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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Train of thoughts 1

Inspired by one of my favorite artiks on the Sunday paper of the Philippine Daily Inquirer called Rushes, here's a bulleted list of my current thoughts.

Much ado about..
*Angel Locsin.
Come on, sigurado ako, you've all heard of Angel's switch to the Kapamilya network. Looks like someone's giving Kris a run for her crown as the most 'controversial' person. Whether being 'controversial' is a good or bad thing, well, ain't it obvious? Well, Angel, good luck na lang sa pakikipagsabayan mo sa mga Reyna at Prinsesa ng ABS-CBN. As if you'd get to read this..
*Toni Gonzaga and her bf. I only get to watch TV during the weekends and yet for that brief moment of the week, I managed to achieve my yearly dose of a celebrated celebrity relationship. Overload talaga! Just so you know, Toni Gonzaga is my kind of girl. It's sad to know na wala na akong chance sa kanya, (duh, as ip.. haha!). But it's interesting to note that Toni waited for 23 years to have a boyfriend and that Direk Paul is 'an answered prayer'. No wonder I don't have a lovelife, because I am not praying for it, haha!
*a bogus kid blogger. If you're an active hopper of the blogosphere, you've probably encountered this certain blog by a certain teenager on not-so-kiddy topics. It's not an X-rated blog, you silly green monster. It's just that how could a teenager teach EVERYONE on the blogosphere on how to make money online. Shouldn't a kid of that age be busy with PlayStation or Gameboys? Now rumor has it that the kid's dad is really the one blogging, and is just 'using' the kid as a (publicity) stunt. Hmmm.. Sabi ko na, there's something fishy about that kid. Naaalala ko pa, he even left a message on my tagboard a few months ago, nagpapaturo ng Photoshop. Na-flatter pa naman ako, akala ko nabilib siya sa amatuer header ko. It turns out, that kid tagged ALMOST everyone for help in Photoshop. When I check the 'influential' blog, I was weirded out by the topic. What could a kid possibly know about making money? Is he even old enough to own a credit card? Haha! Poor kid.. Shame on the dad! Kung totoo yung chismis, hehe..
*A Love Story. So sino ba talaga ang kabit? Si Maricel Soriano ba o si Angelica Panganiban? Up to now, no one outside the production team behind the promising movie has a concrete idea. My guess based on the trailer, Angelica is the wife. But who knows, this might have a Dreamboy kind of twist? But I love Dante Rivero's line in the movie: "Ang babae parang bulaklak. Huwag mong pipitasin kung paglalaruan mo lang.." Ahem AHEM!
*High School Musical 2. Kamusta naman ang Disney Channel? Linggo-linggo yata e nirereplay ang HSM1. But there are add-ons. First there was the 'Sing-Along' version, where the lyrics of the songs performed were flashed on the screen (as if naman hindi pa memorized ng mga fans ang mga kanta, diba?). And then there was the 'Dance-Along' version tonight. I watched it with my nephews. And yeah, Jasper and I tried to learn the steps to "We're All In This Together". But we both failed miserably to follow the instructions, haha!

*Our vice-governor, Yeng Guiao is picking a word fight with our governor, Fr. Ed Panlilio. The issue is that since the Provincial Board (headed by Yeng Guiao, because he's the Vice Governor) failed to decide upon the appointment of two provincial administrators within the 15 days alloted by the Local Government Code from the date of appointment. Thus, the two provincial administrators were already 'confirmed' due to the technicality. And now, Yeng is calling Panlilio as 'bastos' and 'arogante'. Diba sa basketball, mainit talaga ulo ni Yeng Guiao? Hear, hear, Yeng Guiao.. Hear, hear.. And this is their third row since June, si Yeng lagi ang may reklamo..
*The rains have come. So mukhang mabisa ang mga rain dances at pagdadasal sa mga misa last Sunday, haha! So guys, kalkalin na ang mga jackets at payong ninyo. You don't wanna be trapped in a major and sudden downpour these days. And speaking of jacket.. Malapit nang magka-jacket ang org ko sa UP, at ang design ko ang napili, yey! Eto oh:

Para kaming PEP Squads, no? Haha!

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