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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Answer the King! 1: You want what you cannot have

INSTRUCTIONS: Just share your own thoughts on the featured statement of question. It's as easy as that. Feel free to share your wisdom and elaborate on your answers. I'll edit this post as you share your comments to show them off. And yeah, don't forget to include your links, para free plugging na rin, as always! =p

"You want what you cannot have."

I want chocolates, does that mean it's because I can't have some? Haha! Mamilosopo ba?! Well, of course, we all know it's not as easy and logical as that. I think this will only hold true when we're not contented with what we have. It's normal to want more in life (in any aspect of it), but there's a thin line between ambition and obsession. More so, I think it's where our curiosity comes into play.

(My comments in parenthesis are italicized).
Your answers:
1. If you're sick and bawal sayo isang bagay, yun lagi ang masarap. Sa love, yung bawal at hindi pwede ang laging may spark.. It's because WE CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING that we want
(Best sentence of your answer! =p). No matter how much we want that special something or special someone, most of the times, we can't simply have it. Maybe that's how it really works. Yes you can have some, but anything in excess is bad.

2. We can't have the world. Why? Because it's too big, we can't carry it, we can't put it in our bag; it's not handy. Even if we want the world, we can't have it. Having the world is not also fashionable to carry, but we want it. Why do we want the world? I don't know with those bunch of fools. (Haha! Yun lang! =p)

Simple lang naman yung para sa akin. Yep, tama yung statement na yan, gugustuhin naman talaga natin yung bagay na wala tayo, diba? At mas lalo pa tayo magkaka-desire sa isang bagay na alam natin na kailanman hindi magiging atin, unless na lang kung sumuko na tayo at hindi na natin aasamin ang bagay na hindi natin makakamit. Mahirap naman din kasi umasa.

4. You want what you cannot have because you stop wanting to want the things you have. Di ba?

5. Elma's reply could be the be-all and end-all explanation for this statement, if it were phrased as "You want what you DON'T have". Since it says "...what you CANNOT have", the statement has a very different meaning. Not everybody wants what they cannot have. Thus, this statement cannot be considered as an accepted fact among the entire population. (Yeah, it only holds true in certain situations.) I cannot have the world, and neither would I want it.

6. You want clear skin, you want to be a little whiter with manageable hair, you want a kick-ass set of beard and moustache, you want a muscular body, you want six-pack abs, you want to have a great singing voice -- but you CANNOT have that. You were born the way you were. (I disagree in parts with the last sentence. Yes, we were born the way we were. There are things that we can improve on, but not everything. A tanned complexion or a baritone voice, we cannot change, but a healthier or buffed up body, we can work on -- if want to. In short, you're right, the things we cannot change, we must accept. I just want to add that for the things we can change or improve on, then we should. Besides, libre ang mangarap, sabi nga ng Kamikazee, (",)
You want a beautiful girlfriend, you want higher grades, you want a car, you want a laptop -- because you DO NOT have any of this. (Until you have them, hehe!)

7. Dati, sa lovelife ganyan ako. Now, sa career. But it's okay. I just leave everything to God. 'Cause sa lovelife, when I don't get who I want, after a while I become thankful. Parang hirap pag naging kami pala.

8. The want of something makes one move. Wanting what one cannot have makes everything move forever. Wanting of that something is the reason why we still live. (Naks, pinaka-profound na sagot so far, hehe!)

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