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Friday, May 05, 2006

Top 10 Signs You're An Unlimitxt Addict

(Nga pala, Top 10 ito but these entries are not arranged in any particular order)

1 Just because it is free, you text simple replies like ‘k’ or ‘c ya!’. Minsan nga eh, kahit wala ka nang masabi or mai-comment, nagtetext ka pa ng ‘hehe’ or ‘hehehehehehe’ para lang makapagreply. Samahan mo pa ng (“,)!

2 You send quotes by the minute. As in when your Globe friends wake up in the morning, bulaga! ‘15 new messages’, tapos 10 sa mga iyon, galing sayo. Sometimes even, you and another addict friend forward the same quote to your common set of friends. At kamusta naman ang 2 minutes na gap!

3 You laugh more often nowadays. It’s because more jokes are sent anytime of the day. Green jokes are a staple. Lahat ba ng katulong ay either bobo o kabit? Well, oo, corny na kung minsan at pareho-pareho na lang. Pero in fairness, sikat ulit si Erap. Diba Kuya Mike? (Oo, alam namin na ine-edit mo mga jokes mo! Lalu na kapag may inverted na ‘?’ mark! Haha!)

4 You organized your phonebook contacts into groups. As in separate ang mga Globe sa mga ibang networks. Then aside, from that, you also classified your Globe friends furthur. Mayroong by degree of closeness sa iyo, or by org, or by school, etc. So that it’s easier and faster to forward quotes. Malas mo na lang kung walang ganitong feature ang iyong phone. Lagyan mo na lang ng ‘Globe – ’ para sunod sunod na when you use that ‘send to many’ option.

5 You feel like it’s one of the capitalist world’s greatest injustice if you don't send anything. So kahit ano na lang ay sinesend mo. Minsan, mistula kang bulletin board (Pips, genmeet today.. Come at the tambayan.. NOW!). O kaya naman, parang blog (Shet! Gustong mag-voluntary exit ni Aldred! Waaaa! =‘C). Worst case scenario: ‘Gud pm po.. Wla lng, mgeexpire na unli ko maya-maya.. Sinusulit lang.. Nytie!’.

6 You always get that annoying ‘General System Error!’ info-pop. Poor, poor phone of yours – it is being abused. Kung magext ka kasi, tig-4 parts! Sinu-sino pa kachismisan mo! Ayan tuloy, nagkaka-sending overload ang iyong pobreng telepono. Hinay hinay naman. Napapagod na ang mga cellphone ngayon.

7 You hear that imaginary message alert tone of yours every now and then. Feeling mo naman, laging may nagtetext sa iyo. And you really feel disappointed I don't see that tiny sort-of-dialog-box in your phone screen. Don’t worry, nagkataon lang na lahat kayo hindi makapag-register. Haha!

8 When you hear an inspirational, sensible or simply nice quote from a movie / TV show or read it from a book, you get your phone or a piece of paper and write it down. Tapos, you forward it to your friends. Feeling naman ng friends mo, napakagaling mo at ikaw nag-compose nga mga iyon. Dapat kasi, lagyan mo ng “ ” marks. Sige ka, baka makasuhan ka ng plagiarism.

9 Your etiquette and/or breeding has become more refined, not to mention your thoughtfulness and politeness, because you greet all types of daily greetings like ‘Good morning, Philippines!’ – haha, feeling TV host. How about ‘Good night, ’? Aba, may effort! Talagang personalized isa isa pa yan ha.

10 If you're not yet registered, and a Globe friend is asking a question, you wait till your Unlimitxt gets activated before you actually reply. Kamusta naman ang 50 years bago mangyari iyon diba?! You’re bursting with so much to say, but you just can't. It’s when the pagka-kuripot sets in. At least 90¢ na lang ang text ngayon, diba?

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