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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bloody Thursday

About a week ago, I noticed a bond-paper size advertisement for a blood donation drive that will be held at UP Diliman. Of course, such blood drives are no strangers for us UP students. At least one organization will hold such in a month, in partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross. Anyway, the teaser enumerated the many benefits of donating blood: knowing your blood type, being prioritized in case you yourself would need a blood transfusion someday. But the reason that really caught my attention was this -- you would be able to produce new red blood cells. Haha!

Despite the attention the teaser solicited from me, it never really convinced me to donate blood. Not that I have a phobia of blood, needles or pain. I guess what made me hesitant was stories of donors that would feel dizzy or sick afterwards. Not that I am generalizing, for I know that dizziness is a case-to-case basis. And that's exactly why I refuse to donate blood for the first time -- because I don't know what will happen to me after. Besides, I've always thought I am not exactly a very healthy person myself. My own blood might even jeopardize a person's life, haha!

But last Thursday, I agreed to donate blood for the first time (an orgmate was a member of the organization that set up the blood drive last week). I figured, even if I get dizzy after the process, I don't have anything important to do that night anyway. Besides, the blood experts will screen my eligibility anyway, so there was no harm in trying.

I finally verified that my blood type is A. Fergie, another orgmate who donated blood for the first time as well, went first. Being the crybaby that she is, well, she cried! Haha! Even before the Red Cross person inserted the transfusion needle. While waiting for my turn, I wasn't really nervous about the idea of a needle being inserted in my inner elbow. I do know how to handle a little pain. What bugged me though is what would happen to me after I donate my blood. The fat girl that was wincing beside Fergie after her donation wasn't helping to calm my nerves, haha!

The prick from the blood test was way more painful that the one for the transfusion. The Red Cross person said it's because the needles they use for the blood tests are the cheap ones, haha! I thought I would feel my blood gushing out of vains, but I didn't. I didn't feel anything at all. Fergie and I both felt light-headed though, after they drew our blood.

All in all, the experience itself was pretty okay. My friend even said I should donate every 3 months because it turns out I am a healthy donor. Hopefully, the 450mL blood I donated will help save a life soon and will not go to waste. Dugong-bughaw yata ako.. Haha! I didn't get a single cent for my donation (kaya nga donation eh, hehe!), but the Red Cross people gave me an 'bottomless' glass of iced tea and a few biscuits. Hopefully though, this little noble act of mine will merit good karma. :)

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