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Saturday, June 03, 2006

You are what you forward

It's been almost 10 months since Globe launched TXTNONSTOP and now that it is for good, it has been renamed UNLIMITXT. I know that I'm one of those who have been tirelessly forwarding all sorts of text quotes, syempre, sayang naman ang Unli ko diba? But lately, I've been a little kinda annoyed by it.

My cellphone number is 5 years old already -- I only got a phone when I graduated in High School. Hindi naman talaga ako pala-text na tao. Of course, aside from the usual communication with your friends and family, I also send quotes from time to time. Dati, ang prinsipyo ko ay 'I only forward what I really mean'. I don't forward quotes with mushy themes like I'm so thankful you're my friend to my mere acquaintances just for the sake of forwarding anything. I'd rather forward a joke or random words of wisdom. I save the more serious text quotes to my real and actual friends. Syempre, sayang ang piso no, at saka baka isipin pa nila feeling-close ako. But when unlimited texting came, it changed things a little. Well, my principle of forwarding only what I mean remains intact, but of course, I get to forward more jokes and random words of wisdom. But after almost 10 months of forwarding texts, some messages are starting to lose their meaning. I am not flattered at all when someone whom I haven't seen for years (but has remained in my phonebook, nevertheless) suddenly texts me, "when you're gone, my world will never be as happy." Aargh! Hindi ko alam kung kaplastikan ba iyon or kasinungalingan. Haha!

I have around 11 subfolders in my inbox just to organize the many texts I receive everyday. I have a subfolders for messages sent by orgmates, schoolmates in college and schoolmates in high school. I also have separate subfolders for jokes and love quotes. So one time, I realized that a select group of friends send me my daily dose of love quotes. Same is true for my funny quotes. Haha!

One time, I was with my friend when I received yet another tragic love quote from an acquaintance. I asked my friend, "Bakit ba may mga tao na ang hilig magforward ng mga sawing love quotes, no?" My friend only managed a shrug and a smile, "Hehe, eh kasi, nakaka-relate sila.." Oo nga naman. When I look at the brand of texts I forward, I realize that each quote I forward contains indeed a piece of myself. Exag ba? Haha!

Sige, isipin niyo tong mabuti. When you want to forward a joke, would you forward something that wasn't even funny to you? Hindi diba? So in effect, each text joke you forward represents something that made you laugh, which is therefore a little piece of your mind, of yourself.

When you receive a tragic love quote, mapapa-'awwww' ka ba when you're happy in love? Hindi masyado diba? The tragedy might thug a string in your heart, but since you know first hand how a blooming lovelife feels like, you'd probably erase the text after reading it. Instead, you'd prefer to send love quotes with happily-ever-after endings, right?

As for me, I try to put some variety to the messages I forward. OC talaga ako! Haha! I like sending jokes because I know how good it feels when somebody texts you a funny joke in a random time of the day and it so happened that at that very moment, a good laugh is what you needed the most. Pero syempre, hindi naman puro joketime ang totoong buhay. I also love sending meaningful messages that I get from the stuff that I read, the shows that I watch (especially Desperate Housewives) and sometimes, from the lessons I personally experience. You'll never know what good effect each lesson-packed text you send could bring to the people in your forwarding lists.

I rarely send love quotes nowadays. Why? Maybe it's because love isn't a very appealing topic for me right now. Haha! Bitter Ocampo! Hehe! Plus, I don't receive a lot of love quotes that are worth forwarding for me. I don't really like those tragic love quotes that I get all the time from the same people. The message I get is bordering on depressing and miserable -- that it's better to not love at all because you'd just end up getting hurt. Love is one of the broadest topics in the world, its being painful is just a portion of it. Can't they forward any positive things about love? Pwede naman diba? =p

It's also then I realized that we are what we forward. Comment nga ng friend ng Ate ko, may kalokohan din pala ako sa katawan nang mabasa niya ang mga finoforward kong messages sa kanya, akala kasi niya lagi akong serious. When you mass-forward text messages, you don't only proclaim to the texting population that you are on UNLIMITXT (aminin mo, nagfoforward ka lang, kasi sayang ang UNLIMITXT mo? Hehe). It's as good as letting people know how you are feeling or what you are thinking at the moment. Tama ba ako? You forward something you want to share, especially when it's virtually free. Haha! Something made you laugh -- so you decide to share the laughter! Something made you awwww -- so you decide to share it! Haha! Something made you learn a lesson -- so you decide to share the good realization. Naku! May naisip tuloy ako. So what does it means when you forward too much green jokes? =p

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