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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Status Quo

Change, as they always say, is inevitable. It is the only thing that's constant in this world -- so we might as well live with it. But what if the things that change are the things that we don't want to change?

'Forever' is a word we often attach to the many good things in our life. Take for example those who are in good romantic relationships. Those 'fools' who are deeply in love and are convinced that they've found 'the one' can relate to this. But alas, I for one know that some things that seem to be forever are, well, not that forever after all.

Sometimes changes happen for the better, sometimes for the worst. But don't you just hate it when change catches you off guard, when you realize that you were out of control? You never saw it coming, so naturally, you were never prepared. And there comes the pain attach to an unwelcome change. More often than not, it's an enormous pain at that.

What sucks more is that we can never really prepare ourselves for it. It's a whole lot like an earthquake, huh? It's natural, it's inevitable. But it has to happen, at least geologically speaking, despite the damage it may bring. But it's not like we can choose not to be attached to things, if only to save us the pain whenever we have to detach.

Many good things in life are indeed forever. It just sucks big time that we're never sure which one is among the many things we hold very dear.

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