night with Porshe (Hmm, bakit laging siya ang kasama ko?! Haha! Wuy, completely Platonic to ah, Porshe belongs to someone else, harhar! =p). We ate at Pizza Hut and watched Music & Lyrics. It was an enjoyable and fitting movie to cap my Valentine's Week. It was neither too chick or saccharine. In my opinion, it was a matured love story -- a far cry from the crappy story arcs that Abt Ur Luv on ABS-CBN churns out. Besides, the soundtrack was suprisingly catchy, despite the 80s feel to most of the songs (Hugh Grant played a has-been popstar from the 80s). After that, we went to the last night of the UP Fair to meet up with Daphne (another orgmate), who was haplessly manning their henna tattoo and billiards booth.


And now, for the sad part. Two very very good friends of mine broke up. And this time, it seems like it's a permanent one and not just yet another cool-off. I can't help but feel more affected than I should because these two are really really close to my heart -- individually and as a couple. There was even a time when I was their official Third Wheel and each one of us didn't mind. I was a witness to the ups and downs of their everyday love story for much of their almost 5 years of being together. Likewise, they were also witnesses to my own botched love stories through the years, hehe. They provided comfort and support and not to mention the litanies of advices that helped me shape my hopeful stand on my seemingly eternal singlehood. I guess you could say that they were my role models when it comes to love -- being witness to what they had forged my conviction that despite numerous setbacks on my quest for 'the one', someday, somehow, I will still find her eventually. Such is the gravity of their influence on me. But alas, my romance role models are only human.

I am sure both of them will get to read this. You know who you are: eku man papakit, pero melungkut ku talaga. Pero pakanta siguru talaga. How I wish I could ease even just a bit of the pain that either of you are feeling right now. Especially ika Kuya, uling etana masyadu makapagkwentuhan lately (I don't even know your side of the story). Mapalyaring eku CNL o sobrang magastus ku for comfort para keka, but you can also count on me, sana balu mu ita..

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