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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm blue!

Do you guys know the movie Girl Next Door? Anyway, this comedy had this as its tagline: What is the last outrageous thing you've done? You see the lead character played by Emile Hirsch here is a Mr Goody-Two-Shoes, honor student and a school leader. It's the stereotype where this type of guy is not supposed to commit any outrageous acts, especially the ones that would raise you Mama's hair.

So what, you may ask? Well, since it's application season in the org, I've been asked this very same question many times by the applicants (it's part of my requirement for my signature for them to ask me situational / beauty pagaent questions, the more intriguing the better).

Of course, my answer would be the same everytime: I raised considerable money to vote off a couple at our org's dating game last February, haha! Actually, it was more like an 'evil' thing to do, its adverse effects of which I still experience up until these days because of severed ties that doesn't seem to be that easily mendable.

It came to a point when I got sick and tired of having to retell my answer over and over again, because almost all of the 12 applicants seem to be asking the question. So I banned the question altogether, haha!

But as of tonight, the ban on that question has been lifted! Whoopie! May bago na akong isasagot sa tanong na iyon! Haha! Presenting... the picture to the right! Tadaaa! (As if naman, hindi niyo pa siya kanina nakita nung nag-load ang page eh ano, haha!)

So there, for the first time in my life, I had my hair colored, hehe. This is so not me, believe me!

I had wanted to do this since summer, but I was recently inspired by Benj, who had his hair colored as well, albeit a different and way cooler style. As you can see, mine is the usual streaks-all-over highlights. I chose dark blue though, as inspired by Aquamarine, hahaha! Besides, it's my favorite color. At least diba, kamukha ko na yung YM avatar ko, hahaha!

You might be thinking, "Ang OA naman nito! Parang nag-pakulay lang, ano namang outrageous doon?!" Oh well, for a school-rules abiding high school geek like me, this is outrageous enough. I myself am surprised why I am doing this. I just figured it's time to try something new, something that doesn't fit my usual personality profile. =p

Anyway, fingers crossed tomorrow, I am sure my friends will be super surprised. I may or may not get positive review on this 'makeover' I've done to my 'image', haha! Ni hindi ko nga alam kung kaya kong 'dalhin' ito. Syempre, diba, nasa pagdadala naman iyan.

Thanks to Jigs by the way, for his futile suggestions, haha! Hindi ko man na-apply, hehe!

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