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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Train of thoughts 2

*I am so loving tennis! This morning, we played tennis yet again. It's my 5th time to play already and this morning we had a different trainer. Jun was our third trainer and by far the most challenging one. His forehand and backhand drills were quite fast-paced. Before, we'd have 10 shots per turn, so when it's not our turn, we have enough time to rest and recharge. But Jun implemented a 1-shot-per-turn policy, haha! So ayun, takbo kung takbo, ikot kung ikot. Add the fact that he intentionally throws the balls farther so we are indeed forced to really run for the ball while maintaining the form and executing a splendid follow-through. Of course, we're not successful all the time, haha! Just to spice things up, we (me, Michael, Bong and Kevin) introduced a bet in our tennis lessons. The one with the most ober-da-bakod shots will have to pay for the drinking water for everyone. (Ober-da-bakod, as in lumagpas sa grounds ng tennis complex grounds ang tira, haha!). As I've never had that kind of shot, I was quite confident I wouldn't lose. But it turned out, it was a quadruple tie -- all of us had ober-da-bakoded the ball twice.

*The looooong weekend we had last week is taking its toll already. There are make-up classes left and right. Oh well, as if I'm affected, haha!

*I was able to watch High School Musical 2 already. I was able to download a torrent last Friday. Well, it was a complete cheesefest, as always. Good thing I love cheese, haha! If you could just get over the fact that it's HSM, and that it's from Disney, and that it's so teenybopper, and that it's for children and teenagers, and that you're probably in your 20s already -- well, you can actually enjoy the movie for its songs. But oh well, that's just me and it isn't suprising that I am able to appreciate because I'm a pop music lover.
If you want to listen to the songs, click here.

*I also watched A Love Story last Monday. The moviehouse was so jampacked that the moviehouse crew prepared monobloc chairs for those who couldn't find any seats. The age bracket of the crowd is quite diverse, although I must point out that most of them are lolas and lolos, haha! And I watched it alone by the way. Haha! I don't mind really. Okay lang, kahit naman yung katabi kong babae, mag-isa lang. Uuuuuy... Yikes, did I just uuuuuy-ed myself? Haha!

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