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Monday, May 14, 2007

Generally peaceful

This post's title is totally the phrase of the day, haha! You'd hear this on any channel covering the recently concluded voting. Apparently, this is COMELEC's assessment of the 2007 midterm elections so far.

Well, as far as my city is concerned, I would have to agree. Elections have always been peaceful here. And as far as my precinct is concerned, there was no any hassle at all when I voted. So if ever there were problems when the precincts opened, I supposed those problems were worked out already.

I am so excited over the results, especially for the local one. Initial, unofficial and not to mention minutely partial results show Among Ed winning over Baby Pineda and Mark Lapid with a little margin. So, Kapampangans, fingers crossed!

I have never been this excited over the elections, and I think my case is not an isolated case. Like what a UP Public Administration professor said over ABS-CBN, the most extensive ever media coverage of the elections show that there is a demand for information on the elections. The public really wants to be in the know. the public is more vigilant than ever, to really ensure that our votes are properly and honestly counted. Like they say, voting and the counting are two entirely different processes. Hopefully, they match up, hehe.

So there, just wanted to post something electorally related for today. I know that our perception of the electoral process isn't very good. We have a very incompetent commission so the minor and major election-related brouhahas you hear on the news aren't surprising at all. And more importantly, its credibility is quite questionable. It is flawed, but I still believe in it, that's why I voted. It's a duty to my country, I did my part. Because if I didn't, I know I wouldn't have the right to complain if my hometown ruts in administrative hell. Educated people like us know better, so if we don't actively take part in our civic duties, we're worse than the masa we often ridicule for being stupid and gullible and for falling for the false leaders' promises.

I know I didn't volunteer as a poll watcher so I am not really actually 'guarding' my vote. But I am watching closely the influx of partial results. And I believe my prayers will help, hehe. So if massive cheating results to Among Ed's loss, naku, sasama talaga ako sa mga mag-rarally! The tibak in me will be unleashed. Haha!

UPDATE: As of 6.30pm, May 18, 2007, based on the official COMELEC canvassing at the Pampanga Convention Center:
Lilia Pineda 218,501
Mark Lapid 210,676

Whew! A close one! Frankly, I'm kinda disappointed that the lead was that slim, because it shows that more than 2/3 of my kababayans would rather want the vice lords. But at least, the best and only good candidate won. Abak na Pampanga!

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