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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Singing Sensay-syon

Last Tuesday, me and my orgmates had a videoke session at a local 'beerhouse'. Yeah, I know, it's not a posh KTV lounge or at least a decent booth in an arcade but don't let the term 'beerhouse' influence you into thinking that we were in a, erm, 'bad place'. Well, it's a garage with a videoke machine, tables and chairs and they serve beer, so I called it a 'beerhouse'.

So what did I sing? Well, there's Smooth by Rob Thomas.. To Be With You by Mr Big.. This Kiss by Faith Hill.. Faith Hill?! What the! Yeah I know, but I only sang it to spite Porshe because the song reminds her of someone and it pisses her off! Haha! I tried to channel Sanjaya by looking for Something To Talk About on the songbook, but it wasn't there. Same with When The Stars Go Blue and all other songs performed in the current season of American Idol that I learned to love. That's what I love with American Idol - it introduces my to music beyond my generation, beyond my personal contemporary taste. I used to hate country songs whenever Papa used to play them back in my younger years, but thanks to Carrie Underwood, I learned to appreciate and even love country music.

We Filipinos, just to love to sing, right? Even if we're not really good at it. I am no exception. Music is my passion. Well, not in a I-know-to-play-an-instrument and I-want-to-be-a-rockstar-someday kind of way. It's just that I love listening to music - it's something I can't live without (so I guess I should've said 'Listening to music is my passion', eh?) More than 50% of the memory usage of my phone is attributed to MP3 files that I listen to whenever I'm on-the-go. I have a separate hard disk partition especially devoted to my MP3 files (because I don't want to lose them each time I'd have to reformat my laptop or in case of a viral attack on my C).

That night, I commented, "Mabuti pa si Argel (another orgmate and once a videoke-buddy), magaling mag-videoke.." A friend asked me to elaborate because I added that a good singer and a good videoke singer are two different things (though it usually follows that if you're a good singer, you're a good videoke singer, but not vice versa). I said, "Pareho kaming hindi kagandahan ang boses, pero sa videoke, nadadaan niya sa performance kaya ma-e-entertain ka pa rin.." (Yihee, Argel, this comment pimps you bigtime, eh? Haha!)
That's why I love videoke sessions, it's the next best thing to a singing career. But unlike Argel, I'm not even remotely good at videoke at the very least, given the (huge) handicap that I already have because I don't even have a good voice to begin with. So, I only sing in front of my friends (whom I know would still be my friends after hearing me sing), so you could say that each of my performances is an exclusive one, haha!

But my lack of videoke talent isn't going to stop me from practicing -- I've been bugging my Dad for ages to buy us a Magic Sing (I'm really convinced it will make a difference if I have something to practice on, haha!). For we're planning another videoke session this week and I've been constantly listening to the songs I am planning to 'perform'. Yeah, this early, I already have a repertoire, haha! Pati nga yung numbers nila sa machine, nakalista na. =p

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