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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

23 Philosophical Questions

This tag by a friend is long overdue, haha! Anyway, I just chose 23 questions to answer. (Why 23? Nothing really... 23 ang edad ko, paki mo?) I tried to be witty but I think I failed, hehe! You be the judge. But I did answer some questions seriously.

What is the meaning of life?
Life is what you make it. Yaak! What a cliché. Hmm, but seriously… Ano nga ba? Err… Life is the hell we have to go through in order to be able to savor the experience of heaven in the end.

If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear, does it make a sound?
Of course it does. Duh! It is the sound of silence. Haha!

What is the fundamental flaw in human nature? Pride or greed?
Neither – it’s stupidity. It’s not knowing or realizing the more important things in life.

Would you kill one person to save a thousand? However, that one person is the most important human being in your life. Would you still do it?
Nathan Petrelli, is that you? Haha! If in that ‘thousand’ PGMA, Erap and their respective partners-in-crime are included, then I wouldn’t save them at all!

Are men naturally polygamous?
This I haven’t tested myself. Wish ko lang.. haha! Monogamy nga, olats na, poly pa kaya?

Are women naturally competitive with other women?
I think everyone is naturally competitive with everyone else.

"If all the world's a stage and we are merely players..." what game are we playing?
The SIM City 4! Haha! In fairness, 2 simoleons ang bahay namin, hehe!

Have you been accused of being a genius?
All the time. If only they could see the frequency of 5.0s on my class cards, then they would think twice.

In a society where everyone is "entitled to their opinion", what place is there for Right and Wrong?
Edi pag-botohan na lang. Mga Kapamilya, ang gusto ni Big Brother, kayo ang mag-desisyon!

If it was never illegal, would you have killed someone by now?
Oh yes! Quite a number of them actually. Mga salot sa lipunan. As is seriously, the world will be a better place without them.

Does everything in the world have an opposite? If no, give an example.
“Yes” na lang, para wala nang sample sample.

How do you define personal honor?
Personal honor is… erm… ah! It is your set of principled values and being true to them with minimal compromises. ABS-CBN, on a current ad, called it integrity. Whether the station itself indeed has one, is another story, hehe! Go Kapamilya!

How would you describe the color blue to a blind person?
Haven’t I heard this from a beauty pageant just recently? Anyway… Blue is the color of your energy. Ay wait, amber pala yun! Uhm.. Ah! Blue is the kind of light that has a wavelength of 400nm. Oha, oha! Haha!

How will you prove that genuine love exists?
I mean, human have survived on earth for this long, right? So there.

What is the greatest unsolved mystery on earth?
Bakit ang mga bakla, hindi naman nanganganak, pero dumadami. No offense to gay people out there, because I have gay friends. Pero yun nga, bakit nga kaya? Is it hereditary? Hehe!

Given infinity, will all that is possible eventually happen?
Why not, chocnut? Who among the living right now can verify it when it actually happens anyway?

Is it better to be uncertain about something forever, or know the truth and be very hurt through all your life?
Hurt is a relative word. Hurt can be controlled to a negligible magnitude with the right amount of healing and the right kind of attitude. But questions due to uncertainty will forever be, well, questions.

If you saw a yellow ball but everyone told you it was purple, who would you believe? If no, what would you do to prove your side?
Who says I want to? I don’t have an obsessive fondness of either color, anyway. Buti pa sana kung blue.

Is education the filling of a pail, or the lighting of a fire?
Education is the labeling of the pail or the fire. Learning is what fill the pail or what lights the fire.

Is a lie a lie, if everybody knows it is?
A lie is a lie, regardless of who knows it. Malay ko ba kung in denial lang ang lahat! Bahala sila.

Imagine yourself experiencing a car accident. What happens and how does everything look like after the accident?
I will live, but I will be in a coma for months. My family and friends will visit me everyday. They would always tell me stories about what I am missing, wishing I was conscious to put a funny spin on things. And then there will come a time when they would really need my badly for an advice. They would cry at my bedside and their tears will miraculously wake me up. Tapos paggising ko, babatukin ko sila, “Natulog lang ako nang matagal, anu-ano na pinang-gagawa mo! Ayan kasi ayaw mong makinig sa akin, yada, yada, yada..” Oh diba, kahit naka-coma, updated sa chika! Haha!

Do you ever wonder if you're already dead and this is just your life flashing before your eyes?
Not really. But if ever, my gard! What a life I had pala! No wonder I am already dead, hehe!

Should the conservative Christian husband of an atheist woman allow her to have an abortion if there's a chance the kid might grow up and turn into a gay Mormon?
Teka, san ba nakatira ang pamilyang ito?! Haha! Love one another na lang, para walang problema.

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