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Friday, January 04, 2008

Just Quoting Out Loud

I first had a cellphone when I graduated high school. Back then, having one was still some sort of a status symbol. But since I will be away from home for college (and since it was uso, haha!), I was finally able to convince my parents to buy me one after two years of prodding. Funny how I remember the main reason I had in mind when I first tried to ask for a cellphone back in sophomore year -- I wanted to play Snake and Memory during my free time, haha!

I wouldn't exactly say that I was a heavy texter. When I first had a cellphone, my monthly budget was P250 -- the smallest prepaid card denomination back then. Then the P250-card was phased out so adjusted my monthly texting budget to P300. Even when the AutoLoad Max service was introduced, I still opted for prepaid cards because I figured, the cumulative total I would get to spend would still be the same. So prepaid cards were the wiser choice for me -- may free texts pa. If ever I would consume all the amount before the month ends (which rarely happens), I wouldn't load up til the 1st day of the next month. It was a self-imposed regulation so as to not overspend on texting. My text-life was going along fine until they introduced unlimited texting.. Wushu, haha!

I have been a Globe Unlitxter since the promo was introduced way back in 2005. Aside from the convenience it affords me when trying to communicate with friends, orgmates or classmates, I also have fun receiving and forwarding quotes of all kinds. But I am not the annoying type who would forward like 5-10 messages within 30 minutes. I choose what I forward -- only the really funny jokes and really sensible quotes on life and/or love.

Normally, my sources for the stuff that I forward are my fellow Unlitxters. But ever since they canceled the 5-Day Unlitxt service last December 14, forwarded texts of good quality have been scarce.

So during my free time (read: before I go to sleep, lying in my bed at 3 in the morning, haha!)I try to compose my own forwarded texts. The texting circle's reception of my quotes was quite amusing and overwhelming, not to mention unexpected, haha! Each time I would forward these texts, more than the usual number of people would react for different reasons -- kesyo natatamaan, nakaka-relate, or may kakilala sila na pwedeng tamaan or makaka-relate. What's even more flattering is when some of my friends would forward it back to me after a few days, probably forgetting that it was I who sent the same forwarded text to them.

"The One That Got Away"

Such an 'aww'-inducing label we refer to people who once meant everythng to us.

But did they really mean as much?
For if so, why did we lose them without a fight? Why did we let them walk away, just like that?

Whose fault is it anyway? That one who got away, or us who let them let go of us?

Surely, we don't wanna bump into each other 19 years after and realize, it's them we've been really missing..

all along..
"Rekindling old flames"

If it didn't work out the first time, do we really think it might just this time around? Well, after all, we don't know for sure what we've got til it's gone.

The challenge is to pick up from where we left off. But how do we re-ignite the sparks that were lost?
As the old saying goes, 'where there's smoke, there's fire'.

But I say, 'play with fire, you get burned'.

"Timing is everything"
Or is it?
When the universe moves heaven and earth to conspire against you and your 'the one' to meet at the right place at an exact time, can you do anything to stop it?
But in the times that you can, will you 'just do it' or take your time?
Take note, when you rethink your moves too much too long, blaming it on wrong timing or the universe is just an excuse.
For no man with balls lets his woman wait too long..
"Thank You"

We can mean it, but we can also blurt it out by default.

It can be hurtful when not said too often. But when heard unexpectedly, truthfully and humbly, it can make a whole lot of difference.

It's weird really, how we yearn to hear it from other people, when we don't say it as often as we sincerely should ourselves.

Remember, a little genuine appreciation every now and then can touch other lives in more ways than you can imagine.
"Wrong decisions"

Mistakes, that's what they are. Some are rectifiable, some are not.
Either way, we must accept and admit it's not one of our best moments and move on, whilst learning the lesson it brings with it.
But what if our unwise decision proves to be painful? Or worse, seems to be irretractable?

Can we still make it right? How?

The best option remains to be, above all, to do what is right..
And not just what will make us happy..

If and when you receive these forwarded texts, tell them you know who made them.. Feeling sikat! Haha!
Tell them I do accept orders for quotes for different emotions and situations, haha!

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