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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Longest hiatus

It's been two weeks now since my last post and now I have realized that I have just set a record for my longest period of time without a new post ever since I have been actively blogging though the truth is I still have no concrete post until now but out of fear of losing my friends in the bloggosphere I thought I should at least post anything to let my friends here know that I am still alive and kicking and that this blog has not yet died a natural death and I actually have a lot of topics to blog about because so much has been happened the past 2 weeks but alas I can't find the right inspiration to write a decent post about these things because the topics are either so yesterday, uninteresting for those who can't relate or are too personal to announce for the whole bloggosphere to see therefore I won't post about them anyway for it might stir a controversy among my dear friends.

Don't worry guys, tomorrow, bagong post na talaga! =p
(By the way, thanks to Elma for this idea of a 1-sentence paragraph)

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