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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh siya, shine naaaaa!

My hair has been a perennial problem for me ever since it dawned on my young mind how the world puts a huge premium on appearance.

I was born with a left-sided wavy hair. But my dream hair has always been a centered, flowing straight one. Great bangs would’ve been a great plus.

You know how they project it on TV shows and movies – wherein whenever the lead guy actors (assuming they're handsome) push their bangs back and it would fall off again, covering their dreamy eyes, the lead girl actresses would helplessly drool over them. Haha! Yeah, I know it sounds so, erm, baduy or whatever but that’s really the way I perceived ‘handsome’.

If you still can't imagine the look I am describing think Ben of A1 (he never changed hairstyle in his whole boyband career), Bryan of Westlife (his hairstyle on their first album) or Diether Ocampo (during his pa-innocent Gimik days, not these days where he poses as a rocker).

Of course, I know I will NEVER achieve my dream hair. But it has not stopped me from tyring, haha!

Would you believe that back in fourth year high school, I had my hair relaxed. Gawd, reminiscing back, urgh, it makes me cringe, hehe! Well in fairness to me, the curly tips of my hair were gone indeed (I’ve always believed that these curly ends makes my hair unmanageable). But of course, the straight effect was not forever, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

As for shampoos and conditioners, another ‘gawd’! I've tried almost everything, simply because I am hopeful enough to believe on their commercials. Pantene, Sunsilk, Head & Shoulders, Palmolive, Vaseline, Rejoice, Clairol Herbal Essences, Gard, etc. I'm sure you know that these products don’t actually deliver the effect their fancy ads promise. For if they do, then what did the gays invented the hair spa for, right? But I guess, you have to admit, the rich variety of aroma is consolation enough.

*COMMERCIAL* Piece of advice, don't use shampoos with Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate because it does make your hair dry. Instead, use the brands that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. I got this from Ate Maan, who researched these when she herself had curly locks months ago.

For most of my elementary and high school years, I was unable to experiment on my hair, because since I am in a private school, there are too many rules on one's hair. And since, I am one of the obedient ones, I never risked it. But college was a different matter. No more Fr Rectors who would threaten to cut our hair himself if it wouldn't meet his standards. Unfortunately though, our ROTC officer took over the hair-bullying task. 3x4 white side wall -- erm, I am not even sure if I used the right words, basta, it sounded like white side wall! After our first sem, I was forced to sport a semi-kalbo in order to 'correct' my hair. But these days, whenever I visit my favorite hairstylist, I am contented in having a 'trim lang sa side at likod'. Depending on which gay barber is assigned to me, sometimes it still becomes a disaster when they cut it too short.

So what is this fuss on keratin all about, huh? Nothing major, really. It's just because I recently fell for another hair ad -- *cue in Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten - feel the rain on your skin!* After a dandruff disaster on using Gard (yeah, how ironic huh?), I tried Pantene's new Glossy Shine variant -- even if Gretchen Barretto (hailed most bitchy, haha!) uses it. Why? Wala lang. Sa totoo lang, kung ginagamit ko ang Pantene because of their models, it would because Bianca Gonzales says so. Although kung tutuusin, conditioner nga pala ang ineendorse niya.

So does my hair shine? *Looks at the huge bedroom mirror beside me* Far from it, hehe! But in fairness, after 4 hours, amoy na amoy ko pa rin yung Vitacreme, thanks to Palmolive Naturals! Haha! Hang-gandaaah! =p

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