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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dr. Quack Quack

When I introduced myself on the stage back in my Prep graduation, I announced that I wanted to be a doctor someday. I guess it comes with the innocence -- I hardly know anyone who never wanted to be a doctor when they were little. When we were kids, being a doctor is like one of the coolest jobs (along with being a lawyer). Of course, as we grow older and as we develop new interests, we eventually realize our true calling in this world.

I lost my interest in medicine in my late elementary years. While I don't necessarily faint, seeing blood, whether mine or otherwise, makes me cringe. I realized then, being a doctor is definitely a no-no. Even if my interest in life sciences (Biology, Anatomy, etc) surged during my sophomore year in high school because of my competent teacher in Biology, I still knew that medicine wasn't my true calling.

As you all know, I took up Computer Engineering instead of a pre-med course in college. My 5-unit Chem 16 course in freshman year further bolstered my resolve that medicine isn't for me. But recently, I'm having 'second thoughts', I am starting to think that I might make a good 'doctor'. A love doctor, that is! Haha!

An acquaintance recently told me that I'm better than Joe D'Mango. I laughed at the idea. I mean come on, Joe D'Mango is way way up there when it comes to giving advices on love. And then there's the two friends of mine whose respective relationships recently ended. For the past months or so, I've been 'treating' them. One time, one of them texted me and asked, "Doc, pwede pong magpa-konsulta ulit?" And when I said 'yes', a series of lengthy text messages ensued thereafter, hehe.

Churning out advices is no big deal for me.
I actually get a lot of thank-yous because of the advices that I give my friends. I mean, I have a brain that could think, it's just natural for me to have an opinion on anything. Whether an opinion of mine makes actual sense is another story, right? But when my friends tell me how helpful I was, I must admit, it feels flattering. But not to be arrogant or something - because I don't claim to be an all-knowing person, but if my mind's two cents worth turns out to be actually helpful, why not. I just feel glad to be of help to my friends. To by able my duty as a friend is what matters, and not the fact that I know more about things.

Now that I think about, it looks like I am the go-to-guy. How I come up with meaningful advices is beyond me. I actually am amazed at how I am able to advice friends of mine when it comes to their love problems. For starters, I've only been in one relationship. It was back in junior year (take note, high school pa to!), and I don't even consider it to be a serious one. Not that it was a fling or what, it's just that considering how short the relationship was, I feel that I couldn't really consider it as a decent experience of love. I fell in love a number of times after that though, but my success rate is 0%, hehe. Therefore, I am actually a loser when it comes to dating, haha!

What's more amazing in a weird and ironic but amusing kind of way is that the most of the friends I give advice to has had more experience when it comes to love. I mean, how could a perpetually single like me become a love guru to someone who's been in at least 2 serious relationships, the latest of which lasted for 5 years? Where do I get all the ideas? I don't really know. Cupid probably whispers to my ears or something. Some of my friends say that it's like I could 'see through them', that's why I almost always give sound advice. I supposedly know the right things to say, at the right time. Again, I have no idea how I do it.

I guess it helps to be a third party observer with no ulterior motive whatsoever in the situation other than wanting the best for my friends. I am capable to see things in a clearer light for them because I am not the one in love. I am not the one with feelings. Feelings, especially the love kind, clouds our judgment and defies all logic. It makes us compromise things we never thought we'd compromise.

So, if you happen to have a problem on love, just contact me at your own risk -- I give out advice for free. But know that I'm just good in theories and concepts, but when it comes to methods (in layman's terms, hearththrobs and players use the term 'diskarte'), I am just as clueless, haha!

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