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Saturday, September 30, 2006

3 Little Kings

I think I've mentioned them many times before, but I haven't really posted much about them. So while I tinker with the letters on my keyboard, they're currently taking bath at the bathroom around 2 meters from me, haha! Presenting, my uber cutsy nephews!

L-R: Jasper (turning 8 this month), Justin (5) and Darryl (turning 6 this month)

I am not sure if I've mentioned before that I don't really like kids, because they're so annoying to attend to, haha! But I love these boys so much, even if, yes, I hate having to take care of them when I have to, hehe! =p

Jasper is the genius. By the age of 3, he learned his first Backstreet Boys song and was able to enumerate the 9 planets, 7 days and 12 months in order, haha! By age 4, he has already memorized the lyrics of the songs from Westlife's first album! Wala siyang choice, yun ang lagi ko pinapatugtog noon! Anyway, he belongs to the SPED-FL (Fast Learners) section of his elementary school.

Justin is the future athlete, I think. My gard, he's better at shooting hoops than me! Haha! =p And he is the noisy one. As in dinig na dinig mo ang boses, lalu na pag naka-kulit mode siya.

Darryl is the comedian. Aside from us always joking about his appetite, he always throws the funniest punchlines! =p And to think that none of us put these ideas in his mind! Here are some of them:

Whenever I prepare special snacks or add something special to our ordinary ulam:
Darryl (obviously salivating over what I am eating): Lagi ka na lang nakaka-isip ng special! Pag ako natutong magluto ng special, hindi kita bibigyan!

On why I always stay up late and wake up late:
Darryl: Hmm! Ngayon ka pa lang gumigising! Lagi ka na lang late gumigising! Kasi, hindi mo agad ginagawa mga assignment mo, kaya hindi ka agad natutulog!

Whenever I bark on them when they are unruly:
Darryl: Mama! Bakit ba ang sungit-sungit ng kapatid mo! Lagi na lang siyang masungit!

There are lots more! I just couldn't remember them right now.

So there, meet my adorable and cute nephews. They can be really annoying most of the times, especially when they scatter their toys and stuff at my room. I mean, my own personal stuff in my room are messy enough, they don't have to aggravate the mess with their own mess, haha! =p But when they're on their I-am-so-lovable-and-adorable-hug-me mode, aww, I can't resist them. I am really not into kids, but I guess, you really can't help but love your own! =p

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