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Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm sure the bloggosphere will be filled with posts related to Sanjaya's ouster on the latest season of American Idol. This blog will be no exception! Haha! The current season is already halfway in its running, but this will be my first time to blog about this season. Here it goes.

My bet for the Finale at the Kodak Theatre are Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle. While Mindy Doo is hands down the best singer and performer in this batch, Jordin isn't far behind in terms of talent and appeal.

Obviously, Doolittle is lacking in the looks department, but whatever, we all know what extended exposure in bigtime TV can do to you. In fact, her stylist has finally nailed the perfect look for her in the Top 7 Performance Week. They finally found a way to divert attention away from her neck (or lack of it).

At present, I'd have to say that Jordin is my personal bet for the title. And it's not because she looks better. It's just that Jordin's song choices appeal to me more than Melinda's. But if Melinda wins it, I would still be jumping for joy. But when it comes to buying their eventual albums (or rather, downloading them on Multiply), Jordin's would be my first priority.

Blake would by my #3. But I have a feeling that he will be this season's Chris Daughtry. His unique and contemporary musical style should translate to huge records sales, despite lagging behind Jordin and Melinda in terms of vocal power.

Lakisha is also a joy to watch, but apparently, I don't have this feeling of attachment to her. You know, that kind of attachment that avid fans have towards their singing idols. I don't really know if it would be considered 'lack of personality'.

Despite my tendency to go back to my boy band preference roots, Chris would only place 5th in my book. Simon's right, he can be very 'nasal' mos of the time. I like his song choices though.

Phil should be next. He's probably the most vocally powerful male left in the competition. But I don't really like most of his performances. There's is no awe or fondness at all. Ironically, I'm more fond of his pretty wife Kendra, who always watches in the studio each performance and results show, always clapping for her man, regardless of whether or not he nailed his performance.

As for Sanjaya, well, it's about time he gets the boot. He and his wild but entertaining hairstyles have milked their popularity enough. (Yeah, his hair is a different entity, haha!). But I gotta hand it to this guy for his witty play with the lyrics of his exit song -- singing "let's give them something to talk about.. other than hair" instead of ".. how about love". Sanjaya dear, you will not be missed. There is still justice in the world, despite the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech.

Hmm, it makes me wonder, was Sanjaya voted out because the gunman of the Virginia Tech shooting was also Asian? Hmm..

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