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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thy KINGDOM come!

If you care to read the 'About Me' in my left sidebar, you would know that I blog from an HP laptop. And the picture to the left displays my 'workstation' in my room. If you would notice, the table is for kids, haha! This used to be the table that my nephews would use to do their Kumon assignments. But since switching to PLDT myDSL, I had to move my 'workstation' and had to snatch their table. As you can see again, I even use their mini-chairs! Haha! (Segue: dati nga, sa taba ko, saktong-sakto lang ang puwet ko sa chairs, tapos kapag tatayo ako, sumasama pataas yung chairs). 'Kingdom' is the name I gave my reliable laptop of almost 2 years. Actually, I used to call it 'Ethan', a name I've been fond of since I was a child. But I renamed it a few months ago when I had to reformat. Why? Rex means 'king'. And since my laptop is practically a piece of me, so there, 'kingdom' -- a place a where a king lives and rules. It is pretty much a witness to how OC I am -- something I never really accepted until recently.

Let's start with the log-on screen, which I personalized and change every 2-3 months. I only have 2 user accounts. The first one's my own, expectedly called 'kingofchocolates' and a guest account for other people who would borrow my laptop (usually, housemates, orgmates, etc). Although lately, no one borrows mine anymore. For some reason, my other housemates would rather borrow Mike's laptop (another housemate). Maybe, because I use mine all the time anyway? Haha! A laptop is quite an expensive necessity, so I'm a little finicky with whom I lend my laptop to. It's an iron-clad rule for me not to lend it over night. And rarely do I let them borrow it for hours (like if they have to use it in their respective classes or bring it to some other place).

By the time one logs in and sees my wallpaper, one would already surely know that I am a geography enthusiast. I don't display my own pictures, for I am rarely a sight to behold, haha! I use beautiful sceneries or landscapes which I download from Wiki and other sites. So that I get to view something refreshing as I work or play with my laptop. That's why I want a clean desktop -- no shortcuts or files or whatsoever except for the Recycle Bin -- so that I can view the wallpaper in full glory. You'd notice Kingdom sports a black skin. Nag-papanggap na Vista, haha! I was wary of desktop skins because I know it eats up a considerable amount of precious memory. But a few weeks ago, I got envious with a someone who had a new laptop with a licensed Vista. Not that I'm a big fan of Windows (I'm quite neutral with the war between Windows and open source), *switching to coño mode* but I felt like my licensed XP was nalaos, because everyone else was drooling at the Vista laptop. Feeler siya, it's not even HP. Haha! So as not to be outdone, and sort of 'visually' forget that I still use XP, I used a skin. (Pretty childish, no? Haha!)

Another testimony to my fondness of geography are the names of my hard disk partitions: Philippines (C), Norway (E), Ireland (F) and Australia (G) -- countries I would like to visit someday! Except Philippines, of course, duh. I use it for patriotic reasons. Wushu. And just to be consistent, my flash drive is named Bahrain, and the memory card of my phone is named Netherlands (I used an N-country, N90 kasi eh, haha! Corny!). Weirdly funny, eh? Well, there's more. I named the hard disk partitions of the one I used to have on my old PC (which is now mounted on my sister's PC) Canada and Singapore.

Norway is for ALL of my mp3 files. As of this writing, there are 4325 of them, haha! They are all named in this format: Artist - Title (emphasis on the white space before and after the dash). The ID3v3 and ID3v1 tags of the mp3s must be consistent with the filename as well. I have 5 subfolders: one for Christmas songs, one for American Idol live perfomances, one for OPM or local songs, one for Westlife songs and one for all my playlist files. My live performances from Pinoy Dream Academy are under the OPM folder.

Ireland is for My Documents. I redirect all my files to this partition as a precaution. So that if and when I suddenly had to reformat and I haven't backed my files up, I wouldn't have to worry, they will be safe and intact on their partition (same with my mp3 files). Australia is for my other files: Installers, Games, movie files, TV series videos and my Limewire download folder. Before I transfer all my new mp3s to Norway, I edit them out first and convert their bitrates in this partition.

Similarly, the files on My Documents are quite organized into their respective folders: Aguman, EEE, UP Diliman, Blog, Textfiles, Webpages, Lyrics, Harry Potter, My Pictures (the pictures of which are also organized into their respective subfolders), SimCity 4, etc! I hate clutter in my folders.

So there.. ganito lang naman ako ka-OC! Bwahaha! Nako, wait till I tell you how I 'organize' my phone -- the messages, the contacts, the text groups, the mp3s.

But the greatest irony behind my OC-ness with my laptop and phone is that it doesn't apply to the way I keep my personal things in my room and my bed -- my real life 'kingdom'. Let the pictures of the current state of my room speak for themselves.

Thank God my mom doesn't read my blog, or else sesermonan ako nun kahit nasa Bahrain siya! Haha!

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