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Friday, June 09, 2006

Top 10 Types of Friends

Eto, nakalkal ko lang sa My Documents ko, isang lumang artik. Naalala ko lang na hindi ko pa pala ito naipopost sa blog ko, hehe. Winawarningan ko na kayo, medyo corny o madrama ang topic. But while you're at it anyway, isipin niyo na rin kung ilan sa mga kaibigan niyo ang ganito. Kung marami, ang swerte swerte mo. Especially yung mga lower number, kasi in order to. =p

10. High school friends
High school friends will be forever special in your life whether you will maintain contact with them or not after you graduate. They’re the people who had a big impact on your adolescent years – the time when whatever you’ll experience will greatly affect your future personality, ideology or outlook in life and the time when your hormones were raging (still raging up until present, I suppose, hehe).

9. The type who share your interests
What’s the latest NBA standings? Hey, let’s play Dota! Let’s watch MYMP this Saturday at Hilaga! Let’s play 123 Pass! Let’s have a Desperate Housewives marathon! Birds of the same feather flock together. When you’re together, it’s like your in your own little world talking about your common denominator and you could go all day. Iyung tipong makukuha pang ma-OP pati mga syota niyo kapag nagkita na kayo! =p

8. The type you don’t see often yet you still keep the bond
There are friends who see each other less than 5 times in a year, sometimes only during special occasions and therefore aren’t really updated on each other’s lives. They may have heard about general stuff like your most recent heartache or achievement, but they don’t really know the details. But when you do see each other, it’s like it was only yesterday since you last saw each other. It’s like there this Globe-like ribbon that keeps you connected despite the distance or silence.

7. The type whose company you enjoy
Acutally, katulad lang to ng #9 eh, pero iba pa rin. Enjoying each other’s company when you do a common hobby is one thing; enjoying each other’s company outside your common world is another. One of life ironies is that while birds of the same feather flock together, unlike poles attract. Sometimes it’s your chemistry together that makes you good friends with someone, despite and in spite of your differences.

6. The type who helps in problematic situations
Sa oras ng pangangailangan, doon mo talaga malalaman kung sino ang kaibigan mo. Whether it’s as simple as installing your new motherboard when you don’t even know what it’s for; as hard as getting P6,500 credited back into your ATM account (because the damn cash dispenser didn’t work!); or as painful as mending a broken heart, our people support would surely come in handy -- lalu na kapag walang kapalit.

5. The type who can be blatantly honest to you
Who can tell you to your face (without a violent reaction on your part) that what you’re wearing isn’t very flattering? Or hat you’re too arrogant or rude? Or that what you’re doing is stupid? Not too many, right? Iba kasi kapag kaibigan mo ang nagsasabi ng mga ganitong bagay sa iyo. It’s because we are assured that they only mean well if and when they frankly jolt us back to reality from time to time.

4. The type who sticks with you through the bad times
Most of the time, friendship is about the companionship it provides. It’s the point of having a friend – to keep you from being alone, especially during the bad times. It’s during these times when you realize who’s for real or who’s fake. In short, someone who’ll be there for us through thick and thin -- yung hindi mang-iiwan.

3. The type with whom you can entrust your life with
Being responsible for another human being is no joke. If you have lots of friends to whom you can entrust your life with, then you’re very lucky for friends like these are rare. Diba nga, sila ang nilalagay mo sa contact-person-in-case-of-emergency sa mga index cards na pinapa-fill-up ng mga professor mo? You can tell them your dark secrets, without fearing you’d be judged or betrayed. They’re more like your brother or sister instead of simply a friend – like family.

2. The type who knows you inside out like the back of their hand
You can never lie or deny things from these people, because they’ll know. They know that you're allergic to eggs. They’ll know when you’re already in love even if you deny it. They’ll know that you’re not okay even if you’d say “I’m okay”. They know your dreams, secrets, the things you hate, the things you love. They can predict your behavior to certain situations. Kilalang-kilala ka nila, alam nila ang gagawin nila sa iyo sa tuwing masaya o malungkot ka.

1. The type you grow old with
Marriages that last for decades are truly remarkable and admirable, so are friendships that last for the rest of your lives. Time is one of the ultimate signs of genuine friendship. Kunwari may isang handaan tapos dadalhin niyo ang mga apo ninyo. Syempre, sama-sama silang maglalaro. Then little angels would come up to you while you’re chatting with old friends and ask you innocently, “Lola Jong Jong, ilang taon na kayo friends ni Lolo Wexie?” Ansarap isagot na, “Haha! Ever since we can remember, apo..”, diba? The whispers of ‘wow’ whilst you see the admiration in their eyes will definitely elicit priceless pride on your part.

Sa lahat ng friends ko, para sa inyo 'to! Aylabyu ol! Haha! Wushu.. =p Kilala niyo na kung sino kayo.

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