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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Best of, erm, kingofchocolates! =p

In celebration of my 100 posts, I'm putting together a sort of "best of" for my blog. On second, it's not exactly the "best of", it's more actually like my Top 10 favorite posts, hehe. These are the posts that really mean a lot to me. Kumbaga eto yung mga post na binigyan ko talaga ng panahon na isulat. Some of them are so old, I'm sure you haven't rea them yet, considering that I've only been active in the bloggosphere only recently. Some of them don't even have any comments at all, haha!

To make a lame attempt to spice up this 'momumental' post, I have asked a guest blogger to 'critique' my favorites! So here's the blogger who seems to be on everyone's links and tagboards, haha! =p

Hey guyzzz, guess who this is…Nope, it’s not Rex. It’s me Jigs. Shhhh, I’m a guest writer in this freakishly bright and jovial blog. Ouch, my eyes hurt! According to my sources, Rex has reached his 100th post mark and has made a Top Ten list. Ha! Let’s me see if the ones he chose, really deserve special mention. Lord, though I walk through valley of the shadow of death. LOL!

1. Isaw
JIGS: A fictional story which is probably loosely based in the love life of Rex. It’s about this hidden desire of a guy for a girl he hangs out with often (hmmm, where have I heard this before). It’s like an insignificant scene from a teeny bopper show which got cut because it lacked substance! Well, that’s just me, I hate love stories.

REX: Hoy, hoy, this is so not based on my love life, but on my friends' lovelives. The only element of Rex here is the allergic to something part. And yeah, I don't eat isaw, haha! =p

In search of the perfect blogsite address
JIGS: This one is about the quest of Rex to come up with his current blog address. Personally, I didn’t like ANY of the first ones he came up with. It focused too much on one thing and not on who Rex really is. As for the suggestion of the housemates, I wouldn’t consider it even if it was the last blog address available. As for his current blog address, I think it will suffice, but I do think it CAN get Rexier than that.

REX: Oh yeah, what's your suggestment? LOL! (Oh no, I actually wrote 'LOL'!?)

3. Finding the one
JIGS: A serious raving post for the ladies (and maybe even the guys) about one’s desire to be in a relationship and to find Mr. Right. All I can say about this one is that ­– I actually have no critique regarding this one for I fully agree. Weird isn’t it? But I will say that couples shouldn’t think that single people are sad because they don’t have a partner. Do not limit the boundaries of love to just boyfriend and girlfriend.

REX: This was an essay-writing piece about LOVE. Wala lang , trip-trips lang. It is so unromantic that I didn't win, haha!

4. I'm scared
JIGS: Rex has found the confidence and strength he once had, but now fears that the same strength and self-esteem he found will restrain him from loving again. This post for me is too whiney. So your heart got broken, big effing deal, that’s part of being in love! It’s either the love you give is reciprocated or denied. You have to be ready for any outcome. I still don’t want to believe that he actually let his grades slip because of this. That’s not at all the Rex I know. The Rex I know would advice this crybaby to suck it up and move on! Sulking on a love lost will do you no good.
REX: Well, the Rex you know is only human, hehe. 'Nuff said.

5. Quiet desperation
JIGS: A powerful evocation about Rex’s shortcomings in his academic life; this is a good description for this post. He expressed all the pain and regrets he felt when he encountered challenges he thought he will never imagine, more so, feel. I only wished he shared this with me earlier. When I learned of this, I was so mad at Rex, I said to him, what kind of a friend am I if you cannot share this with me?! I was so pissed that just because I’m not in Diliman, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be there to back him up. And what really bothered me is that when he posted this, James and I didn’t even get a special mention! LOL!
REX: Andrama mo naman! For your information, I actually shared this to you. My AguFriends don't know why I wrote this piece. They knew I had problems, but they didn't know what was going on inside my mind. =p As for the special mention, real friends don't need that. Belat! =p Besides, andami-dami niyo, panira naman ng post kung babanggitin ko kayong lahat na kaibigan ko.

6. 20 + 1 = 21
JIGS: This is Rex’s becoming an official adult and celebrating his debut for guys! This is a pivotal age for most of us because we can do anything at this age. I don’t remember attending or even being invited to Rex’s 21st birthday! Maybe it’s because I too am getting old. LOL! Don’t rush into life; savor every sweat, tear and joy you experience. Rex, don’t worry about your age, you don’t look a day over 25. Wahahaha!
REX: Sus, it's because you were so busy with your Christmas vacation. Pero actually, us three didn't get a chance for a Christmas break get-together. I don't know why. Wala ring nag-yaya eh.

7. Condom
JIGS: It’s all about trust. It takes so long to earn but can easily crumble in a blink of an eye. What’s up with the title, being creative are we? Anyway, I do think that trusting easily is one of Rex’s flaws. He believes in the goodness of others while I am wary of the evil in them.
REX: Everything happens for a reason. I still don't get the reason for this, up until now, hehe.

8. Cold war
JIGS: One of the toughest “wars” Rex has ever faced in his life. A broken friendship and a cold shoulder, who should be the bigger man? Who will emerge from the wreckage? I think this is the sequel of the Condom post. Once again, you were over thinking things. Basically, It’s either he apologizes or you initiate the ceasefire process (no pun intended).
REX: Haha! Para namang trailer sa pelikula ito! Haha! Haay, ewan ko nga ba, remember in high school, I used to hate the same batchmate of ours with the same name? Haha! Sa 5 taong kilala ko na may ganong pangalan, isa lang ang mabait! Haha!

9. April Fools
JIGS: In this post, Rex talks about his view on being a delayed student and not graduating on time. He reminisced about his High School graduation and how different he is now from then. Haaaay Rex, you expect to much from yourself and I believe that you feel the pressure from outside influences comparing your HS achievements from your college experience. And finally, it’s to add salt to the wound, not injury. LOL!
REX: I also have inside influences, you know. =p

10. Ashleykins, my dear bitch
JIGS: A night of disorder, strong rain and an energetic dog proved to be a recipe for a good blog post. Rex ponders on man’s relationship with his bestfriend. Well, I agree that Ashley really is a Bitch! I can’t believe you would compare a dog to a human in terms of scolding them and of having a conscience. I’m still not fond of dogs…
REX: Up until now, magulo pa rin siya. =p

It took me forever to finish this but at least I was able to do it. I do hope people who read this wouldn’t think I’m really this mean. This is just for fun and to commemorate Rex’s achievement! Congratulations my friend! =p

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