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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sparks did fly!

So, my ultimate bet, Jordin Sparks, went on the become American Idol's youngest winner ever. Yey!

Call it what you want -- an assessment, critique, tribute or whatever, but there here are my random thoughts for the whole season:
*The Finale was a mismatch for me. One was the usual belter, the other was the usual performer. Well, maybe it's up to America to decide whether pipes or performing talent mattered more. If so, then the Finale was fair, until the last round -- the original American Idol song. This Is My Now was a belter's song. That's why Jordin's victory is not as triumphant as it should be for me. Blake should've assigned a different song or they could've arranged it to Blake's style.
*If I had my way Melinda should've been in the Finale instead of Blake. That way, it would've been the ultimate showdown. Besides, I think This Is My Now was written with the back story of Jordin or Melinda in mind.
*Blake might just be the runner-up, but I think if he won't compromise his musical style if he makes his album, he will follow Clay Aiken's footsteps instead of Diana De Garmo.
*Similarly, I think Jordin will sell a lot as well. She has this fresh appeal that the young music-buying public will enjoy.
*I wish Melinda or Lakisha would also be signed to record albums.
*All performances in the Results Finale should've featured at least one Finalist. The show is about these amateur singers anyway. This is American Idol. This isn't the Grammy's. I'm sure fans really miss the real talents like Gina Glocksen, Stephanie Edwards, Chris Richardson and Lakisha Jones, and yet we had more airtime of Gwen Stefani or Bette Midler.
*The presence of previous Idol winners was great treat. Too bad, one was missing. It was like the American version of the Battle of the Champions.
*For next season, the producers should feature the contestants more, in equal amounts until they are eliminated. Enough of the likes of Sanjaya. If there would be any bias in terms of exposure, it should be for those who deserve it, for those who are actually talented.
*For next season as well, they should hold auditions on more northern cities and on other American territories. How about Alaska or Guam? Or the US Virgin Islands? American Samoa? Okay, joke lang yung mga Pacific Islands, hehe.
*For the original AI song, the contestant should be given the freedom to choose the song that suits him / her.
*I disagree that Season 6 is the worst season ever. Eh kasi naman, hindi ko naman napanood ang Season 1 at 2, haha! Pero seriously, I don't think this is the least talented batch (since I started watching). I think that in every batch, at least half are actually good. Nagkakatalo na lang kung sino una natatanggal.

Anyway, ika nga ng ibang fans, the real competitions begins now. Who will make the best music? Who will sell more records? I'm betting on Jordin, Blake and Melinda, regardless of their perceived marketability, or lack of it. =p

For the meantime, I would have to contend with my mp3s of their performances and the studio version of the songs they performed, until the release their CDs.

To download Jordin's performances and full-length studio versions of her performances, including her coronation song This Is My Now, click here. Enjoy!

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