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Friday, April 21, 2006

Hits Explosion

What happens when you subscribe your blog to Blog Explosion Literally, your blog explodes. Well, actually, not your blog, but the hits on your blog. And my gawd talaga, as in nakaka-shock in a nakakatuwa sort of way.

My blog is already around 14 months old. Ever since it already had Google Ads in it. I know that Google Ads are for people who view my blog, but what happened is that it was I who was intrigued by my own ads. I saw this ad on Blog Explosion and so I clicked it. So I've been a Blog Explosion member for around a year, too. But, I really wasn't an active blogger until recently and so, I never really paid much attention to my Blog Explosion account. Every time I had new posts, nobody really paid much attention to them, except a few friends. I didn’t even have a hit counter and a tagboard. Generic pa iyung template ko.

Noong second sem ko na-realize na gusto ko nang karirin ang pag-bablog. I switched templates. I installed a hit counter and a tagboard. And I posted entries more frequently. I even have a Poll Question. Then around two weeks ago, lalu ko pang kinarir ang blog ko. Kasi in fairness, two strangers (Irene & Geralyn) tagged me saying that my blog was a nice read. Napaisip tuloy ako, akala ko mga friends ko lang ang nagbabasa ng blog ko. Then I decided to give Blog Explosion another try. I surfed and surfed blogs of strangers from all over the globe. I also enlisted to every blog directory I know. I even installed a site monitor -- Weboscope. For the second time, I switched templates. I took me whole night to find my way through the html code to personalize my template. In fairness, nagawa ko naman. Kakainggit iyung ibang blog eh, may sariling images pa. Not that my current template is an original one, but at least it isn’t as common as my previous templates. =)

The result of my finger-breaking work of improving my blog? Here, check out the graph below… =)

It’s obvious on which days I surf on Blog Explosion. It’s those days wherein my hits would suddenly jerk upwards. Yesterday was simply manic. I know that the only reason I have lots of hits is due to Blog Explosion and not because people actually visit my blog on their own. But it still feels amusing every time there’s a hit from a new country. So far pa naman, wala pa naman akong natatanggap na comment from my overseas ‘readers’. But still, thankful pa rin ako sa mga maraming ‘napapadaan’. Ironic nga eh, I have more visitors from the US than from the Philippines. Tapos may Filipino ang blog ko, so hindi naman nila naiintindihan, haha! =)

So there, share ko lang na natutuwa ako sa mga hits ko. Alam ko, banang-bana na ako. Haha! Pagbigyan niyo na ako. This is what two weeks of vacation can do to you, where your best buddies are your laptop and TV. =)

Sa mga napapadaan, tag lang ng tag. Huwag mahihiya, hindi ako nangangain ng mga visitors, haha! Mag-comment kayo sa mga posts. I really appreciate them. Don't forget to indicate your link, so I can also check your blog. Vote din sa poll Question, ha? If you enjoy my posts and you want to link me, no problem. Maraming maraming salamat.

I just hit the 1,000 mark last night. Ansaya! Haha! =)

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