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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In times of depression

About 3 months ago, a very good friend of mine (good enough to be a sister, neh 'Te Maan?), gave me a prayer pamphlet. Here's the prayer, in might come in handy for you. Maybe not now, but someday, who knows.

I am terribly depressed, dear Lord, and I need your help. I come to you trusting in your great love for me and believing you will not forsake me now. Help me, Lord, I am hurting badly and struggling. I am very tired, afraid and discouraged. I feel so lost and empty with no sense of direction in whatever I am doing and where I am heading.
Everything around me seems to be dark and gloomy. My present situation and thoughts about the future all seems hopeless. Nothing seems to lift my spirits any longer. Even those things and activities that used to bring me joy all seem dull and meaningless these days.
I humbly beseech you now, Lord. Please let me feel your loving presence, your loving care and concern, all your tenderness melting my pain and all my feelings of worthlessness. Let your powerful presence touch all areas of woundedness in my heart and in my spirit. Deliver me from my fears, my anxieties and all my negative feelings. Hold my hand during these trying moments in my life, Lord. Lead me to the right path, the right places, and the right people who can be your instruments of healing and love.
Lord, I need your strength now to keep my sanity during moments when I feel like I'm losing my mind and just giving up. Help me to believe that this situation is only temporary and things will be better soon. Help me to be able to cope, especially during moments when I feel so desperate.
Take care of my loved ones during these times when I feel unable to care for them. Give me the grace to understand your purpose behind this suffering that you have allowed me to experience trusting that all things always work out for good for those who love you and those whom you call for your purposes.

Jesus, my Lord and my God, You are my refuge, my Hope, my Strength and my Divine Healer. Please heal me and have mercy on me. Deliver me from this depression and after I have been healed. Let me bring you glory and be a witness to your love and heling power for others. I pray all these in Jesus' name with Mary and all the angels and saints. Amen.
Posting this does not make me religious. It just goes to show that I believe in the power of prayer. Especially in situations when it's the only thing I can do.

*The prayer card says it by Maribi M. Garcia

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