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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Plirting and playing

So! The supposed 'dangerous' and 'flirtacious' behavior by Dionne and Zeke is deemed a big deal that the people behind PBB2's editing gave ample airtime to their 'thing' for the episode that would air opposite Starstruck The Next Level's Final Judgement last week. And in the Entertainment Section of PDI today, Dionne and Zeke's 'thing' is featured. Apparently, PBB2 was reprimanded by the MTRCB for the two housemates' behavior.

Just yesterday night, Zeke was evicted via the voting public's decision. And barely escaping eviction was Dionne herself. So does this mean that the modern Filipino hates flirting? Maybe. Maybe not. Haha!

'Plirting' is not my cup of tea. In fact, I hate it. Why? Because I don't know how to plirt. Haha! *Cough* Bitter dork!

But seriously, I am not fond of plirting -- or plirts for that matter. Especially when people who plirt are in relationships. Therefore, their plirtacious behavior proves how much of a player they are. And I hate players. Why? Because they get all the fun, whereas people like me, don't get any. Hehe! Bitter talaga eh no?

It's just that for me, feelings, especially the romantic kind, are not something to be played at. I don't think anyone would argue that the consequences can be really destructively painful once we toy around with other people's feelings. Much so when they deserve to be treated better.

But, like what they say, "Kung ano ang bawal, yun ang masarap.." eventhough in the end, we all know it's going to be all pain. "Play with fire and you'll get burned.."

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