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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Purrrr or Raff?

I am a first and foremost, a dog person. Ever since I was little, I have developed a certain sympathy for dogs. I would really cry whenever one of our dogs had to be killed. Quite ironic, if you consider that I felt grief but never cried when my gradpa (mother's side) and grandpa (father's side) died. And I would be all excited to go home from school whenever there's a new puppy around. I would be really upset (up to now that I am old) if I'd see a poorly taken cared of dogs on the streets. And I would really drool over cute puppies, even if they are just askals and are barking madly at me.

But lately, my affections (and all my nephews' as well) has been caught by this cute kitten. Apparently, Jasper (my nephw aged 8) saw her at the waiting shed at his school and decided to bring her home simply because syempre, nakakaawa siya, walang nag-aalaga sa kanya. Awww, is my nephew a social worker or PETA President in the making? Haha! Jasper baptized his cat "Chuckles". To be honest, I don't know where he got that posh name, haha! Well, they drink Chuckie at school, I am not sure if there's a connection.

And now, after 2 weeks of feeding and nurturing the kitten to a decent state of health, here she is! (Don't look at the bulge that my abs have made, haha!)

Chuckles is quite adorable and mabisyo. Imagine, she sleeps on pillows or our beds. She has her own cat food. So yes, she looks forward to a good domestic life, thanks to the innocent mercy of my nephew, hehe. She is so playful! She 'attacks' anything that moves or lies around -- the doormats, slippers, our feet as we walk around, paper lying around and being blown off by the electric fan, etc. Her tail is equally amusing. It sways like ballet dancer all the time. If you hold it down in the middle, the rest of the tail still sways. I think it has a life of its own! And I don't she already has a self-concept, because she would attack her own tail and her own image in a mirror.

During her first few days, she would shit at the back of our living room television. But eventually, she learned to shit in the backyard instead. And just like any other pusakal, she would dig a small hole first, shit into it, and covers it with soil she unearthed herself.

Before Chuckles, we have 2 dogs, the father & daughter tandem of Bruno & Ashley (off-white Labradors). I never developed a strong bond with Bruno because when we acquired him, he was already a grown-up and horny (his sperm is used quite often, hehe!). Well, he is nice. But his saliva stinks too much! Haha! Same goes with Ashley. And their shit is so smelly! I gag whenever I get near them to serve their food. While Bruno is sweetly affectionate, Ashley is unruly! She never cuddles, she just likes to jump all over me -- she and her big dirty shit-ladden paws, haha! Another irony, compared to the local askals, these two act like they don't have breeding. =p

I prefer the askals we acquired from barrio relatives that we had when I was younger, because they seem neater, more well behaved and more intelligent than Bruno and Ashley. They won't shit on their places whenever their tied on their leash. They would wait for us to free them before they would scamper to the backyard to relieve themselves.

So now, my dilemma is, I am starting to doubt the dog person in me. Oha, anlaki ng problema ko, haha!

Between Bruno-Ashley and Chuckles, I'd definitely choose Chuckles. But I kinda miss the licking and the cuddling with dogs. Plus, Chuckles won't respond to any of our calls. How are you supposed to call cats anyway? Do you say, coooo... coooo.. or tshk, tshk tshk? Or you hiss like swisiwswisiw? Haha!

Anyway, I still think I'm a dog person deep inside. I mean Chuckles is only the 2nd cat I have grown to love (the first one was an old cat of my uncle's, because he's a cat person. I would play with his cat whenever we'd visit), compared to Blackie, Brownie, Spot, Choco, Chop Chop, Clinton, Hammie, (another) Brownie, etc. Besides, I don't feel guey inside when I see stray cats on the alleys, haha!

For now, I think it's safe to say that I am an all-creatures-that-are-cute person. You see, there was a time when I wanted baby polar bears for a pet, haha!

Click here for a video of Chuckles, battling it out with a toy stuffed dog, haha! Man, she's fierce!

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