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Friday, September 29, 2006

It did felt like a thousand years

When it was still raining hard last Wednesday night, I knew there must be a typhoon. So by the time I was able to watch the evening news at our orgmate's apartment, I was able to officially confirm my hunch. I even found it amusing that its name was Milenyo. And indeed, yesterday felt like a thousand years! Geesh the day was so boring!

So here is how my day went:

10.30am - So I woke up late because, of course, classes are suspended. But alas! When I couldn't turn on the lights at our CR to pee, I realized that there was no power. OMG! I knew it was going to be very bad day. I started to wish there were classes instead, haha!

10.40-11.40am - I used up the charge of my laptop to watch the 5th episode of Prison Break. After that, my laptop, which is my constant savior when it comes to curving boredom, was practically useless

11.45am - Despite the arctic temperature of the tap water, me and my housemate decided to take a bath already. We feared supply of water would be cut eventually (thank God, it wasn't). I personally thought that at least, I would feel clean the rest of the boring day.

12.00nn-1.30pm - Would you believe, I was on acad mode! Bwahaha! I finished one technical paper for my research and around 2 topics for my 4th exam on ME 63 next week. After that, I couldn't take the boredom anymore!

1.30-5.30pm - Jerome, my roommate, dediced to kill time by playing Super Pusoy. So even if our deck of playing cards were missing the King of Clubs and King of Diamonds, we played anyway, haha! We played a total of 25 games! My gard! Haha! He won, 14-11. After that, he suggested we play Scrabble instead. Unfortunately, it was more boring! I won though, by around 15pts.

6.30pm - After changing our minds many times, the two of us decided to go to our orgmates' apartment at the Teacher's Village. At least, the more the merrier, haha!

8.00-10.00pm - Jerome (roommate), Paul (orgmate) and Porshe (another orgmate, whose apartment we gatecrashed, hehe), played a game of Slave Pusoy Dos. (O diba, dalawang klase ng Pusoy Dos ang nalaro namin the whole day! Haha!).

10.00pm - the four of us decided to go the nearest Mini Stop store to find something to nibble. But alas, their generator conked out already. So instead, we decided to walk Jollibee Philcoa. Haha! Yep, we WALKED. We thought a little stormy midnight adventure would help us kill time and curve the boredom even for a little.

Good thing, Jollibee was open, sans all their ice cream dessert delights. It was so jampacked! There were so many students who took advantage of the power and review for their exams. Most of their exams are scheduled for tomorrow. But considering the beating that our beloved UP campus took from Milenyo, I highly doubt it if they would push through with the exams.

12.00mn - We decided to go home already, and just sleep the night away. After all, we were gonna go home to Pampanga first thing in the morning.

Just so you can get an idea how crazy we were when we decided to walk to Philcoa, here's a map, courtesy of WikiMapia.

Green dot: That is our apartment at Krus Na Ligas Heights.
Blue dot: That is our orgmate's apartment at 51 Matimtiman, Teacher's Village.
Red dots and the white line: red dots are Mini Stop and Jollibee Philcoa, and the white line is the road we walked in the middle of a stormy night.

I have no idea how far was that. All in all, it's approximate 50 houses. But it was fun actually. Hehe!

So there, the day was such a drag. But hey, before you start thinking how insensitive I am for immaturely ranting about a BORING day while the rest of country is starting to recover from the destruction caused by Milenyo, know that at the end of the BORING day, I still prayed for those others who suffered more than a day of boredom. This is the worst storm that Metro Manila experienced in a decade. Somehow, I hope that things will be back to normal once again, especially at our campus. I heard that UP Diliman's many trees weren't spared. And the poor trees took a lot of electric posts with them on their way down. Haay..

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