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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On looking good (or not)

Do I think I'm good-looking? Hell no, haha!

My sister Ate Joi is quite a looker, despite her actual age and the number of kids that has popped out of her
Bataan. And given that I have parents who are good-looking as well, one can safely assume that I should be good-looking as well, right? But, like I've said above, I don't think so. I would always joke that when my sister was conceived, she sucked all the good-looking genes my parents' sperm and egg could muster, and left not much for me. Instead she didn't take all her rightful share of the intelligent genes so when it was my turn on Mama's womb, there was more than enough IQ genes for me to feast on. So in a nutshell, Ate Joi's the pretty one, and I am the intelligent one. (Side comment: looks like she saved up the intelligent genes for her first born for Jasper, my eldest nephew, is quite a Math genius). But it's not like I feel like I'm ugly either. I am, in my humble opinion, erm, presentable. Haha!

There was a time when I was willing to let go of a certain amount of IQ points in exchange for some extra, erm,
pogi points, hehe! I wanted to enter a room full of people and know that all eyes, straight and not, are drooling over me. I wanted to be the guy whose mere presence makes hearts skip a beat. I wanted to be the reason why my classmates would come to our 7am class. I wanted to be the favorite groupmate, because the view I provide is enough stress relief during cramming hours. And most of all, I wanted to be the one to take her breath away. Wushuuu. ^_^

I mean, come on, admit it, our society puts premium on good looks. People treat you well by default when you have it. (Unless you show your true and dark colors, of course). You're always a winner when it comes to first impressions. Good looks introduce a certain bias on how we perceive other people, whether we admit it or not.

My self-pity moments on my lack of supermodel looks most often resurfaces, unfortunately, when I'm afflicted with the crazy little thing called love, hehe! Because time and again, I have always lost to the better-looking guy. Apparently, my common features don't ignite sparks, hehe!

But eventually I realized, I don't have to feel bad about myself if my chances of being the next top model is zilch. For if there's something I am very confident at, I know I have more to offer as a person than your typical campus hottie. Looks maybe what's most important to the superficial ones. But hey, who cares about these people, if they fail -- or worse, refuse -- to see beyond the pretty face (or lack of it), then they're not the kind of people you'd want to be your friend, or even a partner. =p

And I just hate the fact that I am not photogenic at all! I almost always fail to capture the best my humble face has to offer. So as a disclaimer to the 50+ pics on my flickr badge:
nakow, yung lang talaga kinaya ng mukha ko, pagbigyan niyo na ako, haha! =p

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