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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ask The King!

Awww shucks! Another week passed by and I still don't have a decent follow-up to my usual rants and raves. And now that I finally can squeeze an hour to blog, I don't know what to talk about! Darn!

Since I'm experiencing a total writer's block right now, I figured I let you decide on what I'd talk about here. Yeah, yeah, darn excuse, haha! But you see, I have always wanted a Q&A section on my blog, just like what Vinks used to have. But I never figured how to use those online query forms, haha! So now, I feel, is the perfect time to do that.

INSTRUCTIONS: Ask anything! And I will summon all the power that I can get to answer your question. Anything goes. You can ask for my opinion on something. You can ask a hypothetical question. You can ask a beauty pagaent question! You can even ask for a completely objective advice, haha! =p Or maybe ask anything about me. I edit this post to write my answers to the questions as I read them.

Fire away! Guys, be as creative as you want to be, hehe. If the question is too personal, I will not be offended, I will just politely tell you, the answer is something I cannot post in here, hehe.

So there, I will wait on the questions. In the meanwhile, I have to get back to what I need to do. Haaay.. Ayoko nang mag-aral!!! ='(


1) Is love a social construct? - Donya
Grabe, 1st question pa lang, 'love' na! Anhirap naman! I think everything we perceive are based on experience, except for our natural instincts and reflexes. Unless you consider 'love' or 'loving' to be an 'instinct' or a 'reflex', then love is indeed a social contruct, haha! Plus, not all of us look at love at a very objective perspective. (9.25.2006)

2) True or false. We cannot not communicate. - xienah
Ito namang isang to, kinailangan ko pang kalkalan sa baul ang Philo 1 skills ko, haha! My answer is TRUE. Negation of a negation eh, haha! That and the 'no man is an island' cliche. (9.25.2006)

3) What is love? - tintin
Nyuk nyuk! Love na naman! Haha! To answer the question. For me, love is true friendship with lust. Oha! Haha! Totoo naman eh, you should be good friends first before you can become lovers. For me, it's the friendship is the foundation of any relationship (aside from natural family ties). Plus, love is over-rated, haha! (9.25.2006)

4) Saan ka sa as umiistambay sa AS? Anong oras? Kelan? - edgar
Aba Edgar, may balak ka bang i-stalk ako? Haha! Sa UP Aguman tambayan ako tumatambay sa AS, sa may tabi ni Manang photocopier malapit sa 1/F, Girls' CR. Kami yung mga maiingay na tila nag-ge-German or Chinese, haha! Kailan? Every vacant ko especially lunchtime, andun ako, pero hindi masyado this week, kasi super busy! (9.26.2006)

5) If you were given 3 wishes, what would those be? - Jhed
Haha! Jologs, pero interesting to. Sa ngayon, ang wish ko ay MORE TIME, MORE TIME at MORE TIME! Haha! Pwede na ba iyon? =p Pwede ring more money, para pang-Starbucks, kasi malapit na matapos ang taon, kailangan makakuha ulit ako ng Starbucks Planner, haha! Tsaka nga pala, sana tuluyan na akong makapag-drive at makakuha ng license this sembreak, hehe. (9.26.2006)

6) What are your top 10 favorite song of all time!? - Juice
OMG! This is so hard! =p Since I have to answer this in a jiffy, I'll choose the 10 that enter my mind first. Not in any order: Westlife - Obvious, Mariah Carey - We Belong Together, Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You, Avril Lavigne - Fall To Pieces, Bellefire - Pieces Of You, Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You, Bic Runga - Sway, Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road, Carrie Underwood - Lessons Learned, & Jojo - Leave (Get Out). Darn! Andami ko pang gustong idagdag! Haha! I didn't include any OPM entry, because it's so haard!! (9.26.2006)

7) Ano ang hidden talent (kung meron man) ng king op tsokoleyts? - Dindin
Hmm, I can move my ear lobes. Haha! Hindi naman talent yun eh, hehe, it's more like a 'weird skill'! =p Ano pa ba. I can type pretty fast. I can't remember my WPM rate eh, but it's safely say it is pretty fast. My friends say so, too. I guess it's the typewriter training I got when I was little, haha! Plus, when our very first personal computer came, I installed a typing tutor to help me with the correct finger positions. =p (9.26.2006)

8) W
hat do you think about marriage? Sa tingin mo - anong taon ka mag-aasawa? - utakGAGO
Naks, naman, an-serious! Hmm, I guess I believe in marriage. For me, it's the ultimate big gesture, the ultimate form of commitment. It means you're willing to spend your lifetime with your lover, diba? As for my marrying age, I think it's safe to say I would want to marry in my early 30s. I don't have a specific age target. My target is my financial stability, haha! Gusto ko magawa ko lahat ng gusto kong gawin as an individual bago ako maki-sawsaw sa buhay ng ibang nilalang. (9.27.2006)

9) What is your gift for your friend on his upcoming birthday? - jigs
Naku, napaka-PERSONAL na question, hahaha! =p Ano bang gusto mo? I'll figure something out, don't worry. Let's get together ha? (9.27.2006)

10) Anong course mo? Bakit mo ito kinuha? - dxter
Kaw naman, hindi mo pa ba nabasa sa sidebar ko? Hehe. BS Computer Engineering. Bakit? Kasi noong high school, nag-enjoy ako nang sobra sa Computer subject. Akala ko madali lang, hindi pala! Haha! If given a chance to have a another degree, I would take BS Geography or BS Psychology. O diba? Napaka-related?! Haha! (9.27.2006)

If you were brought back to the time when you are to choose your course, would you still opt for BS CoE? Why? - elma
Whoa blockmate! Seryosong tanong to ah! Hmm. I DON'T KNOW. The thing is, we always complain how hard our course is, but still, inspite of having a chance to shift out year after year, we didn't. Diba? Hehe. Plus,I haven't reaped the benefits of toiling hard to get the degree. Alam ko na sa ngayon, puro hirap pa muna. Saka na yung saya. Hehe. It's easy to say that I'd choose another course, just because those courses are easier. But no pain, no gain, right? Psychology and geography will always interest me though.

12) Convince me that your super favorite WESTLIFE is better than the Backstreet Boys ( ;p ) - gee
Hindi naman question to eh! The thing is, I won't answer it, hehe. I have reasons why I prefer the Irish more than the American, but THAT'S JUST ME. =p I can always say why I like them better, but I won't convince you to think the same. I am simply not like that. But why do I like Westlife better? I don't know. Basta mas nagustuhan ko lang talaga sila, haha! =p I thought they made better music and they were better role models (yak, this was way back in high school pa ha! Haha!). Well, until Bryan was addicted to booze and Mark admitted he was gay. But I am not saying being gay is bad! Because honestly, you can't be a role model for boys if you aren't a boy, right? Hehe! =p

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