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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blogs Galore! 11

Woo hoo! It's time for an updates galore!


Actually, it was more like '100 meters to 100 meters', haha! I was able to catch the Westlife concert last September 4 at the Araneta Coliseum. It turned out I was not alone, hehe. Acey, my orgmate, finally decided the night before that she will watch the concert as well. She was also a Westlife fan back in high school.
The venue was not packed at all. Maybe around only 52% of the seats were taken (oo, talagang cinompute ko pa yun, habang naghihintay, haha!). Well, it shouldn't be a surprise. Westlife is not at the peak of their popularity. I'm sure only the old loyal fans were there to watch them on what could be their last visit to Manila before they would finally disband. At least, konti lang ang magsi-si-sigaw diba.
As a fan, I really enjoyed the music, it was worth the wait and every penny. They didn't sing my Top 2 favorite songs though - Obvious and Fool Again, hehe. I loved the jazzy / bossa nova-ish version of Uptown Girl and the Don't Cha number, haha! Nakakatuwa sila.
I don't have any pictures, damn! I don't have a digicam. I tried using my 3660, but it was futile, haha! They were effing hundred meters away, wala namang zoom tong camphone ko. I recorded the whole concert on my MP3 player though. =p


Haha! My friends like my blue highlights! Actually, depending on the angle of the light, some parts appear to be purple, hehe. As expected, they were surprised. "Anong naisip mo bat ginawa mo yan?", one asked (but in an amused manner).
One of my orgmates asked another orgmate, "Tama ba ako? May blue yung buhok ni Rex, diba?" Bewildered by the question, the other orgmate answered, "Hmm, actually, oo nga, may blue nga ang buhok niya!"


Sheeeet!! It's almost the homestretch of this semester. Andami ko pang hindi nagagawa na dapat gawin, ahaha! I need Hermione's time turner, so that I can go back in time every now and then so I can catch up with some school work backlog, hehe. Thesis proposal for EEE 190, 2 more exams and finals for ME 63, 2 more exams in EEE 53 and Physics 104. Haaay... Good luck naman.


It's the UAAP Cheerdance Competition yet again this Sunday! Woohoo! Excited na ako.
It's always fun to watch the Cheerdance live because one can really feel the pride and the school spirit with every cheer you all chant in unison. It's a good thing UP finally decided to join after all, after last year's controversy about the judges. Gusto ko yun asaran part habang naghihintay ng start ng broadcast. All school are really taunting each other, hehe. Of course, the biggest crowds are UP and UST. =p I really hope that this time, we will bag the well-deserved crown, without any controversies. =p

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