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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Candy! Candy!

I probably heard "Candy! Candy!" a million times yesterday, thanks to my campaign motorcade experience yesterday at Sta Ana, Pampanga. An orgmate of mine, Neslee Pamintuan, is running for Municipal Councilor there. She's only 23 years old and although I know she is very capable, I didn't expect she the type who would want to be a public servant.

So as a gesture of support from her AguFamily, we joined her first town-wide motorcade yesterday -- and it was a great experience, sans the sunburn. You see, we weren't able to realize beforehand that the motorcade, was well, going to be that hot and sunny, hehe!

Naturally, the candies were intended for the kids, who can't vote anyway. But it was really amusing that even the grown-ups were asking for the assorted sweets. Even the manongs & manangs were literally shouting and craving for candies. But since there was limited supply only, there were times when Ness wasn't able to throw enough candies everyone. Some adults would even sarcastically quip, "Nuko, karakal namang kende!" (Rough translated to: Naku naman, andaming candy!) There was a time when Ness commented to herself, "Humihingi pa ng candy, eh andaming candy sa tindahan niya," when we passed by a sari-sari store manned by a 40-something woman. Haha!

On a shallow level, the motorcade experience was fun, because I rarely experience being looked at as a celebrity of some sort by strangers. All eyes were on us. One grandmother even thought I was Polo Ravales because an orgmate overheard her, "Ay ba, kayabe ne y Polo.." (Roughly translated to: "Naks naman, kasama niya si Polo.."). Haha! Not to be braggy about it, because the truth is, I don't see the Polo Ravales angle in me that other people obviously see.

But on a deeper level, I was humbled by the experience. I wasn't the one running for public office, but as Neslee shared some campaign anecdotes, I realized how much power she would have if and when she wins. She will actually have the power to make a change in the lives of her townmates.

Such power, and doing something positive with it, is one power I would like to have someday. But I don't think I am going to be in local politics though -- at least not any time soon. My leadership experience with Aguman back when I was an active leader was a major training for me. So I can fairly say that my noble desire to serve the public and the strong principles that my great parents inculcated in me are enough qualifications for a public office. In fact, I can say that I am more qualified to run than my high school batchmate who is running for Councilor
1 at my own city. But alas, I am not good at sucking up, haha! Because unfortunately, to win an election in Philippine politics, one must be willing to do a lot of sucking up - to the other candidates, to the people, to the voters. I don't have the charisma required of candidates, hehe!

Joining Neslee's campaign sortie meant I had to wake up early in the morning, despite having only 3 hours of sleep. But the wonderful, eye-opening experience was well worth it. Naks, puyat na ako't lahat, napagkamalan pa rin akong artista. My pair of shades sure came in handy! And deceptive, haha! =p

1 Thanks to Rotary Club of San Fernando (P), I was actually able to become our city's First Councilor back in senior year in high school. We were youth government officials at our city hall for a week, doing company visits, meet and greet with our real government official counterparts, free lunches and snack and some actual city council work. And I got P1,000 stipend, hehe!

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