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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blogs Galore! 12

This week ko lang na-try yung Blogger Beta ek-ek. At whoala! May LABELS pa siyang nalalalaman! Haha! So I tried it out, it's for free anyway.

One of the attractive features of Wordpress versus Blogger for me is the Categories feature. But with Blogger's Labels feature, I guess I could work with it, hehe. I have come up with 10 categories (andami!). They are just above my tagboard to your right. So now I have to categorize my 100+ posts. Darn, this is gonna take long, ehehe.


So I woke up way before my wake time, haha, just to see this weird but prestigious beauty pagaent. Two reasons: too see if Philippines will make it again to the semifinals (and listening to the voice over pronounce the names of the countries, haha! Sorry, it's the geography freak talking!), and to watch Westlife because they are going to perform, haha! =p It isn't a suprise actually, considering that their manager Louis Walsh is on the panel of judges. I am sure they were a package. I'm just not sure which is which, whether a) Westlife will only agree to perform if Louis Walsh will judge or b) Louis Walsh will only agree to judge if Westlife get to perform, twice even! Haha! Anyway, Czech Republic won. Well, she's beautiful indeed. But is it just me or she has a resemblance of Emma Bunton? =p


As I have blogged many times before, I am a fan of many American TV Series. First there was Smallville from years way back. Then Desperate Housewives. Then there was Prison Break. Then Grey's Anatomy. Ghost Whisperer. Lost. House, MD. And now Six Degrees!
We in the Philippines don't have the same TV culture. Because in the US, TV series take a break from around May-September. They air new seasons every August-September. And now, me and my fellow fans of these shows are being deluged with one season premiere over another! Darn! Finals Week na pa naman niyan, haha!
So far, Smallville has just aired its Season 6 premiere this week. So I guess, I can obtain a copy by next week. I have already 'torrented' Desperate Housewives Season 3 Premiere and I'm gonna watch it after I publish this post. Grey's Anatomy (my current personal favorite!) is on its second episode for Season 3. My Ghost Whisperer routine, in the meanwhile, has been on a break, because I lost my copies of the 1st half of Season 1 when the DVD-R into which I burned the episode had an error! I'm gonna have to torrent them all again to continue watching it. In the US though, it has started its second season. Lost and House are already on their third seasons, I think. But I haven't finished Lost's first season yet and I have yet to watch House's second season. As for Six Degrees, well, it's a brand new series. Only the pilot has been aired so far, and I'm beginning to like it.
So there, sana lang, sa dinami-dami ng pinapanood ko, sana lang makapag-aral pa ako, diba? haha!

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